Community College Hero 3: All Things End (Call-Out for a Co-Writer: Post #1269)

You know I want more Downfall, and the special training she talked about if you get pet status from her at the end of CCH 1, it could make a solid addition to the tactician path. Her powers center around seeing the potential of other people’s powers and using it against them, what better mentor figure for tacticians could there be.


An ending where we could join the villains, be it through the D12 or a re-union with the Wyvern (I’d personally much prefer the latter, to be honest) would definitely be nice.

Another aspect I’d like to see is the different improvement paths actually having limitations. Essentially, I don’t want for there to be situations where I can effortlessly overcome it and the improvement paths are simply flavor text with different ways of how I did that. They should all have their certain strengths but also their certain weaknesses. Besides, it makes it so that the good ol’ fashioned training we got at Speck doesn’t get thrown out the window due to our newfound power and maybe we can bring it out to compensate for what the improvement path lacks.

And finally, and this is the thing I want the most: choices that actually matter and change the story. As much as I love this series, it has had a a horrible case of both railroading and our choices doing little/nothing to affect the world around us. Even CCH 2, which did improve on the first game in that some of the choices do branch out a bit, none of those choices really lead to anything meaningful. And there’s also the railroading; no matter what we do, we still kick the ass of both the Wyvern and the Manipulator regardless of our choices.

Now, I can partially forgive the railraoding because I know that you at least had reasons for it (Origami had to die to raise the stakes and to remind people that they should be taking things a little more seriously; Wyvern and Manipulator were defeated in order to show that the MC was progressing as a hero, though I would have preferred it if the MC got the victory through the choices they made and not simply because the plot demands it). But in this final book of the series, where anything can happen and any side can achieve their goals, it really doesn’t make sense for there to be any railroading or choices not doing anything to change the world around us.


the whole ‘go 100% into your new thing’ or ‘still use your speck training’ could also be a choice, like do you want to go full tilt into the upgrade, make the upgrade just another tool or balance the two ? that was an interesting point to bring up at least

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My main hope is that the Dr. Stench path gets some love as I really want to see the end result of that arc.


I like the idea that the MC’s dad was a villain only because they were trying to infiltrate villain society, but we wouldn’t find that out until part 3.


Oh I like that idea especially if the MC’s dad wasn’t an official hero but a sort of vigilante


I know this is too much to ask for because it would make the story needlessly complex but I really wish it were possible to have characters that are still alive in certain people’s routes (aka Hedo, Wyvern and THE COMBAT WOMBAT) actually have an impact on the story besides a cameo or two.

Usually the way it works in games is they get a quick mention to let the character know that the story thinks they’re still alive or a scene that could be edited out easily without making significant changes, so I’ve basically resigned myself to “yeah these guys are gone” but I can always dream, can’t I? :'D

I’d also really like to see an open ended…er, ending. Not so vague that its unsatisfying but enough that it doesn’t boil down to “and everyone lived happily ever after”. I really don’t want the Dozen to get wiped out completely, mostly because it doesn’t really seem feasible. Sure, you could kill off all the major players but you’re never going to really get rid of the main problem, which is is human nature.

Also, I’m secretly hoping to see spin-offs where you play an adult who has to actually deal with consequences, working with other heroes and being more pro-active in the Zenith civil war. I loved playing CCH but sometimes I’m like “Christ, is Tolly insane? Are their parents insane? Who just lets their children keep going to a school with staff that knowingly puts kids in danger???”

Thanks again for all your hard work! fingerpistols


I’d like it if your powers or how you used them changed based on class do to differences in mindset, sense each class is a different person with different achievements, and therefore different lifestyles.

Also, given their respective predictive powers I think it would make sense for the Smarts to start coming after you if you become a significant threat to their utopia plan. Same for Megacat if our alliances with contrarian is outed.

If you do end up writing a villain route and we lose most if not all of our hero allies, could we perhaps have the option to recruit minions?


This please. I really enjoyed interacting with our mom in CCH2, and I’d love to see even a small scene where she actually meets them.

But our father’s motivations were already explained and elaborated in CCH2. Adding anything on top of that would only raise more questions than answers.


Allow the MC to get power, dad suit, or what ever there goal is early as possible in the game would be great so that for the rest of the game we can go crazy with what we got instead of a last min moment with really experience what it is like to have it.


What if he wasn’t your real father?


I hope you are kidding because good heavens that would be so. Bloody. Boring.

Lbr: one thing that makes cch so neat is that it does NOT go for THOSE cliches.
Underdog stories are already oversaturated with what you propose, it’s nice to see a change.


Just got another ideas that could be a nice touch : more personalisation for the character, like getting a new costume to represent what you want your shtick to be since you’re a somewhat more confirmed hero now, rather than just keep the ‘behavior’ archetype (a full shtick sound like the logical next step after the whole ‘brooding, traditional, jokester and charming’ archetype thing), like changing your costume to look like a knight, a spy or a 50’s film noir Detective


I’d like to remind everyone not to judge an idea for simply being an idea. An idea is potential. None of us here can see the future, and we do not know how any given author might use their skill to execute the idea.

