How to save my work

Very, very stupid question to all you skilled coders out there. I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find anything even at the tutorials…

So I was wondering how I can, after editing my piece in Firefox, save it.

As something I can edit and try out again in the future.
As an exe that I can open (if possible)

I’m asking this because I saved a project by saving the page and now it’s giving errors like “autotester is not defined” etc, etc.

Am I doing it right by just using Firefox’ save page feature? Or is there an easier way that this noob does not know of?

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Hmm. You should really be using a text editor (e.g. Notepad++) for writing, scripting & saving your work, and a browser only for test-running the game as a “player”. The first 3-4 pages of the Basic Tutorial on the Wiki should help to explain “what you need to do” things a big better:


Ah thank you for the reply! Will get started with the Notepad and read the page! Thanks again, cheers


No problem, glad to help. You might also want to keep an eye on this forum topic and maybe even bookmark the CSIDE website itself so you can download & try a copy as soon as it’s released. It completely replaces the usual editor / browser setup so all your writing, coding & testing (including Quicktest & Randomtest) takes place in one neat package, as well as offering many other advantages such as superb project management and much easier & simpler file handling.


If you’re using Notepad++, my mini-guide about custom syntax highlighting can be useful too.
Good luck, I wish you to create a really good game!


Thank you to all who posted solutions. I appreciate your help so much! Good luck with your books aswell