Controversy around CoG's DRAG STAR!


Hello, community. I’m Evan, the author of CoG’s latest release, DRAG STAR!, and it’s come to my attention that there have been people trolling it on Google Play and Amazon to give it negative reviews just because it’s LGBTQ-themed. I heard someone even sent a death threat to the company (I’ll wait for that to be confirmed).
I’d love to hear more of your thoughts on this. I worked to make the game very inclusive while still making it appropriate for ages 12+, but that seems to have set some folks off. Some folks don’t like inclusive content. Some folks really don’t like lgbt stuff available to kids.
Before posting speculation, please do look at the reviews. And by the way, although drag is associated with the LGBTQ+ community, your character in the game can be anyone of any gender and orientation, like Choice of Games generally are.
Much love,
Evan J. Peterson

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