This is a wish list.

An idea, which is basically the very very beginnings of the creative process, should not be judged as if it was a finished product that has entered its final draft stage after having gone through many stages of development and revision.

It’s like cooking ingredients. A gifted chef will make something remarkable with even the most mundane of things. If you kill a chef’s creativity by taking away their ability to have ideas, because you make them afraid to have bad ideas, you are effectively crippling their spirit. Shokugeki no Soma has a fine example of this when they explore Jōichirō’s time at the academy. Sometimes we just have to put ideas out there, to try, to experiment, even if those ideas are peanut butter and squid flavored.


All I want is for my mc to get with Hedy :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, but some ideas need more time than others to be truly effective, and we only have one game left to wrap things up.

To introduce game-changing characters or altering a dead character’s motivations in the third act would require us to focus on those in order to make them satisfactory subplots, but we already have three major subplots that are already tied to the main plot. A fourth one would be…a bit much, and wouldn’t do anything except be a twist for the sake of a twist.

I’m not judging the idea or its potential. Honestly, you could even weave finding out about your father’s ulterior motives in the Dr. Stench path, but then that means it can’t have too big of an impact if you want all three paths to be mostly even.

And yes, it would have to stay in the Dr. Stench path. Zenith and Tactician are focused away from your father, and don’t really need to look into him, his motivations, or his legacy the way the Dr. Stench path is. So, you would need an inciting incident for the other two paths to become interested.
Then, upon finding out our father’s ideas…then what. What does this change?
For the Stench path, this actually works because it can mean clearing our father’s name and legacy.
But then what does our father’s motivations mean for a Tactician/Zenith? In what way can it satisfactorily affect the plot of the T/Z paths? Does it even change anything? If it doesn’t then all that plot did was take screentime away from the major part of the paths? And if you don’t take away screentime from them…then that means the Dr. Stench path gets less content than the other three, because if your father’s motivations are something that all players can unlock, then that technically makes it part of the main story rather than the Stench path.

Your idea is good, it does have merit, it just wouldn’t be a good fit in the story thus far.
This late in the game, you have to think of ideas more like puzzle pieces. The ones that can fit between the main story and the three paths to it are the ones that should be suggested, the ones that have to be hammered in or finessed and cut apart probably won’t work the way you want them to.

So, a brand new character who happens to be your real father? That’s a huge piece that would overlap with the main story and would push out so, so many smaller plots and characters that you may as well make a new game.

Your father having different motivations can definitely be fit into the Dr. Stench path…but it wouldn’t be able to have a large impact beyond, maybe, dialogue choices and a flag or two, or else it would require more plot and screentime to work into the game. So, if all the father’s motivations will do is change dialogue choices, you have to ask yourself if that’s really what you want out of it. If it is, then by all means, suggest it.
But If you want more from that path, then you should really think about what you do want from it and suggest that in more detail to see what Eric thinks, because chances are, something that big won’t fit in the game as it is, unless he does some author magic on the plot.

Ugh, I rambled on longer than I should’ve. Sorry.


Just saying but i think you currently have the biggest post on that thread, we’ll now see how long you can maintain that title.


Well said, Rose. And just to be clear, I’m not trying to push my ideas. I just want the freedom to speak my mind. I’m glad you spoke yours. :slight_smile:

But since you asked…

Great questions! Answering those questions in relation to making it work with the entire plot is something that requires real, authorial work. If Eric wants to develop the idea, he will. I just wanted to offer one possibility. If not, there’s no problem at all. As for my take on it, I think it would be a great way to to show how the MC has grown up, and is not constrained by being in their father’s shadow if they choose to follow a path that’s different from the father’s. It’s a sign of maturity to be able to forge your own path in life. (Maturity has many signs, and signifiers, this is just one.) So, I think it could work. The alternate could work as well. If Stench wasn’t the real father, then the real father’s abilities could be whatever alternate path the MC takes could be, kind of the way gender flipping works in some games if you set your preference.

It wouldn’t have to be a brand new character. It could very well be a very familiar character who is constantly called out for being old and smells of alcohol. You never know.

And thank you for the constructive criticism. I do appreciate the discipline in what you’re saying. I am leaning towards the idea that the father’s motivations would be different depending on what path you chose. I think this could enhance replayability because the player would want to read the alternate storylines. Then there could be some long detailed discussion about which storyline is the real storyline. That sounds fun.


Oh God, please no! :cold_sweat: Half of our MCs are dating him.

I mean, ok, does my MC call him Daddy? …well, yeah, probably…hold on, wait, this isn’t going where I wanted it to

Look…I liked Oldboy as much as the next person, but that’s because it’s not happening to me or anyone I care about…*cough* like my self-insert MC.

Ohhhhh, now that would be interesting… :thinking:


Hahaha… No. Some characters are dating him and have slept with him.
Also that’s not something you can just introduce in the last book from thin air.