Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking)

It was, well, there were little events (music, stand up, poetry) and such. Audley did do a lot of baking and cooking himself, and somehow the cafe attracted quite a number of people from around town (I’ll be honest, he’s been a pretty good baker)


Quick heads up:

A warning

The next update will contain mild injuries with the potential of squicking someone out and in the worst case be triggering.

This is what happens:
Read the following at your own risk:

One of the kids volunteering at school, a ferrokinetic, experienced a power flare, causing her arm melt into her locker. There’s blood involved, but no explicit description of what it looks like

Also she’ll be fine once the shock has passed and everything is healed up again.


Thanks for the heads-up since i’m a pretty visual thinker. Now excuse me while i try to divert my thoughts.

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Good gracious, it’s almost Switchblade’s birthday >_>

(in other news I’m busy writing)


Sorry to ask this again:

Everyone who had a cameo-spot on the contest, please send me a new PM marked ‘cooking contest cameo’ with details (if you still want in)

I keep mixing things up.

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MiniBio time:


Name: Lionel Donovan
Codename: Scorn
Gender: male (cis)
Age: 51
DoB: October 23
Race: white
Hair: black
Eyes: black
Height: 6’4
FaceClaim: Ed Quinn

Lionel Donovan is one of the most dangerous people in Cornucopia.

By all official means a legit businessman, it’s an open (but legally unprovable) secret that he is the head of one of CoCi’s worst criminal organizations.

Scorn is regarded as as ruthless as he is cunning, but indisputably fair. Most people that cross him even show up alive again.

His official businesses range from casinos to hotels to shipping companies across town, his unofficial ones… are the same in a much darker shade of moral and lethality.

The most well-known (infamous) establishment of the latter kind is a nightclub/aether-den called Bliss, located on the fourth ring of the TC-D. The Bliss had been the property of the Jade Empress around 15 years ago, before she made the fatal mistake of kidnapping Scorn’s son Colby (Naught), trying to press money and property out of Scorn.

It’s not clear if (and if, how) the Jade Empress survived this misstep, but her demise secured Scorn the control over the third and fourth ring. Only recently someone using the alias of Jade Empress surfaced as the head of the organization controlling the fifth to eighth ring, but it’s not clear if this is the same woman, someone using her name, or if there even is an actual person.

Scorn is a most talented umbrakinetic, teleporter and power-thief, quite a bit of a bon vivant and a widower. As ruthless and cold as he is in business, as caring and loving he is as a father.

Have a good new year


I’ve removed the off topic material. Please keep this discussion focused on this WIP.

The author questioning whether or not to continue the WIP is off topic huh?


My goal is to keep this thread from becoming about off-forum interpersonal conflict and then getting locked, and it was going in that direction. If people want to talk about the other stuff, please keep it to PMs.

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In brighter news (and thanks for all the kind words people. Luv u ;_; )

I took pics of around 85 recipes… now to translate them.

Would you want them to be a bonus material in the game?


i’m interested but can you elaborate more about it?

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They aren’t for disaster, are they? :sweat_smile:

What @Abe said, El Abo Rate™(c)(r)(etc), please? :relaxed:


Basically a little bonus content with cookable versions of the dishes you can make on the show.

I decided to have the recipes in the game, as a reward for winning the show.


So from what i’m understanding, you will include the recipes for us to try to cook at home? /grins giddily/

Nominations for the Character Bios:

Colby Donovan (Naught)
Lesley Arcs
Marcus Hayes
Fern Andreas
Willow De Veen (Bella Donna)

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In the game itself, there will just be a description of what you are cooking. but the recipes will be a reward for winning the contest (and they’ll stay if you did)

also, these are the recipes I have so far:


  • French Toast
  • Panna Cotta/Rose petal Panna Cotta
  • Tiramisu/Apple-Tiramisu
  • Pear in cocos-crust
  • Orange madeleines
  • Eton Mess
  • Crème brulée
  • Chocolate-Peach Shake
  • lemoncreme
  • Semolina soufflé
  • Salzburger nockerln
  • Apricot crumble
  • Bavarian creme with strawberry mash
  • chocolate soup with snowballs
  • Apricot-soup with buckwheat dumplings
  • Gingerbread gratin
  • chocolate sauce (vegan)
  • strawberry-melon smoothie
  • strawberry cake with coconut crust
  • orange-chocolate pudding
  • Kaiserschmarrn with mascarpone
  • Baked Fish Smetana
  • rice pudding with pears
  • orange creme
  • mango creme
  • cherry pie


  • Cola-Peanutbutter cupcakes
  • Goat cheese parfait with blackcurrant
  • Hot Chili-Chocolate
  • Sea buckthorn sauce
  • Espresso-jelly with sambucacream
  • grilled banana with lemon sauce
  • buckwheat pudding with rhubarb compote
  • mango-coconut mash with amaranth
  • pumpkin pie


  • Spicy melon-salad
  • Cocos-Ginger Lassi
  • Mango-ginger sauce
  • Peach-chutney
  • Mostarda
  • Wasabi-Apple Creme
  • Sweet-sour chilisauce
  • Vanilla-Chili Hollandaise sauce
  • cinnamon drink
  • mango chutney


  • Tomatosauce
  • Pumpkinsauce
  • Broccolisauce
  • Carrotmuffins with cheese
  • Carrots with tarragon cream
  • Mezzelune
  • Red beets in coconut milk
  • Holsteiner Schnitzel
  • Cod in potato crust
  • cheese-leek-soup
  • Meatloaf
  • Ragout fin
  • asparagus quiche
  • Porkroast Tuscany
  • Pork in mustard crust
  • beef roulades
  • fish in citrussauce
  • peanut soup with carrots
  • baconnoodles
  • baked fish with tomatoes
  • filled cucumbers
  • vitello tonnato
  • potato soup
  • obatzda
  • cheese soufflé
  • humus with tuna
  • brussel sprout soup


  • Spicy cucumber dip
  • Spicy cauliflower with raisins
  • vegetable curry with lemon rice
  • rösti with creamy savoy-cabbage
  • lupines with spicy tomatosauce (vegan)
  • tofu with curry-mushrooms (vegan)
  • tempeh in peanutsauce
  • samosas
  • date-tamarind chutney
  • colombo
  • spicy beef with lemongras
  • bell peppers with feta
  • fish with coconut

Alright, voting time for the next mini bio:

  • Naught
  • Lesley
  • Marcus
  • Fern
  • Bella Donna

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Also I am toying with the idea of making a patreon for CuCu. If so, what sort of rewards would you like to see?

Art ,snippets, scenes, characters all that goodies?

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If what is allowed, i suppose short stories about the characters would be lovely. Can be pre-/post-/during the story proper.


I agree with @Abe I think my fav part of Patreon so far is getting snippets of scenes with RO’s. Not only does it feel like a reward but it keeps interest in the game fueled :heart: