Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking)

Alright, vote time:
Whose bio do you want to see next:

  • Ian Rattray
  • Switchblade
  • Trudie
  • Izzy
  • La Mode (Temitope Montgomery)

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gonna leave the poll open till monday

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I love this story so f’ing much

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Well, that’s a clear result.
Now to write something without spoilers.

Omg poor La Mode :joy: not even a pity vote

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You’d think people have some interest in Francis’ mom. D=

Anyway (mild spoilers):

Ian Rattray
  • Name: Ian Rattray
  • Gender: male (cis)
  • Age: 34
  • DoB: June 12
  • Race: Latino (Puerto Rican)
  • Hair: Dark/Mid brown
  • Eyes: brown/hazel
  • Height: 6’9
  • FaceClaim: Santiago Cabrera (more 2012-wise, beard and chin length hair) / Lorenzo Lamas (as seen on Renegade)

Ian is the younger (4 minutes 42 seconds) of two twins. He’s quite a bit of a bookworm, preferring burrowing himself in the library or at home over meeting with people. This does not mean he prefers not to interact with others. He’s at his simultaneously best and worst when he can talk to people and share information. His biggest short-coming is that he can talk very fast and without any form of punctation.

The worst thing one can do to him (especially then) is to either just pretend to have any interest, or to tell him to shut up. Then Ian tends to retreat into himself and become short worded.

He’s kind and usually collected, bit of the embodiment of the idea of a gentle giant. However there are things he despises to speak about, especially The Gloom and his brother Jamie. He can also be rather secretive when he thinks involving others would harm them.

He has a very odd relationship with Heatstroke, speaks fluent german and can’t cook, except for desserts.


Oh no, I love Ian so much I imagined the MC and him baking together and having a flour fight

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Baked goods are a dessert, it’ll be fine

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Awww this almost makes me feel bad for skipping his dialogue
And will we get to meet his brother?

Well… you already can…


i feel bad for making him talk about Odium but sometimes, you just have to know so you can be careful.

On Jamie, are you talking about the main game or the bonus?

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bonus. Okay so far he’s only mentioned

Edit: he’s NOT Fearfuel


Hello yes I’m in love with him.

Out of curiosity, what is his sexuality/romantic orientation. He is an RO, isn’t he?


He is. He’s ‘playersexual’ but… he will be reluctant to start anything. Because reasons.


Nothing can ever be easy, can it? But the heart wants what the heart wants…


Good at desserts, eh? Sounds… delicious. :grin:

Keep on cookin’ this game, it is delicious as well. :relaxed:

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Make your suggestions for the next bio, people.

Also heads up:

Reworked the cafe visits code (fingers crossed it’ll work as intended), fleshed out the mini guide in the bonus and am currently working on ch2 act 1
Latter will see a lot pf overhauling in the future however as this will be the first definite instance in which you can run into the old mc


Oh, one thing I have been meaning to say since I first played it – I suspect playing the game distracted me so much I forgot to come back here to say it – my character would not only like all the puns, but make some herself too. It’s all in pun, after all, if you like them cookies… :grin:

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The puns are where I draw the line

But there will be moment when the mc makes some too.