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Mara, I managed to build a character that has just what you wanted: religion, diplomacy, scholarship and a bit burglary on the side. From what I can see, diplomatic choices don’t really increase Honesty that much, but religious ones do kick tradition to high places. I think it’s impossible to have an innovative priest or anything like that. Though, there’s a catch to this: you can only make a character like this if you bought the Amiria pack with the Condors of Patabesh included.

Here are the steps:

  1. Have Para be from the Desert Empire
  2. Have Pon be the diplomat and scholar combo
  3. Pick the jewel sacred to Amiria
  4. Pick Might as your weakest stat (“Cold set into my bones, threatening to kill me”)
  5. Choose mountain hermits when speaking with Gronput.
  6. Listen to Gronput and use the old paths he doesn’t know.

By now, you should have a character with 1 diplomacy, 1 scholarship, 1 priest and 4 Resolve, 3 Bearing, 3 Wisdom, 2 Grace and 1 Might. That’s the good bit: Resolve helps you pass tests as a priest and a diplomat, so it’s very useful. Wisdom and Grace are also pretty good, and the type of stuff a sketchy diplomat would have. Now, in Chapter 2, you do it like this:

  1. “My father suffered in Mytele because he was ignorant of its politics”, which gives you one more point to diplomacy
  2. “I spoke to Dace’s quartermaster…”, which increases scholarship to two.
  3. Practice with your father’s lockpicks, which gives you one in burglary.
  4. Then, in Chapter 3, pick Amiria as your goddess and choose her second option, that kicks burglary up to two.

So, now you have it: two diplomacy, two scholarship, two burgary and one priestess. Plus, by chapter 5, you can increase your religious skills by talking with Barec., giving you 2s across the board. From what I see, there are plenty of options in the early chapter that increase Trickery, so I think you still have enough to keep your character more roguish than honest, even if Honesty is tied to diplomacy.

You could say that all this is metagaming to make the best character, but, in my defense: I see the first three chapters of the game as a chance to build the MC you want. They’re like a big tutorial, so I don’t think there’s anything wrong with picking the pieces of what you want and them roleplaying this MC throughout the game.

I hope this little guide helps.


Thanks but is Pure Metagaming. I want make MY CHARACTERS with a comprehensive background not filling a recipe like i were making muffins. If i get a character that is personality is ABSOLUTELY all contrary i want my character to be defeated the premise of a CHOICE of games . If I end buying nextpart i won’t use a save due Game is designed to Metagaming only or a PAY TO WIN iap. I normally but those as support but not when in this case is a blatant Buy to win and only way to make certain combination viable. And like is totally unethical i will never adhering to those practices.

Anyway, I suppose your post will be useful to people that doesn’t care build a character in base Metagaming only

Well, to each their own :slightly_smiling_face:. Personally, I thought that the game is pretty open to just experiment and make your own character if you want to. I had a mish-mash of scholar, mariner, archer and diplomat that went along pretty well.

I didn’t really understand what you meant by personality, though. Even if my guide is still a guide, you could still fill up the other choices (especially the social ones) with whatever you wanted. Wouldn’t that be a way to put your character in the game?


I strongly disagree with this. Maybe @Moochava could better address the role of the Love and Shadows IAP.

I understand the business side of have them as a way to give money to authors. However this one Don’t feel right to me Feel like a unfair advantage that would let me make character with stat building i would like has being cut from game to be sold separately. Nothing particularly mayor but not a iap i like

I can guarantee you that Love & Shadows isn’t “pay to win”; in fact, Amiria isn’t mathematically easier to use than the other gods. (I think Phy might be easiest.) Nor was Amiria in the game from the beginning and later “carved out” to make a DLC. Originally I intended to limit the player to Phy and Yune, with other characters representing the other gods. Amiria as a usable goddess is purely an addition to the game.

Finally—at the risk of getting into theory—no game is built to accommodate every possible stat-and-skill combination. In Pon Para, if you make an Archer with low Dexterity, if you try to rely on your sign with low Resolve and Priest/ess scores, or if you try to chase all of the Renown scores instead of focusing on one or two, you’re going to have a difficult time. Some combinations will always be difficult or impossible to work with; that’s the nature of choice in any stat-based game.

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I agree but a diplomat that is not honest and is also a thief doesn’t sound something so out of place to me. Anyway thanks for addressing the issue so fast even if don’t change my opinions about it

For me the stats in this game were too complicated it took away the fun. Actually I gave up on finishing even one playthrough.

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I love the writing my problem is all about how classes and Stats have been implemented.

My hope however is that in next part a character archetypes will be add to starting as a Thief as a hunter etc… without having to navigate those complex stats. But that’s something they can positively add in next part so I am positive about it.

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Not sure I plan to buy the next game. I think it’s time to admit that this authors games aren’t really my cup of tea: so far the only one of his titles I really enjoyed was Tower Behind the Moon.

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