COV Stat Help


I noticed some choices raised my stats (ex killing clotho raised strength or sometimes fighting or it doesn’t do anything) but it’s kinda random for me. Would someone be so kind as to provide which choices can raise stats and what stats they raise?


That all depends on the game and its makers. For example in legacy of the assassin umbra is raised through choices that someone follows the Umbrian philosophy… Or in sorcerors legacy where sorcery stat is gained the more spells you cast and spellbooks that are read. I try to relate to instances in reality naturally your not going to get stronger or faster by reading it or someone telling you it. You’ll need to gain it by doing it.
Some games works along the line you pre build the stats and in the time your using the stat like…strength when your fighting that’s when the stat is used, you’ll need a certain stat amount to win and you won’t gain anything for it. You’ll have to either train, practice, or otherwise learn it to build oy up. When its time to use the stat you don’t gain anything only win or lose according to the stat level.

This might not be the best way of explaining it, but yeah


The thing about CoV is that its statups legitimately are randomized to a certain degree. You always get the same number of stat points regardless of path, but the placement of a lot of your points is determined by RNG.


Thank you.


So as a continuation of this I was wondering what some choices can lead to stat upgrades
I know a few but the reason is I’ve almost created my perfect vampire and I just need to get the same stats on a different origin plus my original question wasn’t fully anwered.


Few I know
Kill clotho +fighting
Following Calvin (?) +Stealth
Searching for the vampire in Fom+street wise