Coming NEXT THURSDAY: "DRAG STAR!" New Author Interview, TRAILER and DEMO



Hum, I was waiting for this game mainly because I haven’t liked a lot of the games that have been coming out here as of recently. The last one I liked was tally ho and that came out like centuries ago, so I was like let me just try the demo to see if I’m gonna buy it.

So, I start reading the demo and I was like um ok ok that was funny, and this is great, so far so good. Then the introduction of the drag queens and kings started, and I was like this is going to be good, and then I got to Darling Ricky.

It started out fine (And I read): “My name is Darling Ricky, I’m originally from San Juan… (This is the part where I stopped reading and started screaming like a banshee and said take my money! Take it! It’s a buy!)

Then I stopped screaming and continued reading.

“My name is Darling Ricky, I’m originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, and I am twenty-eight years old.

I’m here to represent Puerto Rico, which most of these pendejos in public office keep forgetting is part of America. Thanks, Congress.**

That part got me laughing, wheezing and it was giving me life.
I was like (CLAP!), (CLAP!), (CLAP!), (MEGA CLAP!) Louder! So that the people in that back can hear it.

As idiotic as this may sound, that is the main reason why I decided to buy the game when it comes out.

The fact that the author took the time to include the name of the little Island I was born in made me really happy.

I’m proud of where I was born, raised and currently live in, Puerto Rico!
After that, I continued to play the demo until it ended. I’m still questioning whether I’ll find my teammates shoe.

I’m excited to find out what is going to happen next. I’m crossing fingers cause I’m hoping to see 3 things:

1. I hope I can bring Tyra faith back because it really broke my heart when she was sent home. I kind of have a crush on her.

2. I want to see a scene where we compete in a challenge and we do super good, but good wasn’t enough so we get sent home, but just before we are about to leave the walk of flame, Glampayne rises and says no I can’t do this! For the first time in drag star herstory! I will break the rules! And then we get to stay

3. Finally, I really hope there is a scene where we are eliminated but still are given the chance to return. I Just want to play with Amelia’s feelings lol so bad.

Other than what I have said, I can’t wait for the game to come out! :slight_smile: :smiley:

Ps: It took me over 10 minutes to realize I was reading the word twerkshop lol.



It really warms my heart to see folks excited about this game. Obviously I am biased, as the editor, but I think it’s hilarious and fun. It’s obviously pretty niche–but it’s an important niche, and I’m glad we’re publishing something like this.



Well I can’t get how someone can’t be extremely excited with something thrilling and filled with charm boldness humour and freedom. However I am biased because I am a bard in my hart and even if I am a grumpy pessimist person art and shows same role-playing and art in general makes me happy and hyped.



Is it just not out yet or did it get delayed or was the thread posted early? :frowning:



It was mentioned it will be released next Thursday so I thought it will on the 14th.



Dx oh man. :frowning: im so used to the announcements coming out a few days before the release :,(




I’m a bit confused- a drag queen is a man which dresses up as a female so choosing that makes your pronoun she , however does that mean your character’s gender is male?



Actually, the demo does a pretty good job of explaining the difference right away. Drag is essentially gender performance art and a drag queen is the feminine take on that. Anyone can be a drag queen and the nonfictional drag community is a reflection of that. Most queens are cisgender men (he out of drag, she in drag), but many queens are trans women. There are also a ton of nonbinary drag queens and plenty of trans men and cis women who do female drag, as well.

The game is a drag competition, though, so you’re referred to by your drag persona’s pronouns throughout since you’re surrounded by your drag peers. ^ ^



Alright thank you in this game I am referred to as a she although I would be male out of drag?

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The game actually doesn’t even address your pronouns out of drag. It’s allll about the art and the competition :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: the perfect way to demonstrate that anyone can do any kind of drag imo






First finally a game with metaphors and innuendo and glam satire. And It is so funny because in Spanish some words in Drag argot meant othwr things so i can’t stop laughing at kiki that in Spanish argot meaning banging… there are several. And I hapoy that taking account is a game depends heavily in argot and that is really easy to understand and that so far… Still just starting but only looking stats is clear a bard will have fun




Hello, darlings! I’m Evan, the author of Drag Star!, and I’m so honored to receive your support. I had a blast writing this game, and it sounds like I definitely nailed the target audience. I wanted this to be full of easter egg references for gamers, SFF geeks, and drag folks alike. Your praise has meant the world to me. As for the trolls dragging down the ratings, well, that’s what trolls do. We can spin that into more publicity for the game.
Here are some things you can do to support Drag Star! and help people find it:

*Take screenshots of your favorite parts of the game and post on Insta, Twitter, FB, and especially the drag forums on Reddit
*Talk about what you love about the game on social media.
*Provide direct links to the Google Play app (to get around the search problem), and tell people they need the CoG app on iPhone in order to get Drag Star! itself.
*Blog about it. Send reviews to your favorite gaming and LGBTQ sites.
*Come meet me at Norwescon in Seattle next month or Drag Con LA in May!
Yours in creativity and sass,
Evan J. Peterson
T: @evanjpeterson
I: @evan.j.peterson



Thank you! I’m so glad this game speaks to you. I did quite a bit of reading online to find the slang and dialect from Puerto Rico, not just textbook Spanish. Please let me know if I got Ricky down right. I think he utters the worst of the profanity, but he does it in Spanish, so that’s probably going to fly past the American censors.

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Oh, could you share the resources (if they turn out to be spot-on)? I could need them for my game too

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I did a lot of googling, and in particular I looked at blogs and magazines from Puerto Rico and from their community. If you google “Puerto Rican slang” and “how to cuss in Puerto Rican Spanish” that should turn it up.



Thank you (and by extend thank you from FreezeFrame (npc in my game))

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Looks like we’re getting those numbers back up. Thank you, fam! Please keep reviewing!