Cupid's on a Rampage(WIP) 18+

In this placeholder(don’t know how much i will do yet but with what i want to put in it will probably be alot) word novel you are suddenly thrown into the fray of the match making rampage of the hot,sexy god of love Cupid. As a result of this you find yourself increasingly in the company of attractive matches of both genders. Who will you choose? How far will you go? and How many hearts are you willing to break? Find out now.
In this game You can…

-Play as male or female. That’s : gay, straight, bi or asexual.

-Find love

-Engage in OPTIONAL explict sexual scences(if you disable sex scenes the act will be written as subtle and if you choose to enable it well as i have written the scenes involving that perticular topic will be explored in depth) Note:This option has been added to avoid provoding offence to anyone if you still offended about my choice to add it you have my permission to talk to me about it via my email( if enough people find this offensive i will provide the people who email me about thier concerns a copy of the game that has the option completly removed for free.

-Choose your own Profession,Degree of Wealth,Challenges,Way of life,Assets(based on what you can afford with your wealth), and Place of residence.

-Cheat to your hearts content through a Cheat menu if you so choose(Can also be removed if any of you are that against it like i said just email me at and i will remove it and send you a clean copy)

How many would be intrested in something like this? Im going to write it anyway im simply curious if i can i plan to make it completly free and do follow up parts later but thats just wishful thinking. i will try to get a demo of chapter one up as soon as possible i just started today but i will try by the latest getting the demo out by next friday.

Also feel free to give any suggestions on things you think i should add also be mindful that this is my first story and im still learning. I also dont mind constructive critcism so after i get the demo out dont feel bad about saying something bad about it.

Future Plans:
Release a working chapter 1 demo.

Demo Plans:
Story Setup and character development.

Nothing Yet when the demo comes out i will call it version 1(v1) and thats about all i have to put here

Okay to elaborate further this game will not be just about love. i think a response i gave to Avery_Moore demostartes this. The post was as follows:
Sounds interesting, but I’m not really sure what the plot is. I mean obviously you’re trying to find love, but is there more to it than that?

Yes especially if you romance Cupid a for the other charcters the question arises will they still love you after the spell is broken so you have to fight to keep that love also i dont plan to have this take place in a normal place like new york i plan to create my own world and politics to go with it interactions may change based on species and you may have to protect the one you love from introduced enemies you will also be able to do alot of things not based solely on love such as focusing on survival forcing you to try to maintain a balence between when you romance and when you fight to survive. i also will probably add more concepts but these are other basic ideas.
Yes the main topic is love but it is not the only focus of the story i hope this answers your question :slight_smile:

Edit #2
To add onto this i also would like it to be about the values and importance of family on top of being well rounded its my goal to get every last reader to fall in love with my characters a they get to know what makes them tick.

Edit # 3
Ok guys to give you an update i have been working hard on this demo and i am give or take 75% done. So expect to be seeing the demo released soon. Also i would like to thank everyone for thier support it is what keeps me going when i get an error message. :laughing:
Edit #4
stayed up really late last night and got myself up to 537 lines of code.
Edit #5:
Ok guys for those of you who didn’t see i have posted a link to what i call the beta demo.
This is so you can provide me feedback if you wish to so you can help improve what you recieve when the revised finshed demo is complete. The links for this is here: (Thank you, Avery Moore for suggesting this site)

for anyone who had problems with the link it has now been fixed
simply download it, extract the files, go open the choice script file then goto web/my game and run the index.html file in a compatible browser such as firefox. I hope you like what i have so far enjoy :slight_smile:

Also soon i will Release a short informative game that allows you to use choices and explore the world i have created. So if anyone has any nagging questions about the world feel free to ask and i will include an answer to them in the game.
The link for this will go here:
After it has been finished.

Here is a sneak peak into this world that is going into the short informative game world introduction.

