Coder looking for writer for a collaboration work

Yes John your help is greatly appreciated

Lol I guess my coding was ok? I didn’t say I worked on “the Corp” it because you didn’t told me I could. Everybody, make sure to check out “the Corp” when it comes out! :stuck_out_tongue:
@FairyGodfeather I want to help other people coding to gain experience - also because I’m bored - but I also want to do bigger projects that’s why I also posted here. Still, I get your point.

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Yes. Fantastic matey. It only took you half a day at most


lol, I purposely didn’t say it so that I could have some rest time without my collab knowing :sob:

Haha oops my bad ;)… One thing I suggest is no how to post it as a demo link though Dropbox or some sort.


I’m just trying to make sure I understand this properly. We come to you with our idea and you help do the coding for it?

That’s right, I prefer coding over writing.

Would you be interested in joining my project?

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I’m still looking for writers!

@JLBH I learned how to use dropbox now, thanks to this thread
Can't post my Demo.
I didn’t know it was free! I read some time ago in this forum that one has to pay a fee to share a link, I guess not anymore.

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What’s the story about? What do you have in mind? Give me a theme or synopsis of your idea, and we can take it from there.

Ahem, I think you misunderstood, I am a coder not a writer ^^"

Haha great! Because I prefer writing over coding. I’ve got a pretty big project idea, but there are a few things I’ve thought about scraping because I can’t figure out how the coding would work for them. Could I shoot you a message?

of course; please pm me.

Wow great news Brother getting popular :wink: @johnll

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Lol thanks, in fact I’m still waiting for stories to come, haven’t had anything to code yet. :confused:


You will have quite a bit from me soon enough XD

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Are you still looking for a writer? I have some experience coding with Choicescript; however, writing is more my style. I’m not that great at coding. If you still need a writer, I have an idea I’d love to throw your way. Keep in mind, it’s still in the very early stages and I have nothing really written down yet, but I know where I want it to go.

I honestly won’t get it written or published if someone doesn’t help with the coding. I’m just too slow at it to make much progress. It took me about 25-30 hours to get 15k words written, coded, and edited on my last attempt.

I’m getting off topic… Anyway, just let me know if you’re still up to coding a novel, and I’ll promptly get a run down of my story for you to look over. We can go from there.

Hi there, I’m sure you’re getting this left, right and centre, but I could really use someone with some knowledge…

I’ve got most parts of my demo at least going from page to page but I’m really no coding savant so perhaps you could take a look for me? If you’re interested then drop me a PM and I can show you the game itself, no point committing to a project if you don’t even know whether you like it, right?

Are you still looking for a writer? I have a plot idea- it admittedly needs some refining, but most of the things to fix revolve around knowing what can be coded. If you’re still up for it, maybe we can talk and find out if you’re interested in working with my story?

johnll hasn’t been active on the forum since 2015. Feel free to PM him, but I wouldn’t expect a response.