Crème de la Crème – Climb to the very top of the class!

Yes but at what point do we, as the MC, get to experience his struggle? We had no time either after or before his abduction/enslavement to get to know him so to speak. We’re just given a tl;dr this is what happened while you were away.

How this is relevant to gameplay, though? My main gripe with it is that we had next to zero alone time with him and his “story” was very rushed. I barely even spoke to Gonzalez and I feel like I got to know him more.


Which side were you on for the mine investigation: pro-Renaldt, openly anti-Renaldt (in which case you were sent to the mines), or anti-Renaldt as a double agent?
If you were pro-Renaldt, how did you get to resolve things privately? Blaise basically forces a big scene at graduation unless MC is a double agent/also indentured.

I was a double agent and talked to her privately. Haven’t played a pro Renaldt character yet.

In my Augeste romance playthrough my MC was double agent and called in the inspector as she always does and Lady Renaldt got removed from her position at Galatin college tho I found it not so satisfying to see her lounging at her home when my MC visited Auguste instead of rotting in a jail cell.

There is no way for her to be sent to jail. All you can do is get her goon to jail and public expose her so she faces criminal charges.

That’s true, but when I romance anyone else then obviously I don’t see her again. Guess that was the weirdest part of romancing Auguste. Tho I guess it was also funny too to see her forcing herself to be polite to MC infront of her daughter.

Quick note, it is indeed possible to genuinely help Lady Renaldt and get away with it without consequences if you make sure Blaise doesn’t accuse her in front of everyone (eg by luring Blaise away to be caught by Schroeder), or if you discredit Blaise successfully enough. The investigation triggers if the Inspector believes something untoward has happened, and then in Chapter 12 you can influence the investigation to escape blame. But if you keep everything super quiet, you can get some extra rewards from Lady R or hang out with her in a friendlier way if you visit Auguste.

On the other side it’s also possible to get her and Schroeder sent to jail if your accusations were powerful enough. If you visit Auguste, depending on how public the investigations were and how successful they were, she’ll be there or it’ll be Auguste’s aunt who will explain what’s been going on in the meantime.


Oh my god I freaking love this game. I must have replayed it 40 times. I only do this with games I adore, which is to try and get every achievement.

With that said, could someone tell me how I can get the Model Student achievement? If I’m not wrong you will always get in trouble for ‘stealing’ Delacroix’s necklace so how can you stay out of trouble otherwise?

I just want to add that I have never loved a COG character more than I love Eugenia Hartmann, I want my character to stand up for her against her overbearing parents, encourage her to go for her dreams and make her laugh. Genie Hartmann is a gem and I completely melted during the scene where she proposes to you in her awkward, heartfelt way. :heartbeat:


So, sorry to ask this again, but the answer got kinda buried by the posts created since then (or maybe it wasn’t even on this thread, but the other Creme de la Creme one). Anyway how to go about romancing Max if MC joins the Prefects?

The incident with Delacroix doesn’t count as trouble. What’s needed is to successfully pull off being a double agent at the end. Presumably, you could also get this by working with Lady Renaldt and not getting caught, though I haven’t tried that route myself.

Starting the romance on the first visit to Archambault (you have to be in the same carriage as Max) might work, as it happens before you choose to be a prefect, though I haven’t tried this.

Otherwise, ask them to the Winter Ball. You’ll need to convince them by either giving a speech about college unity (Flair), enthusing about their attractiveness (Spirit), not caring what Hartmann thinks (Domineering) or lying and claiming to genuinely like Max but actually wanting Starling gossip (Intrigue).

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@Cari-san the post from @FabricSeat summarises nicely, though you can also start the romance in Chapter 6 if you like - I’d just add that you need to watch out for keeping Max out of trouble if you’re doing Prefect duties and Max is causing trouble. But it should be pretty clear if a choice you make then will harm the romance.

@Finn re Model Student, the necklace doesn’t count as it’s unavoidable, but generally keep your head down, avoid breaking rules in front of teachers, and keep on Lady Renaldt’s good side (you can betray her and still get the achievement though). I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying the game!


Helloo can someone give me tips on how to romance Blaise? I want that good boi…

First, let them pass in the initial choice of the game.

On the train, totally reject what your parents did, then ask Blaise to sit with you. Go in Blaise’s carriage, state intentions to work, then tell Freddie and Gonzales to pull themselves together.

Once in school, in Miss Dalca’s class, choose the option about not worrying about the lower classes and focusing on your own ambitions. You’ll need to be more traditional for this to work, so I recommend (in addition to those choices already stated) not helping the porter when on the train platform, brushing up on the books, wondering why Gonzales didn’t neaten up and asking Gonzales where they are from. That’s if you want to believe in ghosts, which I usually do. If you don’t, you can afford to be less traditional prior to this.

Back to school actions, ask Blaise to share your bed or give them the bed. Then accept the apology unreservedly and ask Lady Renaldt not to be too harsh on them.

Later on, get sent to the mines, tell Blaise you missed them, make an acerbic comment (Flair), be supportive (Accomodating), let them fight Karson, ask if they think Karson really doesn’t regret it, take both Blaise and whichever teacher is in the mines with you, then confess your feelings and tell them ‘You wish’.

I was able to get a Blaise relationship of 80 with this combination of choices, though there are others that may work equally well.

In other news, I’ve found myself unable to get the Inked achievement by getting a tattoo with Max and Delacroix. Anyone else experiencing this, or am I just going mad?

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I got the achievement by just getting a tattoo with Max. However, there seems to be another bug (?) if you get tattoos with Max and Delacroix where the stat page doesn’t say you have a tattoo of their intertwined names on your shoulder. Not sure if it’s related to the achievement not popping, but you can try just getting a tattoo with Max and see if you have more luck that way?

Confirmed; getting it with Max grants the achievement. Though it might also have to do with the particular choice, as with Max I went for Poise for getting through the tattooing, while I used Spirit with Max and Delacroix.


Hi! There was a bug where going with both Max and Delacroix wouldn’t give you the achievement or set the right tattoo variables, but the game’s most recent update should fix it.


Thank you so much! ^^

If I choose for the characters gender to be randomized, is there a chance for the characters to be nonbinary? And possibly any way for me to choose not to have them that way?

I don’t know about the others, but Rosario can definitely be non-binary (it happened in my playthrough).

Okay thanks ^^ I like really when female and male characters are randomized but I just really don’t enjoy nonbinary characters :x
It would be nice if there was a way to see in the character guide (or in the name) that a character was nonbinary, male or female