[Tool] Chronicler - ChoiceScript Visual Code Editor

Hey Chroniclers, you are probably already aware of this, but @CJW just released his ChoiceScript IDE.

Go check it out, and if nothing else, follow the builtin tutorials to get more familiar with ChoiceScript. (Or try this one I just found.)
Better yet, use it in combination with Chronicler. Type your advanced code on there and throw it into a code bubble. Or copy the generated CS code into his IDE for testing. If I remember correctly from the old version you were able to see the values of each variable as you ran your game!

Just thought I’d throw a little love over to a CS developer who’s been at it even longer than I have.

As for Chronicler news, I’ve decided to switch gears and focus on adding the playtest tools first before implementing the stats screen editor. I do this because there has been a lot of requests and confusion about how to test one’s game with Chronicler lately, and second, I feel I need to go back to the drawing board for the stats screen and come up with a more elegant solution before continuing to hack away at it.

The playtest suite will have a “play” and a “debug scene” button on the toolbar, as well as a new bubble type: “Start Here”. The SH bubble will let you start a scene from the middle rather than the beginning. To aid in this, the SH bubble will allow you to change the initial values of variables in your game, and even run a snippet of custom code.

For example: you just added a somewhat complex series of choices to your game, but “oh no!” you have to wade through 200 choices before you can test these new ones every time. You are sad and give up in frustration (you really need to tell hypothetical you to not be such a quitter). *ahem* well, no longer! You excitedly drag the start-here bubble just above this new section, set the variables to seem as if you had been playing a paladin-esque character up to that point. (To make sure that a lawful-good character can successfully navigate this new section.) But what if the player has been making “evil” or neutral choices? You sigh and begin to change the settings for the SH bubble. “Stop!” a disembodied voice yells in your head, “you can have more than one SH bubble in a scene!”. (hypothetical you also really needs to see a licensed psychiatrist). You test this new idea and sure enough it is true. So you add two more SH bubbles and set them up for the neutral and evil characters you imagined earlier. You also notice the checkbox that lets you set a SH bubble as the current one to use.
Using the “debug scene” button each time, you start from the currently active scene, and active SH bubble.

That is all, carry on and happy Chronicling!


This is awesome! :smiley: I cannot wait for the playtest tools, they will make this so much easier haha! :slight_smile:

Such a great idea. I would love to get my hands on this.

@MahatmaDagon It’s more than just an idea, it actually exists! Download links are in the first post, or here if you’re lazy ;): Windows | Linux


Hey folks, I apologize for the long hiatus. University has started up again and homework has taken up most of my time, along with some other unfortunate events in our family.

in any case, version is up!

I added a play button to the toolbar so you can test your game from within Chronicler!

Simply download the ChoiceScript source from here and extract it.
Once done with the above, go to File->Settings and set it as the ChoiceScript directory.

If you have already downloaded the CS source and have started a project with it, do not fear. Chronicler makes a backup of the web folder once you set it in the settings view.

If you already have the CS directory set in the settings view, it is highly recommended that you go in and set it again. This ensures that the backup of the web folder is made. Otherwise, Chronicler will overwrite any existing scenes in the web folder.

I’m working on the debug tools, but it could be as late as December until the next update. If you encounter any bugs or program crashes, please use the link in the main post to report them. I will try to fix them as soon as possible.

I’ve started the design process for the “Start Here” bubble.
I’d like to get some opinions, would you prefer to place multiple bubbles for each state, or have the SH bubble contain multiple states that you can switch between inside it?

By states, I mean variable settings for what you feel would be appropriate for different playstyles.

I was originally planning that you would simply place multiple SH bubbles in one location and name them based on the character’s playstyle up to that point. My alternative thought would be that you have one bubble with multiple tabs for each playstyle. I honestly think the multiple tabs is better since it involves less work from the user’s standpoint.

I would like to eventually add some more features, like the ability to mark choices as certain playstyles (that you define). This will be used to automatically fill in the variable values, by simulating those choices when you test your game.

If anyone is still confused by what I mean by playstlyles, I refer to players who play the game as “the hero” vs players who make morally ambiguous choices. You can simulate these by setting variables in the SH bubbles.

As for non-Chronicler news, I’m in Junior Project this year, and our team’s project is really cool. I’m excited to share more about it as we approach completion!

Hey all, it was brought to my attention awhile back that the updater had issues on Windows 10. I didn’t have a Win10 PC to test on, so I forgot about it. >_<

Anyway, I updated the updater so you shouldn’t have any more issues.
Windows | Linux

Download your version from the above links and replace “Chronicler_Updater” in you installation directory with the new one.

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

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First tutorial for Chronicler is up! Chronicler Setup.
This video simply shows you the basic steps for installing Chronicler and setting up your environment.

I’m in the middle of filming the second tutorial which will cover creating a new project, and demonstrating all the various tools, tabs, and shortcuts.


Second tutorial is up! Creating A Project.

This one demonstrates various features of the user interface by creating a clone of the dragon example project.
I also add some new content to demonstrate the condition and code bubbles.


All of a Sudden Chronicler is crashing without explanation. NOOOO! :frowning:
It appears to be crashing whenever I try to test it or to Save it.

Does it crash on startup, or when you try to open a project?

If it crashes on a project then, unfortunately it got corrupted somehow. You can try to open one of the backups, or import the generated ChoiceScript code for that project.

Alternatively, you can email the .chronx file to me at benseawalker@yahoo.com, and I’ll do my best to salvage it.

If it happens when you test your project, then it is related to the ChoiceScript code generation somehow. Go ahead an email me your .chronx project and I’ll track down this bug asap.

Done. tips hat Happy hunting, I did have a backup so if you can’t fix it ill just fill in what was lost. :slight_smile:

Well, something terrible went wrong, and I believe it was due to either the undo system or more likely, the copy/paste mechanics. Either of which will take hours to hunt down. :confused:

I don’t currently have time to work on it with all my other responsibilities this term, but I promise to look into it before the end of December.

For now, I suggest you use the copy/paste sparingly if at all until I can look into it.

Sorry I can’t do more at the moment :’(


Well i already fully replaced/repaired what was lost. So take your time :slight_smile: And thanks.

Forgive me if this is a stupid question but i keep getting a bad label error. Either my brain isnt working or something is up. This is the error. Here is the link to a picture of the error. https://gyazo.com/42f3dad37faebab8ff0e69c3465cbbaa

Looks like I forgot a newline character in the automatic label generation. I’ll take a look at it.

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The patch is up. Restart Chronicler to receive it.

I honestly didn’t see anything wrong with the code, and brief testing seemed to work fine, however I added a workaround that should take care of any possible issue for right now.

I might suggest that you always type a label for bubbles that have more than one connection leading into them. That way they have nice labels rather than bubble_#. :slight_smile:

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I have just announced the Second Annual Chronicler Chrismas Contest!

Hope to see you all there! :sunny:

  • BenSeawalker
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Hello! First post, first time trying to write a game in choice script. I love your program, and I’m using it for NaNoWriMo this year.

After reading through some of the recent posts, I know that you’re super-busy, and some of the issues I’ve seen are already on your radar (the copy/paste and *label box on story bubbles). There is one that I have not seen yet, though, which is an autosave feature; is there one? There have been a few game crashes where I lost progress since the last save.

Also, in case not aware, the most recent crash that I had was in a choice bubble where I hit the trashcan to delete a line that I was also still editing–and it seems to be repeatable for me, as I just caused that to happen again.

Thank you again for this program though! I absolutely love the visual representation it gives of everything; without something like this I never would have been brave enough to try making a Choicescript game.