Most Important Edit:
Okay guys i have just had a very eye opening conversation with the user
poison mara and we(mostly poison mara) have come up with this concept over the original to make relationships more concensual.

I hope this will make some of you who were unwiliing to play before out of a feeling of the lack of free will of the RO’s, now willing to give the story a shot. :slight_smile:

For those who didn’t see it in the comments:

Ok here is a first page snippit of the prequel, I figure you guys need something new to look at to prove i’m doing work. As for the rest of it unless you are an official beta tester you will have to wait a little longer for a release. :yum:

Arial, a large planet that has simular atmospheric conditions to the planet earth. Although,the living conditions on the planets are similar,this fact, can say nothing for the cultures of both planets which happen to be completly diffrent from one another. For one,on earth most areas are populated,but,on Arial,almost everyone lives on diffrent, giant airborne cities located in the middle of the planet’s vast,blue oceans. (Notice i say almost all…)

No one know’s for sure,but…their has been rumors that surfaced,that some people have dared to venture from the cities to the forbidden “Mainland” and haven’t been seen since. There are at least one of this type of story for each city. That must mean one thing, Their is a high chance of the rumors being true. But,Who know’s if they are even still alive?

The stories that your ancesters have passed down from generation to generation have always shown the “Mainland” as dangerous and something that should be avoided at absolutely all costs. So,the chance they are still breathing,is slim.Rumors like these are why,no one is tempted to disagree with the ancestor’s stories. They are all motivated to agree with them, by the fear invoked in their hearts,that continue to be fed,with each new,living soul,who leaves,and doesn’t live,and afterwards return,to tell the story.I think it says something, that this hasn’t happend yet.Afterall,it has been thousands of years and a case where they survive hasn’t been heard of…


Another note i will try to also give change logs whenever i relase a new chapter or add new additions to the old ones.

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In my opinion, the concept sounds pretty promising. Then again, I’ve always been a sucker for romance. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Same its all i read choice of games stories for :slight_smile:


Hah, can’t blame you. By the way, I love the cover image you got there.

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asexual doesn’t mean aromantic you can still like kissing and dating and things, just not sex

rip no nb option

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Thank you i like the forest background the most the pink is what made me chose it along with the middle avaliable space to put the sihohettes its not the best but its not the worse either we will call it meh.(like a 5 out of 10). Im working hard on the demo now so hopfully i can get it out by valentines as it is the day of love. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I can add it if you want i was just under the impression asexual is a lack of atraction to anyone of any gender.

I believe asexual is more along the terms of still being capable of being attracted to others, just that there is no sexual attraction.

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I see i will change it to be included in the game then :slight_smile:

That’s aromantic (no romantic attraction to anyone) asexual (no sexual attraction to anyone), shorthand aroace. Aromantic people don’t tend to play romance games anyway.

Ok thank you i get it now. :slight_smile:


In line with @Laguz’s reply, there is a difference between being asexual and being aromantic. One person can be both, none or a single one (or just degrees of it).

Some threads to take in consideration:

The first one has many links and info on asexuality, the second one has an interesting discussion around being “sexual aromantic”. Feel free to read them and get to know to variations and what they mean a little better.

Glad to help and good luck with the story. It doesn’t seem my kind of game-book but I will make sure to check on it from time to time. Congrats on the initiative and on the original idea :smiley:

By the way, don’t take my post as a request/demand for having those orientations in your story, it is your story after all :wink:


Thank you i will most definitly check the links you provided out. And as for the request/demand part its okay i dont think of it as that we will call it a suggestion i definitly can’t do aromatic but now that i understand that asexual is not what i thought it was it definitly will be included in the game. Thank you for providing feedback i appreciate it :slight_smile:


Glad to help.

And yeah, aromantic would be a bit strange in your story :stuck_out_tongue: :grin:

I agree it would be a bit strange.If i include it everyone’s heart would have to break and they would end up single every time which would be really sad. Even if it was thier choice.

