COMING THURSDAY: "Forbidden Magic," New Heart's Choice Author Interview and DEMO




I really enjoyed Brimstone Manor, so it’s a pleasure to see Frances Pauli back with a new game. Fans of Brimstone Manor should check it out, of course, but it also has elements that should appeal to fans of Social Services of the Doomed and Wayhaven Chronicles.


This should have something for everyone.

It has all the typical stuff you would expect: wrongful accusation, supernatural shenanigans, another detective/law enforcement agency (nothing new, Social Services, Wayhaven, yes, even Maverick Hunter: Scandalous Mission has them), and much more- including the supernatural-human conflict, which many other games (Paranormal School, Blackstone, Keeper etc) also cover, or in my case, Reploid-human conflict.

And most of all, a martial pacifist. Oh wait, I’m hijacking the discussion. Oops.

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So exciting to see another title from Frances Pauli! Looking forward to playing!

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SSotD seems one of the lesser liked games around here, and I cannot understand why. I thought it was really cute.


Nice, I was looking forward to it. We’ll see how this goes.

Whats the “spicy” scale for this title since its a HC game.

One pepper

Is it genderlocked? And if so how? Because I couldn’t find it on the upcoming HC releases page

It’s not genderlocked. The HC Upcoming Releases post hasn’t been updated in a while, but there’s a full product description if you click on the demo, and it says “Play as male, female, or nonbinary; gay, straight, or bi.”

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Sorry, my bad, I meant to ask if the ROs are genderlocked.
Thank you for the reply!

There are four ROs: one man, one woman, one non-binary, and one whose gender you select.

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Liked the demo, look forward to trying the full game. Interested to see how the hellhound relationship develops. For some reason I’m all aboard the angst train recently.

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I feel shallow as hell for picking Jared because he sounded cute. Well, in part. Kind of pissed about the hazing.

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