Closed Poll: Unnatural Shade or Azure


When you had the chance did you stay with your Shade powers or did you reclaim your Azure abilities?

  • I kept my Shade powers.
  • I reclaimed my Azure abilities.


I would’ve kept my shade powers but in either case I would’ve had to kill my little buddy so I went with Azure instead.


I do not know how to vote…I have played both sides…But I must say…It is too bad I can not vote for both of them…I must say… I did like the Azure side a little beater.


I kept my Shade powers. The Azure abilities seemed like they would be very powerful, but I believe Shade powers to be more versatile.


I played with both powers and I like them both.


shade all the way,at that point that i got to pick i was at like 20 humanity and there was no going back