ChoiceScript Dev Wiki (Content Editors/Moderators Needed!)

Hello everyone,

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the fan-created ChoiceScript Wiki.

I realized just now (thanks to a query over in the discord server) that many of the admins and moderators for the wiki have since moved on. There doesn’t seem to be anyone actively maintaining it for not far off 2yrs now. I believe it’s only myself and @GoldenSilver still around now, and even then it’s something that’s admittedly slipped well off my radar in the last couple of years.

Out of date information can often be worse than no information at all… So I think, assuming the wiki still sees heavy use, it’s worth maintaining. I took a quick look at the analytics page, and it does seem to still get steady traffic:

At any rate, to cut a long story short: If anyone is willing to spare some time to add future content, make edits, and corrections etc., please post below! Naturally I’ll be looking for people who’ve been registered (and active) a while, but beyond that, any help at all would be appreciated. Nothing formal, no mandated amount of work, just a few more people with edit permissions who wouldn’t keeping an eye on things every now and then.

Thanks everyone!


I volunteer as tribute!

I can’t promise a lot of free time, though, cause I don’t much of it. I used to check the wiki pretty regularly in the beginning, though not so much anymore.

EDIT: Maybe I should also add I don’t have experience with editing pages from

I’m quite active on Fandom and familiar with the interface. I can help out with basic wiki functionality needs, and also know several specialists able to assist if necessary. However, I’m pretty amateurish with ChoiceScript, so probably won’t get much info added.

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Oof, I forgot I have an account on there. It’s been a while since I do anything in fandom, so I’ll try to familiarize with things again.

I’m kinda still around, but I’ve been very busy and haven’t edited the wiki in ages. I can also grant stuff I think and edit the main page if anyone thinks there are article links that could be added there.

I noticed there were some new edits but for some reason the “Recent Wiki Activity” thing on the right sometimes work and sometimes doesn’t for me. Sometimes it says there were edits today and sometimes it says the last edits were 2 years ago by me.

I took a quick look at the wiki and the only things I think are missing are:

  • param (I couldn’t find any reference to it, even under gosub)
  • choice_nightmode (useful for creating different headings)
  • choice_randomtest (useful after input)

It could perhaps be interesting to include an entry for choice_time_stamp as well. I know CoG does not like nor support timed choices. But there are other uses for it that could make for interesting gameplay mechanics. But that is just a thought.

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I feel commands like those are better catalogued in a more organized way than what the wiki currently does (only alphabetical, which is an innate feature of fandom itself, cmiiw). *params do exists, but I think it’s better to put it together with *label, *goto, *gosub, and etc. in a single category. choice_nightmode can be fitted together with implicit_control_flow under misc/addon category. Etc, etc.

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I took a quick look at the wiki and the only things I think are missing are:

It’s not necessarily about what things are missing, or bad now, it’s more about simply being pre-emptive. But sure, there are definitely things people could start working on straight away, should they be so inclined.

I’ll leave this dangling here a few days more, see if anyone else bites. Otherwise let’s review at the end of the week.

Oh, I meant to say that the wiki is in pretty good shape, hence the “only”.

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I’d love to see some of the advanced choice script features get some more attention, as its my primary resource for learning. Specifically, I can’t find anything about arrays there at all.


I started an article on arrays. Please all feel free to improve it.

Also, would anybody be able to link it to the other pages (e.g. Loops)?