Copyright questions


So I have been inspired by many choice books and games and I kind of want to write my own. Recently, I read
Jim Dattilo’s Zombie Exodus Safe Haven. If I write my own story, is it considered copyright if I also implement the idea of having actions take time throughout the day as well as the use of stats (strength, agility, intelligence, etc.)? I’m asking this since Zombie Exodus Safe Haven uses this style.


As far as I can tell, any use of code is not under copyright: only the actual writing is.


There are actually a lot of games that use these stats and where actions take time, it’s not really Zombie Exodus who invented these concepts.


RPG system is commonly known to have an open license (not copyrighted) on them.

Besides, how many CoG/HG stories that use the same stat-checking system?


The previous comments have pretty much explained the rationale of why it’s not a problem so I’ll end it on a last note

Legally speaking, at least in the US, you can’t copyright codes unless the copy is completely identical to the original down to every character. So unless you somehow uses the exact codes used in ZE, it’s definitely legal


It is impossible to copyright mechanics. Otherwise video games wouldn’t have genres, there would never be trends etc.

Even in board gaming you can’t copyright the mechanics. There has even been a case where a company sued another for using identical mechanics to their card game and the court pretty much said “Yeah you can’t copyright mechanics”.

You can copyright descriptions, unique names, art et cetera. But not mechanics.

I’m also fairly certain the ideas that Zombie Exodus uses have been around longer than I have even been alive. Board gaming has been around from Ancient Egypt and no doubt before that so it’s safe to assume a lot of this has been done before, and done a lot.


Go ahead, have at it :grinning:


If I am going to write my own choice book, I would set it up like Zombie Exodus too. That is one of my favorite series alongside The Lost Heir and Choice of Rebel. Ever dollar spent is worth it.


Wait till you read the of infinity series, best thing on CoG by far.