Choices: And Their Souls Were Eaten (fantasy steampunk)

I’ve been looking around for a few hours and can’t find what I’ve been looking for.

Could you please have a story map of how to get each animal?

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I’m editing the very last update for “And Their Souls Were Eaten” RIGHT NOW, and it’ll be released next week.

The app (previously named after the first story, “Choices: And The Sun Went Out”) is now called “Choices That Matter”…and the title of the third adventure is…

drum roll

“And Their Heroes Were Lost”

Phill Berrie did a brilliant job editing “And Their Souls Were Eaten” (if a machine made sense or there was some historical accuracy, or a lack of typos and grammar errors… that’s all Phill) and he is the writer for “And Their Heroes Were Lost”. I shall be editing him, and the genius KG Tan shall continue to be the last line of defence against errors.

I started editing “And Their Heroes Were Lost” quite a while ago and I love it!

It begins release very very soon, and the first two weeks are free.

For those into steampunk specifically (or my writing), “And Their Souls Were Eaten” takes place in the same magical universe as my novel, “Heart of Brass”. I’m writing the second novel now, and the title is “Silver and Stone”. It’ll be released everywhere at the beginning of October (print, digital, Amazon, Kobo, etc).

I have a lot of steampunk fantasy stories in many different forms, and I keep a “canon” version of the interactive stories in my head.

There is a teeny tiny connection between “Souls” and the novels, which is [many spoilers for anyone, especially those who did NOT immediately go to the Soul School way back at the beginning of “Souls”]:

[spoiler]The narrator of “Souls” eats the soul of “Charlie” and then becomes the man we know as “Charles Dickens” who then visits Australia and shows up in at least one of the novels.

Since the soulless problem is dealt with and the “Great One” rites proven to be superfluous, Emmeline’s generation doesn’t mention either.[/spoiler]

EDITED TO ADD: The bad news is that the time has come for me to admit that I am not able to fix the mistakes left in the story. I have been saving up emails for years now, hoping that I could do a giant, beautiful edit one day (I did one, full run-through in 2017 but that was both time-consuming and extremely limited). But… I’ve developed some minor brain damage in addition to my usual anxiety-related memory issues, and all the note taking in the world is not enough to separate out all the complex continuities of the story. It’s over 400,000 words with literally thousands of sections (millions, if you count every variation of every section). Unfortunately, the likelihood of me making bigger errors is higher than the chance of improving the tale.

The good news is that the novel trilogy is long since finished (and so is Choices That Matter: And Their Heroes Were Stolen!) AND the story will probably be put on Nintendo Switch and Steam in 2021 (Choices That Matter: And The Sun Went Out is already there.)


Ok so I just played the first part of “And Their Heroes Were Lost” and I like it a lot so far! [spoiler]Throughout it, the main question flashing like a neon sign in my mind went from “who am I?” to “what am I?” and I’m excited to learn the answer to that and many other questions I have just from reading the little bit that’s out so far. For example, something else I hope I can do is help more people escape from this place I find myself in. There was a choice I made, to act decisively over working out an escape plan, for the sake of the limited time I had that I wonder could’ve been the difference between helping other prisoners escape or not, like the man in the cell with me when I finally woke up for maybe the third time after fighting my restraints and my dreams.

That’s another thing I liked so far. It was a learning curve, figuring out that fighting over and over forced me into a loop, deja vu and all that, asking myself the same questions several times before realizing that if I stop to think for once that there might be a better way to get out of this. [/spoiler]

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I passed that comment straight on to Phill. I think it’s our first official book3 review!


Haha I hope you guys liked my review :grin: Something else that occurred to me while reading was that the circumstances when I started “And Their Heroes Were Lost” are very similar to the game “Flatline” in the Lifeline game series, since in Flatline, the main character also wakes up in restraints, her head shaved, gaps in her memory, and with abilities she doesn’t remember having.

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Something else I was also wondering is, is there a choice that each path so far will all lead up to in some way? Because since playing ATHWL the first time today, I went back to see what I missed the first time. [spoiler]By being patient I was able to learn a lot more, but it was so frustrating because I am not a patient person and what was really important to me in the moment was getting out and helping as many other prisoners escape as I could. And knowing I can’t die in this game makes it easier to push boundaries and take risks, and I get the feeling that the outcome I’m looking for is there, but I just can’t find it or it’s in a future update and I’ll just have to wait for it.
So far the paths I’ve taken have lead me to several different points in the story:

