CoG influence on other games

Has Choice of Games ever influenced a choice you made in another game? Personally, I have an Animal Crossing island named Sordwin.


oooh, I have Co-op farm with 2 of my friends in the Stardew Valley name Evertree Inn. We all slept in one house and make the room upstair as if it was inn room :rofl:
Eveertree saga have such a good world building haha

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Not really a “choice” but I created Jolly Good & Tally Ho characters in Sims 3 lol

Funny enough, due to the Evertree Inn Saga, I have come to name all of my pets in every game ‘Brewster’.

I want to hear more about this.


I have the Wayhaven crew in my Sims neighborhood, i found out the hard way that i need to only invite them over at NIGHT (poor Nate :heart:)

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I created an Elf in Dungeons and Dragons, her name was “Daelynn”

And my computer password is “Raegusa”

Haha, honestly nothing exciting yet because I haven’t gotten into the actual gameplay besides making the characters. Also, there aren’t many vintage clothing in Sims 3 so I have to use modern clothing for most of the characters.

This far I’ve made male & female Fitzie, Tabby, Gilberto, female Vyv, Aunt Matilda, Marmaduke, Toppers, Duddles, Juniper, female & male Starling. And from Tally Ho, I’ve made Mopsie, Trina, female & male Rory, female & male Haze, female Valentine, female Frankincense, Figs, and Firesnuff.

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