Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking)

Oh, one thing I have been meaning to say since I first played it – I suspect playing the game distracted me so much I forgot to come back here to say it – my character would not only like all the puns, but make some herself too. It’s all in pun, after all, if you like them cookies… :grin:

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The puns are where I draw the line

But there will be moment when the mc makes some too.



i mean, they already make on if you went to the museum on day one

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Next Bio Voting:

  • Switchblade
  • Marcus
  • Trudie
  • Kaleydoscope
  • Fay/Frank Haggerty
  • Mr Audley

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Rather close one on this.

  • Name: Travis Roland
  • Codename: Switchblade
  • Gender: male (cis)
  • Age: 43
  • DoB: January 9
  • Race: Black
  • Hair: Dark brown
  • Eyes: brown/hazel
  • Height: 6’7
  • FaceClaim: Idris Elba/ Terry Crews
  • Costume: A black leather combat suit with steel grey lines on the fingers, a hood and a half-mask. It’s smooth and full of sharp angles at the same time.

Before Nightfall Switchblade was known as one of the most dangerous and vicious villains in all of Cornucopia. A gun (and literally all other kinds of weapons) for hire, he had contacts all throughout CoCi’s underworld.

He’s been responsible for a long list of robberies and kidnappings, and a longer list of property damage. He has, however, rarely killed people (regular or with powers) outside of collateral damage, as he deems that too simple. Truth be told he considers killing out of sheer bloodlust a waste of time.

His speciality are weapons to counter his opponents the best, one of the reasons he has quite a bit of a god-complex.

He’s snarky, grumpy and condescending, and, much to his dismay, an odd kind of caring in his core. As much as he delights seeing others fail, there often comes a point where he gets so frustrated by it that he’ll jump in to set people straight. He hates that fact.

This trait is also the reason why he’s part of the Unmasked Generation, and why he became a coach at the new-founded APORIA. Because he (quote) ‘can’t trust those morons (heroes) with a whole new generation. They got us Odium, can’t have that again’.

His personality has marginally improved (maybe because he is aware the whole city now has his eyes on him), but he still has it in for a couple of people. Powerhouse and Marcus especially.


Ooooh, I love how customisable the bonus chapter is! I haven’t had the time to fully play through the main story (I’ve gotten a few chapters in before my progress ended up deleted :frowning: ) but from what I’ve seen of it it’s also wonderfully customisable. I’m not super interested in superheroes or cooking but I love this game so much because customisable stuff are my favourite part of all these games!


Heh. Thanks. And I swear, each bit will come up at some point.

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Who wants to see the WiP overview of all NPCs? (beware, spoilers)
I am not procrastinating writing the game by writing its trivia, I swear

Edit: you have to say something, people


i would love to see details of all the NPCs available.

It may give me things to write on once i make a tvtropes page for this game. Because if Guenevere has one, what’s stopping me from making one for this game too? That is…if you’re okay with that.


I would scream D= :smiley:

Here's the current list (beware, some MAJOR spoilers, and bound to change. It's atm really just names, some birthdays, age, gender and abilities... should add in race maybe)

Marcus Hayes (SnapShot): 16-17, May 30; cis man; picture-manipulator
Francis Elias Montgomery (Prestige): 16-17, August 29; cis man; light-manipualtor
Izzy Bishop (Ace of Spades): 16, March 26; genderfluid (afab); earth-manipulator
Trudie Doherty (Starlight): 15-16, October 12; cis woman; undefined energy, minor flight abilities
Fern Andreas (Lady Ariadne): 17-18, ??; cis woman; hair-manipulator
Taiki Orikasa (Turmoil): 18, November 14; agender (amab); water-manipulator; matter-Chimeran (slime/water)
Madison Scrivens (Synchronicity): 16, ??; non binary (afab); splitter (multiplication)
Aurelie ‘Lori’ Montgomery: 8, ??; probably cis woman