  • still in the same cell I woke up in, met the First Nations woman, the Australian man, the child, the black man (it’s not easy to keep track of all the numbers), and the commandment with a Spanish accent.
    -escaped my cell after being knocked out several times trying to break out of my restraints, ran into the heavyset prisoner who I agreed to help escape, met the smaller (potentially a child) prisoner.
    -same as the last one except I also met the doctor with the European accent, but refused to join his hunting party so he knocked me out
    -this time agreed to join his hunting party, but only because I hoped I could help the superhuman prisoner once the party led me to him. Met the doctor’s twin brother, stole some scissors (potentially to use to kill him later)
    My point is is what I hope I’ll be able to do is, I don’t know, help my fellow prisoners out of this situation. Maybe that can be accomplished by taking down whoever’s in charge, or with a good old fashioned prison break. My mind is running with possibilities but without knowing where this is going I just grow more impatient for the next update I guess :sweat_smile:

As you can see, when I find a new game and I know it’ll be good, I dive headfirst into it.[/spoiler]

LOL! You really do dive in. “Heroes” will be 40 weeks long, just like “Souls”.

There are 3-4 strands running at once and you’ve covered all the major beats as far as I can see (I have the story map, which helps!!) but even when a choice doesn’t branch it usually chances what you see next (the tool uses filters so there can be MANY different versions of the same scene).

Your choices in the first week (weeks 1 and 2 were released at once) alter your abilities.

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Yeah, I got a bit overexcited, since Sun and Souls were so good. I have great hopes for Heroes! (As if I didn’t already love the superhero genre before)

[spoiler]Speaking of the other games in the Choices series, I know you probably can’t say much, but since each game so far has been same universe/different time, Sun in a slightly tech-advanced present and Souls in the steampunk past, is it possible that Heroes takes place in… the future? Part of the reason I ask was because I thought I saw a mention or 2 of possibly-futuristic tech in the game so far, like what I thought was holographic text I saw at the end of one particular path, when that one Spanish-speaking commander leaves me in the cell alone with that water jug.

That’s also something I’m theorizing about; my character maybe thought she was losing sanity, which is one explanation, but I think it was a message from whatever companion is accompanying me on this journey, like there were in the last 2 games. I would assume the new app logo is meant to be that companion but if it is, it seems more conceptual than being one person or soul or whatever we’ve seen so far in these games. All it looks like is one of those paint splattered, mirrored prints shrinks show you and ask you what you see. [/spoiler]

Oh that’s clever, like when you learn what your spirit animal is in Souls! I really like that concept. But I thought the narrator already had super strength at least, since they’re able to break out of their bonds and the death collar, the doctor told them they were strong, and 45 said something about “throwing guards around like rag dolls” when I was apprehended. Also I can apparently free jump onto the top of a 10-foot high wall? Sounds pretty Jessica Jones to me, which I don’t at all mind. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I reckon they’re all in different universes, but “Sun” and “Heroes” are both near-future and technically scifi (which is pretty much all they have in common).

You guessed something correctly above, and something incorrectly :slight_smile:

stops talking

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Hello Freelance.

Phill Berrie here. I’m glad to see you’re liking ‘And Their Heroes Were Lost’.

With regard to your question: As with Felicity’s story, there will be several points in the story where the various storylines will come together. However, as your character can have many different experiences before reaching those points, even these points might be seen differently by different readers. My intent is that most decisions will have some effect on your character.




Phill has now become One Of Us and started a thread just for “Choices That Matter: And Their Heroes Were Lost”.


The final update for “And Their Souls Were Eaten” has just been released.

Good luck saving the world…


Hey, so I’m replaying Souls and this is definitely spoiler territory but, am I missing anything by not traveling with Miss Lavevski and her circus to Austria? The reason I ask is because, in my first playthrough, I traveled to Spain and killed an awful lot of soulless, and I’m afraid that if I go to Austria this time I may not get the chance to do as much good as I did in Spain.

Every path has advantages and disadvantages (mainly expressed as allies). There are actually three countries other than France and the UK that you can visit, but only two can be accessed from each of the French locations.

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Is it possible to end up with both Mary and Kamenwati? I like them both so if it comes down to it it won’t be easy to choose just one.

I have some experience in doing something similar in “Scarlet Sails” and it was incredibly hard! So I don’t think I’ll do that again, sadly. But I appreciate your dilemma!

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That’s ok, I figured it out. I was quite attached to Kamenwati for my first playthrough so I decided to pursue Mary for my second time around. Can’t believe how different (and much more complicated) everything became by heading back to Hallowvale instead of going straight back to London after the siege of Spain.

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Huh. Nox just managed to creep away from “And Their Souls Were Eaten” and pop up in the novel “Silver and Stone” (which will be released in early October). Didn’t see that coming (given that she’s from the 1700s!).

She’d better behave or I’ll have to cut her. No guarantees either way.

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That wonderful fuzzball isn’t gonna behave, unless its to have fun confusing us. :wink:

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So And their souls were eaten has finally finished? The story i mean? If it is im going back to play it now! xD

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