CoG Twitch Stream this Saturday!


Sorry to announce late today, but no stream today. However, there is a planned stream sometime next week during the week with the entire Choice of Games staff!


Just out of curiosity, at what time ?


We haven’t decided yet. It might be tomorrow, it might be Thursday. It’s a surprise to everyone! That said, I’ll make sure to announce it everywhere, Twitter, the forums, Discord, as soon as I know a time is set.


I understand, it just I would like the opportunity to see it, but it may vary with time zones. Nevertheless, don’t let me deter you.


Is this still on the cards?


Is there gonna be a stream today?


There will be a stream today, albeit I think I’ve run out of coworkers that would be streaming with me. :disappointed_relieved:


I’d offer myself to co-mod, but no one would want that XD runs

(Looking forward to the stream)