Temitope Montgomery (La Mode): 44, ??; cis woman; fabric-manipualtor
Arthur Montgomery (Stormrider): 45, ??; cis man; air-manipulator
Valentine Patenaud (Heatstroke): 33, ??; cis woman; fire-manipulator
Ian Rattray: 34, June 12; cis man
Fay/Frank Haggerty: 45, ??; cis
Lesley Arcs: 36, ??; genderfluid (amab)
Jennifer Lane: 44, ??; trans woman
Willard Audley: 44(possible) ??; cis man
Nicholas Prince: ??, ??; cis man
Winnifred Poole: 34, ??; cis woman
Catalina Hayes (Butterfly): 39, ??; cis woman; paint-manipulator
Sawyer Hayes: 39 (possible), ??; cis man
?? (Artemis): 26 ??; genderfluid (amab); weapon-summoner and telekinetic
Nessa Delaney (Echo): 24 ??; cis woman; sound-manipulator and power-mimic
?? (Sugarcoat): 25, ??; cis woman; candy-manipulator
Vincent Carol (Renegade): 24, September 5; cis man; telepath
‘Hawkeye Harry’: 48, ??; cis man
Benny Blaine (WireFame): 34, ??; ?? (amab); tech-Chimeran
Helen Blaine: 39, ??; trans woman
Martha Doherty: 61, ??; cis woman
Chloe Fairchild (Bacchanalia): 25 (possible), ??; cis woman; alcohol-manipulator
?? (EMPeror): ??, ??; ??; possible technology-manipulator?; possible tech-Chimeran
?? (Automatona): ??, ??; cis woman; possible technology-manipulator
?? (Miss Gotten): ??, ??; cis woman; no powers, gadgeteer
?? (Jade Empress): 50 (possible), ??; cis woman; poison-manipulator and mindwarper

?? (Odium): ??, ??; ??; possible umbrakinetic, possible animator, possible mindwarper

?? (Miss Eerie): 34 (possible), ??; cis woman; disease-manipulator
?? (Rosebud): 14, ??; cis woman; plant-manipulator
?? (DupliCat): 31, ??; cis woman; power-mimic
?? (Scarlet Swan): 35, ??; cis woman; blood-manipulator and leaper
?? (Charcoal): 23, ??; cis man; fire manipulator; matter-Chimeran (wood)
?? (Lifeline): ??, ??; cis man; health-manipulator
Sybil ? (Psirouette): ??, ??; cis woman; empath
?? (Nook): 17, ??; cis man; size-changer
?? (Cranny): 16, ??; cis man; super-stretching
Lupe Garcia: ??, ??; cis woman
Rufus Burke: 31, ??; cis man; animal-Chimeran (dog)
Homer Burke: 58, ??; cis man
Taylor Redford: 17, ??; cis man

Fiore Crespo (Cambiare): 37, ??; gf (amab); sound-manipulator
Colby Donovan (Naught): 25, ??; cis man; shadow-manipulator, empath, teleporter
Joshua St John (Powerhouse): 39, ??; cis man; electricity-manipulator; energy-Chimeran (electricity)
Lavonda Massey (MetaMorphia): 42, ??; trans woman; shapeshifter (living beings) & size-changer
Leela Matthias (Cocoon): 29, ??; cis woman; hair-manipulator, flyer
Travis Roland (Switchblade): 43, January 9, cis man, weapon-summoner
Gabriel Mendoza (FreezeFrame): 33, February 18, trans man, time- and ice-manipulator
Jamie Rattray (Frostbite): 24*, June 12; cis man, ice-manipulator
?? (Makeshift): 29, ??; agender (??); telekinetic and power-synergist
Marvel Clayton (DeepBlue): 24, ??; trans man; water-manipulator
Nam Ji-Min (Kaleydoscope): 34, ??; genderfluid (afab); light-manipulator
Fiona MacCailín (Bearserker): 51, trans woman; super-strength, boosted defense
Iris Bloom (ArchAngel): 28* ??; cis woman; health-manipulator and power-amplifier
Lionel Donovan (Scorn): 51, October 23; cis man; shadow-manipulator, power-thief, teleporter
?? (BlackBox): 26, ??; non-binary (??); telepath and power-mimic
Willow De Veen (Bella Donna): 34 (possible), ??; cis woman; plant-manipulator
Emma Burke (Fog): 29, ??; cis woman; smoke-manipulator; matter-Chimeran (fog)
Anandi Misra (Gaslight): 30, ??; cis woman; gas-manipulator; matter-Chimeran (gas)
?? (Vivacity): 35, ??; cis woman; speedster
Carmen Andreas nee Garofalo (Madame Tarantula ): 45, ??; cis woman; fabric-manipulator and animator (autonomous construct control)
Iason Andreas (DemoLasher): 44, ??; cis man; super-stretching
Raf Alders (Champion): 31, ??; cis man; super-strength, super-defense, flyer
?? (Eclipse): 39 (possible), ??; cis man; shadow-manipulation and animator (autonomous construct control)

