CSIDE Pre-Release Livestream (Released 15/06/2017)

Latest Announcement:

Three years in the making, and CSIDE is finally preparing for release! Join us live for a pre-launch demonstration, Q&A, and blank-slate ChoiceScript project workshop--presented by @CJW, the app's developer, @Lordirish, ‘Old Guard’ of the ChoiceScript community, and @Fiogan, this year's CS Comp Winner.

What is the ChoiceScript IDE?

The ChoiceScript IDE began as a very simple online ‘snippet tester’ for ChoiceScript. You could instantly run copy-pasted ChoiceScript snippets from the CoG forums without having to download, unzip, and set up your ChoiceScript environment.

Over the years, the initial concept evolved into something much bigger.The ChoiceScript IDE provides a complete package, with desktop apps for Windows and Mac. The new app contains everything you need to develop your own ChoiceScript games, with as little hassle and as much help as possible!

Notable Features

- A **built-in copy** of ChoiceScript: no need to download, unzip or update it yourself! - Side-by-side, same app, same screen: convenient **writing, coding, and testing** of your game. - Built-in **spellcheck, user dictionary, quicktest, randomtest, image integration**, and **compilation**. - An array of customisable settings and preferences, including **automatic indentation, word wrap, tabs/spaces.** - A **ChoiceScript console** for testing any CS expression or running *set commands (and more) on the fly. - And **much, much more!**

Really, we could write about it all day! But we’d rather wait, and let you see it in action for yourself.

CSIDE was built from the ground up for ChoiceScript–it’s all about helping ChoiceScript authors make the best games possible without unneeded distractions or complications. CSIDE accommodates your individual preferences and needs for ChoiceScript in a way that is unique, easy to use, and helpful–and it’s all here in one simple app. So come join us, and watch CSIDE in action on the 18th September, 8PM UTC (9PM BST).

We hope to see you there!

- The CSIDE Team

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Will you be dancing awkwardly and fist-pumping to the sweet tunes of The Rolling Stones?

Because then I’ll definitely have to watch.


That’s not something that’s currently on the agenda, but I would like to think you’ll enjoy it all the same! :smile:


This feels like an early Christmas
so awesome can’t wait to see the shiny new toy:)


We likely won’t be…but you might want to, once you see CSIDE in action. (:0 I know I pretty much did.

I hope you can make the livestream, or watch it after it’s archived! I’m excited!


It certainly will be if, like me, you tend to write convoluted code and are forever tripping over those hard-to-find logic errors! CSIDE’s ‘Console’ makes it so much easier to track these down, saving me hours of ranting frustration (not to mention the few hairs I have left on my head! :smiley: ).


Very nice indeed. I think I’ve tried a beta version of this and found it extremelly satisfying.

Good to know it is getting a full release.


Spellcheck? That’s pretty interesting.
ChoiceScript community deserves good IDE.


Would that be the original online version? Please look forward to countless improvements and additions!

That’s what we’ve been thinking all these years. We’re ecstatic to finally be able to share this with you all :smiley:


Yep. Thank you for all your hard work, I’ll certainlly look forward to using it.


I couldn’t agree more. Of course everyone knows ChoiceScript is easy to learn and fun to use, and all you really need is a decent text editor and a browser, and for many of us I would say that’s probably true. But if it were genuinely true for everyone then we wouldn’t still see posts along the lines of “I just don’t get it”. Moreover, we wouldn’t see such a huge percentage of failed and unfinished WIPs in comparison to published games.

I’m not saying CSIDE is the Holy Grail, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction!


In case you’ve lost track of the days, there’s just under thirty-six hours to go! There’s still time to:

    #Text and cancel that date
    #Find a babysitter
    #Order a pizza in advance
    #Go buy some microwave popcorn
    #All of the above

(Or at least learn why the above will error! :smiley: )

Seriously though, whether you’ve already dabbled with ChoiceScript or not, you really don’t want to miss this. If you’ve ever even vaguely considered having a go at producing your own Choice Game, this livestream event will show you just how easy - and how much fun - it can be, using CSIDE.


Come over to the C-side we have cookies!
Say bad joke couldn’t help it


But remember! The cake is a lie!


I’m excited to demo CSIDE later today, during the livestream!

I’ll be working on a very short spy mini-game (starting from nothing but notes!) to demo CSIDE’s brilliant features. Come join us if you can; it’ll be fun!


If anyone has questions or requests, please do bring them along, or ask them in this thread (or the provided chat) during the stream, we’ll be checking both periodically! :slight_smile:


  • 0-30mins
    We’ll be introducing CSIDE and ourselves and giving you a general tour (overview) of the application and its many features.

  • 30-50mins
    We’ll be looking at taking any Q&A, tidying up any loose discussion and reviewing cool questions and key features of the app for any latecomers to the show.

  • 60mins+
    @Fiogan will helm an hour long workshop for the second half of the stream. During this she will create a simple puzzle game from scratch, entirely within CSIDE. Demonstrating how quick and easy it is to do so, and how it’s many features can make the process pain free.

There should then be 10mins or so at the end for any further Q&A, and wrapping up :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance to everyone who plans to attend! We really hope you enjoy the app as much as we do.


There is an option missing there!

kidnap Vendetta and force him to finish Vendetta


Actually I can’t talk I keep getting on my own back to start work on season two lol


Have my chair on the porch, have my laptop plugged in, have my drink beside me, and told the family to STAY THE HECK off the porch for the next few hours. :smile: Think I am ready.


Super useful so far! (:

Edit: @Lglasser you should link to the finished version on your guide!