Game Design Roundtable featuring @dfabulich

Check it out!

Hey cool, thanks for the share!
I’ve only just had a quick listen to the UI section so far, but what I heard up to now was really quite interesting (especially the startup story, alter-ego and the like).

Very good interview. I am a newbie in the community, and was glad to hear a bit about how CoG developed and the impetus behind it.

Any chance of transcripts? Or at least a summary?

“Here’s my game, Zablorg! You can play that, right?”

“…Well, no! Actually, not only can I not play that, but I don’t have any idea how I could even start playing it.” lol :smiley:

You’ve been praised at 17:40 :slight_smile:

This really cleared some things up about design and the thought process behind why these games even exist.

I listened to the whole interview this morning. Very interesting stuff. At least I know now that Dan is a man of few words. There was a boatload of content in that hour!

So is @dfabulich the technical guru while @jasonstevanhill is the business side guru? I wasn’t sure how duties were split.

I liked Dan’s discussion about what makes choices important, and how authors should focus their gamebooks around a select view variables. Looking back, I also should have outlined my entire WiP before starting, but hey I’ll do that for my next one.

I might have to steal his blood pressure stat suggestion for a game pitch idea I have!