[Tool] Chronicler - ChoiceScript Visual Code Editor

Hey Chroniclers, you are probably already aware of this, but @CJW just released his ChoiceScript IDE.

Go check it out, and if nothing else, follow the builtin tutorials to get more familiar with ChoiceScript. (Or try this one I just found.)
Better yet, use it in combination with Chronicler. Type your advanced code on there and throw it into a code bubble. Or copy the generated CS code into his IDE for testing. If I remember correctly from the old version you were able to see the values of each variable as you ran your game!

Just thought I’d throw a little love over to a CS developer who’s been at it even longer than I have.

As for Chronicler news, I’ve decided to switch gears and focus on adding the playtest tools first before implementing the stats screen editor. I do this because there has been a lot of requests and confusion about how to test one’s game with Chronicler lately, and second, I feel I need to go back to the drawing board for the stats screen and come up with a more elegant solution before continuing to hack away at it.

The playtest suite will have a “play” and a “debug scene” button on the toolbar, as well as a new bubble type: “Start Here”. The SH bubble will let you start a scene from the middle rather than the beginning. To aid in this, the SH bubble will allow you to change the initial values of variables in your game, and even run a snippet of custom code.

For example: you just added a somewhat complex series of choices to your game, but “oh no!” you have to wade through 200 choices before you can test these new ones every time. You are sad and give up in frustration (you really need to tell hypothetical you to not be such a quitter). *ahem* well, no longer! You excitedly drag the start-here bubble just above this new section, set the variables to seem as if you had been playing a paladin-esque character up to that point. (To make sure that a lawful-good character can successfully navigate this new section.) But what if the player has been making “evil” or neutral choices? You sigh and begin to change the settings for the SH bubble. “Stop!” a disembodied voice yells in your head, “you can have more than one SH bubble in a scene!”. (hypothetical you also really needs to see a licensed psychiatrist). You test this new idea and sure enough it is true. So you add two more SH bubbles and set them up for the neutral and evil characters you imagined earlier. You also notice the checkbox that lets you set a SH bubble as the current one to use.
Using the “debug scene” button each time, you start from the currently active scene, and active SH bubble.

That is all, carry on and happy Chronicling!