COMING THURSDAY: "Jolly Good: Cakes and Ale" New Author Interview, Trailer, Demo, Pre-Order







Woooot!! Finally!! Can’t wait! Are we there yet ?! :grin:


This looks absolutely amazing :heart_eyes: I didn’t even know I was interested in this game when I first read the title, but now I am :flushed: Can’t wait!!


I can’t wait for it!!!


Yeah, the 1st game was SO good!! So this one hold alot of promises! Just hope its as funny as the 1st was!

@Eiwynn Snort You said hanky-panky…lol I have to go for the walk of hell, that gonna keep me chuckling all the way! Thanx!


Thank you @Gower for working hard to provide shenanigans, hijinks and most importantly hanky-panky. This is one of my most anticipated releases of the year, and it is looking to be a great respite from all the things that have happened and are happening this year.

Also, thank your family and friends for us … keeping you sane during the writing of the game must have been an adventure of its own. :wink:

Can’t wait until Thursday roles around.


Oh my goodness I can’t believe it’s nearly HERE! And I could actually cry to be shouted out in the interview. Tally Ho is such an incredible game and I know this one is going to be even more epic!


Most of the words have question marks scrawled next to them, with other, simpler, words written next to them.

Two pages in and I’m already cracking up. :joy:

Tally Ho was my very first COG and it’s remained among my favourites ever since. I’ve been hoping there’d be a sequel ever since I played for the first time, and now it’s finally here! So excited! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: This is going to be an instant buy for me the second it becomes available on Steam.

My only regret is not having been able to decide on a canon playthrough for the first game before this one came out. :grin:


AAAAAAA i’ve been waiting for this for days!!! i am so glad that the demo is here to tide me until the release! :heart:


OK, that is my favorite COG author interview of all time. :slight_smile: And not because of the shout-out (you’re much too kind, @Gower) but because it was warm and funny and genuinely helpful, and it’s lovely that more people will now saunter into this glorious game with a relaxed, dabbling mindset because they read this first.

At beta testing “Jolly Good: Cakes and Ale” made me laugh til I was a spluttering wreck. I can’t wait to read through the final version and find everything I didn’t have time to catch back then… by which point Kreg will no doubt be mostly done with the sequel. :slight_smile:


So great to see that it’s almost here! Gower is easily one of my favourite authors on the forum, with stories under his belt that always present an unique mix of comedy, bittersweetness and a careful attention to player choices, and Cakes gave me weeks of a warm, comfy feeling as I beta-tested it in the first semester. I can’t wait to see it in its full-fledged form.

Edit: Now that I’ve read the interview, I can say that it was very interesting, thoughtful. Taking a peek into the author’s though process is always engaging for me, and I really liked hearing more about the author’s opinions on the use of stats as a way to enhance a story, and I very much enjoyed seeing some guarantee that roleplaying makes for an interesting tale as much as min-maxing does, if not more.


Congratulations for being the first to write a COG with over a million words! Its going to be great getting stuck in and reading this.


Wow congratulations!! I really really can’t wait. And holly molly, 1,2 M words??? It’s gonna be an adventure alrightXD


Congrats! I’ve been waiting awhile for this one, I’m so happy it’s here!


The demoooos finally hereeee… Time to play and overplay the demo. Too many playthroughs here i come.

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Ooh, FINALLY… Been waiting for ages for this…
First part was AWESOME

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I’m currently replaying Tally Ho for the nth time and I’m so excited to buy this game the second it releases and I’m even more excited to actually play/read it. I’ve been oddly smiling really hard after I received the notif for this. I think I’m too excited but I don’t even care, I’m just giddy right now. Congratulations @Gower (and oh God I love the cover art so much)!

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It’s here. Wow. What a writer. I love Tally Ho to heavens and back and got into it just by playing the demo for this game!


The new video is perfect for the game, really truly brilliant I couldn’t stop laughing. I hope that attract new readers.


I feel like I read somewhere that this was a sequal or something to Tally Ho. Is that true or am I imagining things?

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