Co-Optional Podcast Plug


Hey everyone. I didn’t see this posted or mentioned in the forums yet, but I was watching the weekly Co-Optional Podcast and I was very happy to see CoG get mentioned (in a very good way) on the show. Hopefully it’ll be some good marketing.

Here’s the link to the exact part they talk about CoG, in case anyone was curious (adult language – NSFW):


For those who might be wondering, the CoG portion starts at around 1:30:30 and runs for close to 10 minutes


Thanks so much for sharing.


I looked up Corruption of Champions - it’s one of Fenoxo’s games. Neat, going to have to check it out.


Co-Optional Podcast just plugged CoG again TB even said that all the games were really good &Jesse mentioned the Sea Eternal


What was the time stamp? I’m interested to hear what they said.


it was about 10 minutes before the very end when they were talking about what they are going to be doing for the week, the youtube video will be out either thursday or friday


I’ll be sure to check it out then. Thanks for mentioning it here.


The episode in question, and for those who don’t want to listen to the entire thing, the CoG bit begins at 2:57:57. Veeeery brief though, couple of sentences, but still a pretty cool and positive shout out.


I’m sure CoG will take positive shout outs, especially from folks who appear to be pretty “unfiltered” and willing to give negative critiques.