Curious Cuisine (Superhero/Cooking)

Of course!

As for super names, I have a few, ranging from Bronze Age subdued to Silver Age silliness:
Style Driver
Restless Knight
Red Queen and King Crimson (I envisioned a brother/sister pair here)


Thank you.

Also, quick update:
Altered the scene for Ian’s explanation about the Gloom. It’s shorter now. Also it requires at least 55% curious if you have not asked anything else.

The rewritten version is definitely an improvement. Looking forward to seeing more of the story and the world you’re creating.

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I’m loving the WIP.:grin:

Small things:

  • Why do I have to keep carrying my luggage even after I go to the hotel?
  • Too bad I can not reprimand my child for what he did at the hotel. It was dangerous!:fearful: The woman could have superpowers and the idea of ​​the vase could have failed and he would be in great danger!:fearful::fearful: I wish I had more overprotective options, after all the child is all I have.:laughing:
  • Small bug: while other’s say he went and became…,". *line_break Ian trails off
  1. Cause I’m a doofus and missed a line while copypasting a reoccuring sentence. I’ll fix that xD
  2. I’ll add an option in later builds that might also factor into something unrelated :wink:
  3. Oh ffs. Noted. Will fix it with the next update. Thank you
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I made a collage/moodboard for Starlight and now I have been instructed to post it here so here we go


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
thank youuuu

Just want to thank you. For all the little ‘easter eggs’ I’ve spotted so far. Like Bielefeld and the wardrobe-guy!

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How about their food? :stuck_out_tongue:


How do you mean?

Why not have them just throw the food they were just eating? It wouldn’t be as effective but definitely more insulting than just a vase. Just a thought. :slight_smile:

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Ah, cause the food hadn’t been brought yet (unless I messed up continuity)

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Wahhh! My kid is going to have ROs too? Aw, this is so cute!


Ian, you…:joy:
I found myself more curious than scared about The Gloom. what is exactly the ‘Nightfall’? What’s Odium’s power? How does it feel inside The Gloom?
I feel Francis will said, “My mother will hear about this!” next :joy: edit: he’s not :frowning:


audibly > visibly

with > of

people all around you/all around you, people

you could combine it with the previous sentence

You blink, a little concerned

remove comma




you could remove ‘the area’, and add comma after ‘city’



not really

you could combine both sentences


remove comma



double maybe


Thank you again :smiley:

Typo fix update is up (well, all but those where everyone is telling me different things bout what’s correct and what isn’t… english, how do you even Dx )

Glad you all enjoy it so far.

Next update should introduce you to Lesley, and provide the option to set your sexuality (maybe).

Also, out of curiosity:
Of those ROs met and described so far… who is intriguing you the most so far?

RO's I'm interested in and why

Valentine got my attention because she looks like my type, but I have pyrophobia :sweat_smile: I don’t get too comfortable with fire not even in fiction.
Besides that, Lesley really got me interested too. First, because it’s not everyday I can romance a n-b character. Then, I got a soft spot for reporters and outspoken people. I’ll have to see the secret ROs before deciding anything, I guess, but so far probably Lesley will be the winner. Also, a question about them: they’re asexual about everything or just sex? I mean, will we be able to hold their hand, and kiss them or nothing at all?

As for the kid:
I’m interested for equal in Marcus and Trudie. They both look sweet and I’m definitely into shy people because I’m also shy so I can relate better to them. I like their background too.
Izzy got a bit of my attention too because I tend to prefer pessimistic people over otimistic. If you can make the system you said you’re trying to make I think I’ll hook them up to either Marcus or Trudie, depending of who I’ll choose :yum:

I really hope you can make it, because this system looks awesome.

So, uh, what exactly does “male leaning” means? :thinking:

So, one question: I loved the option we get to call our child by a nickname, but if we choose to call them by a nickname, everytime our MC calls the child they’ll say the nickname? Because I named my child Winter, nickname Snowflake, but I like both of them so I was wondering if picking a nickname means giving up the parent calling them by their real name :sweat_smile:

About Lesley

They are panromantic, so while they don’t feel sexually attracted to anyone, romance is definitely an option.

Male leaning here means male characters (cis, trans, presenting) will have it easier hooking up with them.

Occasionally the parent will call them by their name, it doesn’t replace it

Again about Lesley

Yes, I get it, I am asexual myself. But, like, I don’t have any problems with holding hands and have non-sexual physical contact with my boyfriend, althought some ace people don’t like kissing or holding hands at all, they don’t feel like it even if it’s not sexual contact. That’s what I’m asking

Oh, good to know then ^^

I usually separate sexual and romantic attraction (added that to the other ROs, now, sorry), so Lesley and Izzy are both asexual and panromantic.

For parent MC im so far intrested in rival Haggerty (Her/his gender is based on our choices,right?)
for MC jr. its Trudie they both seem like they went/Are going thought some difficult stuff in their life. and ,well,obviosly the mysterious romances
Others for me personaly dont hold too great of interest