?? (Ethernal): ??, ??; ??, aether-Chimeran, reality-warper
?? (Nightsky): ??, ??; ??; leaper, bruiser, stronghold
?? (Edenic): 81, ??; cis man; animal-summoner
?? (Corrosive): ??, ??; genderfluid; acid-manipulator
?? (Architect): ??, ??; cis woman; atom-manipulator
?? (Served): ??, ??; cis man; food-manipulator
?? (SweetCheeks): ??, ??; cis woman; candy-manipulator
?? (Rust): ??, ??; agender; metal-manipualtor, matter-chimeran (steel)
?? (Pulse): ??, ??; trans man; blood-manipulator
?? (SliveredMirror): ??, ??; trans woman; glass-manipulator
?? (Dollmaker): ??, ??; genderfluid; wax-manipulator and puppetmaster (controlled construct control)
Hitomi Orikasa (Splatter): 46, ??; cis woman; slime-manipulator; matter-Chimeran (slime)
?? (RainyDay): ??, ??; trans woman; weather-manipulator; matter-Chimeran (stone)
?? (Nurse Dolly): 39, ??; cis woman; disease-manipulator
?? (Slipp): ??, ??; ??; oil-manipulator; animal-Chimeran (sloth)
?? (Pageturner): ??, ??; ??; paper-manipulator; matter-Chimeran (paper)
?? (CelloPain): ??, ??; cis man; picture-manipulator; animal-Chimeran (wolf)
?? (Circuit): ??, ??; trans man; technology-manipulator; tech-Chimeran
?? (TerraFirma): ??, ??; trans woman; earth-manipualtor; matter-Chimera (earth/clay)
?? (DiaboliGal): 25, ??; cis woman; poison-manipualtor
?? (Vertigo): ??, ??; agender; gravity-manipulator
?? (Balljoint): 23, ??; cis woman; limb-detacher and size-changer
?? (Mimic): ??, ??; cis man; shapeshifter (inanimate objects)
?? (Heron): ??, ??; non binary; flyer
?? (Substitute): ??, ??; cis woman; cloner (multiplication)
?? (Myriad): ??, ??; genderfluid; splitter (multiplication)
Patrice Allard ((possible)) (Fearfuel): ??, ??; shadow-manipulator, mindwarper
?? (The Seeress): 52, ??; cis woman; clairvoyant and pyschometrist
?? (HypnoSis): ??, ??; cis woman; mindwarper
?? (Glimmer): 72, ??; cis woman; fire-manipulator
?? (VerMillion): ??, ??; ??; blood-manipulator
?? (Maulicious): ??, ??; ??; super-strength
?? (Shrike): 31, ??; cis man; Flight, enhanced strength and reflexes; animal-Chimeran (Bird: Shrike)
?? (Red Queen): 38, ??; cis woman; Smoke- and Poison-manipulator, enhanced speed and leaping
Ethan ? (Rack): ??, ??; cis man; Air- and Earth-manipulator, minor metal-manipulator; tech-Chimeran
Laura ? (Pinion): ??, ??; cis woman; minor electricity- and tech-manipulation

characters marked with * are dead all other ages are given for at the time of the maingame


/sees the list of characters/
i hope you like multi-pages for the characters :grin:

i might start doing a sandbox of it during the holidays.

Edit: Okay, i changed my mind. i’ve started doing the main page now XP. Where do you want me to send the link? Here or direct message?


;_; <3

And here i was wondering if i should edit in the other chars that so far only appear in name only too…

Also sorry about Jamie Dx

Edit: went and updated the character list. we’re at 95 characters now…

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I am distressed by this information…in a good way…

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Oh dear.

I mean that in the best way possible, of course.


97 actually. Forgot Trudie’s grandmother/foster mom and Odium.

How the heck did i forget Odium?


i’m still devising on how to divide the possible character pages. i might go with folders and then switch to multi-pages when we get more into the game.


Possible Format: @MeltingPenguins, is this ok with you?

Main Story
Parent Protagonist
Child Protagonist
General NPCs
NPCs inclusive to the Parent Plotline
NPCs inclusive to the Child Plotline

Bonus Story
Powered Protagonist


looks very good :smiley:

(adding in trudie’s grandma and Odium on the list now)

Also people, Heads up:

ch 2 act 1 is at 5k something with words now, I’ve just introduced Fern proper. Bonus Intro is done but for one bit I’ll see to later today.

And as it is friday: make your nominations for the next mini bio


I tried to play through the main story and it is wonderful! But there was a weird bug where after a while my saves took me to my stat screen and when I exited it just took me to another part of my stats screen in an endless loop which was frustrating, but I really enjoyed the game so far!

That’s a known bug with dashingdon, unfortunately.

two things can cause it:

  1. you saved on the stats screen
  2. the author uploaded a new version of the scene you’ve been on.

I think the latter is more common, so, my apologies. (it doesn’t always happen though. usually a new scene version will just bring you to the start of the scene. but iirc if page_breaks etc are altered this can happen)

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