Sexual aromantic doesn’t mean being hearth-breaker, sexual aromantics are perfectly capable of having stable long-term relationships, it just means not feeling romantic attraction (tricky concepts for one new to those orientations and debates, don’t worry). Just check the second thread that I listed, or don’t.

But yeah, Cupid’s tale is one of making people fall in love, the option would be highly off-putting, I just mentioned it for the sake of clarification on the subject of the aro/ace community ;).


I see better not write about it if i can’t even get the facts straight :laughing:


Generally writing an ace path means just keeping an eye out for any assumptions about MC finding Dreamboat McLoveInterest physically attractive (not in the sense of not noticing their looks at all, but in the sense of ‘Dreamboat’s so hot it’s making you swoon’), or just leaving those bits out for the ace MC.


Thank you for the info but i dont think i will add a aromtic charcater though as i agree with ruhenri it would be off putting because what would you do? Unless i do a story line where we have a aromatic character who doesnt get involved because they are attracted but because they dont want to be alone that could possibly work if you really think an aromatic character should be included. If this is your wish just tell me what what you think of my idea. I am highly open to suggestions to improve the quality and likability of my game espically since im new at this. :slight_smile:
As a side note apparenly i have reached my max limit of how much i can respond to others post on my first day upon making an account so i guess that this is my wake up call to get some major work done on the demo instead of being overly active in the forum.

@Vanessa_Pang sorry i have to respond this way but as you read in the line above i have reached my newbie first day response limit so this is my way of ensuring you get a timly response :slight_smile:
Ok to answer your question yes you will be able to fully customize your character and because you asked i will give you a sneak peak of the story to show you what it looks like i hope this answers your question.

Sneak peak:
A Flash Back To Yesterday:
“Come quick it’s time” You hear your mother say.Your mother’s voice is as soft and weak as whisper even in it’s full volume due to her ever worsening health and because of this you barley even hear her request.You think about how to respond to her call and decide to…
#See what your mother needs
*set protective_instinct %+5
*set kindness %+5
*set help_mom true
*goto Motn
#Stay put you have things to do it can wait
*set protective_instinct %-5
*set kindness %-5
*set help_mom false
*goto Motn
*label Motn
*if help_mom = true
*goto Helm
*if help_mom = false
*goto Nhelm
*label Helm
You rush to your mother’s bedside,she looks up at you and smiles,her pale,sickly skin helping in conveying the sincerity of the expression and making her look somwhat angelic “I knew you’d come”
suddenly her face loses it’s smile and her expression goes from angelic to one of extreme pain and suddenly you relalize just what your mother meant by “It’s time”
She meant that…
#Her time in this world is coming to an end
#She is giving birth
*label Nhelm

The fact that you are your mother’s favorite has,no had now isn’t?, always been a joke between you and your mother mostly because you were both her favorite cough and only…
*set gender “male”
*goto namec
*set gender “female”
*goto namec
*label namec
*if gender = “male”
*goto genm
*if gender = “female”
*goto genf
*label genm
She named you after her first love, who was the one that got away.
The name she gave you was…
*set name “Adrian”
*goto ncomfirm
*set name “James”
*goto ncomfirm
*set name “Henry”
*goto ncomfirm
*set name “Erik”
*goto ncomfirm
*set name “Dylan”
*goto ncomfirm
#None of these
*input_text name
*goto ncomfirm
*label genf
She had named you in honor of her beloved sister who had died a day before you were born.
The name she gave you was…
*set name “Arianna”
*goto ncomfirm
*set name “Hayley”
*goto ncomfirm
*set name “Aubrey”
*goto ncomfirm
*set name “Julia”
*goto ncomfirm
*set name “Katie”
*goto ncomfirm
#None of these
*input_text name
*goto ncomfirm
im not yet finshed with the scene before you choose your gender but you should be able to get the idea nether the less thank you for commenting your feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks that means alot this is my first story and all this positive feedback has been encourging. Also you arent the first to say that but in due time i hope maybe i will be able to establish this is not Choice of Romance as it shows originality that is the plan anyway and hopefully you wont have to wait much longer for the demo valentines is the goal maybe sooner as im making fantastic progress i just started today and im up to line 230 and counting. :slight_smile:
Also i know that thier are already alot of spelling errors lol but dont worry i have already fixed about 10 and i plan to check the whole game over to make sure im liking the product before i release any demo i have a policy to not post what i dont want others to read. So when the time comes i hope you recieve just what you have expected/ hoped for with this game.

