"Congresswolf" — Is the next member of Congress a werewolf?

Either way you’re adding to Orsino’s incompetence, necromancy is almost as reviled as blood magic. Heck, we had mages putting demons into templars, no wonder Meredith was paranoid (well, that and the idol).

Again, Congresswolf has been great, I’m getting close to my 20th playthrough, though it’s sad we won’t see its content expanded futher… not that it’s ever happened before of course, but this has quickly become one of my top five Choice of Games titles and I’d love more of the same.

It’d be great to see a sequel, epecially one that followed the decisions of someone only recently infected and how that changes their life and views, with the possibilty of going down the dark path of F3!!!

This setting has a lot of room to grow is what I’m getting at :smiley:


So I haven’t finished the story yet, but I can already say that the writing is good and I’m enjoying it overall. I do have a couple things I’d like to point out, though, the first being that there seem to be a lot of vague summarizations; we’re told what’s happening, instead of being shown what’s happening.

Secondly, it seems like none of the characters are given any sort of physical description so it’s very hard for me to visualize them.


I’m so confused is Jude a female or male?

No. No they are not.


I think the fundraising options are set up wrong. Possibly I’m missing something or doing the math wrong, but it seems like they’ll always cost more money they bring in.

It looks like small donations bring in 25a fundraising modifier250* a modifier based on your of the people score. The modifier runs from .5 (at of the people 0) to 1.5 (at of the people 100).

The base fundraising modifier is just 1, it bumps to 1.4 for website design, or 2.8 for the call center, or 3.2 if you’re paying for both.

If we assume best case scenario with “of the people” at 100, your base fundraising without spending any money on it will net you $9375.

If you redesign the website, you’ll earn a total of $13125.

If you hire the call center, you’ll earn $26250.

If you hire both you’ll earn $30000 total.

But note that the website costs $15000/cycle and the call center $35000/cycle, which means you’re always going to be spending more than you take in if you pay for them. The only way to make money is to not do any fundraising at all.

LGBT people aren’t known for bloody rampages, but, as others have said, lycanthropes aren’t meant to parallel one specific oppressed minority, and there is the “scary black man” myth which has inspired so much recent police brutality. I also saw the viral aspect of it as a metaphor for the AIDS epidemic – it wasn’t bloody, but the death toll was high.

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we aren’t, but we have been seen as more inherently dangerous at times – just look at the AIDS epidemic.

I always saw it as more of an AIDS analogy than anything else, thought I think it can be interpreted as having shades of many different rights movements :slight_smile:


Is Jude a female or male?

It isn’t specified - they are a they.


I’ve finished one playthrough with Congresswolf and i have few issues/questions.

I romanced Thomas and this arc seemed like it wasn’t entirely completed. At one point i learned he was going to be arreted and warned him about it. But then never heard of it again. Later i got stabbed by jacob and woke up during elections, my candidate won (and btw in that scene i got the impression from writing that i should be feeling betrayed that someone else took my spot? Like that person (sorry forgot her name) goal was to undermine me and took my place from the start? I got incapacited ofcourse someone will take my place) and after that in the epilogue i just get back with Thomas. What about that accusations and he running to dide? That was enver explained. i get that with my playthrough i havent learned who is the killer, but still some explanaton would be good.


Are you playing the most recent version?

You should send an email to support with screenshots, and if there’s a problem, we’ll try and get it fixed!

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I know this is super late, but is there ANY way for Jonas to not get killed at the end? I managed to joined F3 and even lost the election on purpose, but he still stormed to the party and got shot by Sydney

I just played and never saw any for Jude- i know you made your comment in 2016 so maybe that was changed but I think we are supposed to choose what gender we want Jude to be- Male, Female or non-binary just like we don’t choose mc’s gender. I imagined my mc to be female and Jude being male.

I got him arrested but not killed so yes it’s possible I also think it’s possible not to kill or capture him.

Also is it possible to get engaged to Jude? as we ended up breaking up and they said that if they had stayed together it would have been a “dumpster fire” or something to that affect.

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Is it possible to get the Abby ending along with the I was the political werewolf achievement.

I got the werewolf achievement and stayed with abby by leaving it to chance when turning into a werewolf and go to the forest. In the epilogue work closely with abby. Also, don’t draft or warn Thomas.

what gender is sydney?

How did you become a werewolf?