ChoiceScript ARG

I Feel like I could do the ARG better, so if you want to try todo the ARG at it’s Current State. so go ahead. this also allows me to get my new game into a better state for you guys at the forum.


Here is an ARG to announce my next WIP, is it a good idea to have 3 Wips going while I’m in school. No, but here you go.

Here is the first Clue. go to the Cheat section of my fist game The New order and type in start in all lowercase.

if you don’t know what an ARG is here you go ARG


Sorry about that i had tested the Arg yet i forgot to update the games for said ARG the real thing will be up at t5he very latest 5 o clock as i’m in school right now

It should be working now so sorry about that

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Where is the cheat section

go to the stats section of the New Order and go to extras that the cheat Section

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