@Sashira i understand your concerns about the free will and i hope to ease your worries
-I have no plan to fully take away free will the characters will be aware of what they are doing and will still be able to make decisions but it depends on how willful they are if they can resist.
In other words think of it sort of a disorder or addiction rather than something that is taking away all free will.
The charcters will still have control over thier actions and will be able to resist if they truly feel strongly opposed to the idea.
The concept i have planned is that the love intrests have the ability to resist but choose not to as the spell causes them to develop a strong urge to so instead of fighting the urge they feed it and give into it because all urges that are satisified bring every person some level of happiness. Sort of like some one who is highly addicted to the nicotine in cigarettes they dont have to keep smoking knowing that it is bad for their health but they choose to as it is easier and more pleasureable not to stop indugling themselves.

Also with cupid not under the spell he has 100% choice i also plan to include chapters where the love intrests are finally free of the spell and depending on how much they actually learned to care about you will either stay or leave.
If they stay they will not be forced to love you they will regain 100% control without the threat of not satisfiying their urge and chapters will be dedicated to learning about how each of the matches act free of the spell.
By using this concept i am not trying to suggest that the spell has unlocked thier true feelings i plan to write it as while under the spell they have developed a slight intrest and have learned enough to think. Hey? maybe i would like to get to know her better. This chance will of coarse be affected by wheather of not you encouraged them to give into thier urges even though they were against it. I plan to clearly mark these choices or add in an option that doesnt allow the selection of these forced choices for people who share your opinon in being uncomfortable with this type of concept as i can understand where you are coming from with your opinon.

Knowing this, does it help ease your concerns?
I certainly hope so. Thank you for the time you took to provide an opinon on what you think of my idea i appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Also if you have any futher questions just post it on this forum i get notified of all activity on it, will respond as soon as i can and am happy and willing to answer and address all further questions and concerns you may have :slight_smile:

yes! most of what you have metioned in your post is what i am trying to go for i didnt know that is what occured between lancelot and guenevere though so thanks for giving me that information i find it intresting, i guess it must be true you learn a new thing every single day.The people around me never seem to disappoint when it comes to making me expand my horizions.
Thank you for taking the time to review and respond to my post i appreciate it.

Im glad you like it if you would like to try it out i am looking for a couple people to play what i have so far as i am developing the demo.
If you are intrested it is located here:

that nothing under the yes option fully works yet and is usable except procced as normal and import but import isn’t really useful as i haven’t setup a character save spot yet.

The No option however contains the bulk of the story and has some length to it.

Also note that although the stat screen is currently visable during character creation it won’t be after the demo is released i have i enabled so i can make sure the stats are increasing and decresing as they should.

i will fix it now thanks for telling me
Edit:Fixed now

@Arcane_warrior it hasnt been completly decided yet, but as of now it’s many as i and possibly others who want to provide suggestions can think up. And i will have an option to input your and create your own profession through a menu if the ones that i have created are not to your liking. I hope this answers your question. Thank you for commenting :slight_smile:

Thank you. The thought is apprciated i hope the demo lives up to your excpectations when i is relased. Any further questions feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Thank you and i know my grammer and spelling sucks i’m going to throughly check over it and try to fix as many errors as i can before i pass the final demo.
Grammer is like my worst enemy :joy:

@moonwalkerdragon Yes it is a choicescript game. :slight_smile: