Choices: And Their Souls Were Eaten (fantasy steampunk)

I am very much enjoying writing my novel (with a very proper a upright British heroine… at least at the beginning of the series), and knowing that she doesn’t know that Nox aka Mademoiselle Brunet - one of her heroes - is still technically wandering around the world, inside the head of the writer Charles Dickens.

YES “And Their Souls Were Eaten” is finally finished!!!

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And now I wanna write a ChoiceScript game with a post-“Souls” Charles Dickens (who could absolutely be a woman) as the hero, and still has a voice in their head.

The shipping possibilities are endless…

wanders off muttering to myself


I have read both the sun went out and there souls were eaten stories…Once I started playing I got kind of addicted to the storyline…I’m kind of disappointed it ended and I felt there were some cliffhanger in there souls were eaten…

In the final chp I chose to go after fairy foe.I entered her hideout and kind of expected a big destructive machine with some terrifying plot but instead I see her attacking me and then me running back to soul school.The machine was then forgotten.What was she trying to accomplish with the body parts?

Then another main question that kept bothering me was why did the British trap Nox in her bear form?did she do something evil?

Also when I first heard Nox talk to me, I wanted to ask why it killed my younger sister but neither the hero nor the sister bothered…did she attack her in an attempt to make him eat her soul??

I don’t think I have missed those in the choices I made or have I? Rest of the story was perfect and awesome…I’m now going to start and the heroes were lost…

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It would seem that when you make paragraphs with spaces in between them the spoiler tag gets confused and does not work.

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Arg! I’ll see what I can do to fix those issues (or at least some of them; the reasons for trapping Nox in her bear form are in some strands but not others) but it may take a while.

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Oops…I’m sorry for that…

Actually there was a subtle hint that she was using the body parts to create souls but from the hero’s point of view. He comments:
what is she planning to achieve with the body parts? Is she trying to make souls with it? Is it even possible?..but then it doesn’t get answered… (I thought she was experimenting with it to create a plague)

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These stories, and especially Moti, have given me hours of fun. I started a few months ago, and it seems like every week or so I choose to either see moti or nox lol. Honestly, I’ve read good stuff and bad stuff in the cyoa genre, but these works are in another category of excellence. Just caught up with Heroes for the month. Looking forward to seeing what happens next!

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I think I’ve edited that into better clarity now. The idea was that [redacted] was a cross between Frankenstein and Jack the Ripper: using body parts to create a monster with a soul (in order to more conveniently eat souls).

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I am really interested in how many people went for which ending and how many endings there actually are.Would it be possible for you to clarify on that?

Technically there are 22 endings (that is what the percentages are made up of; more people succeed than fail, however). By contrast, “And The Sun Went Out” had ten endings.

There are three main endings, depending on what happens in the coronation scene (most of which depends on what happens previously).

In each of the three scenes, I thought about two main things:

  1. Romance - with mary, with kamenwati, or neither (and it’s possible to start a relationship and then have it fail).
  2. The four main plots can each succeed or fail. Nox outlines the plots in arc 9, and they are:

Saving Princess Victoria from a soulless plot to eat her soul and thus gain power.
Stopping Fairy Fay from a mysterious and gruesome enterprise.
Figuring out the soulless ones’ connection to the cholera epidemic and how to stop it.
Saving France from an invasion (by the soulless-controlled British Navy and air force).

And the stats (from last September) are:


[spoiler]M is Mary
K is Kamenwati
V is Victoria

defeated soulless: 15%
defeated soulless, with K: 15%
defeated soulless, with M: 47%

defeated soulless, killed V: 1%
defeated soulless, killed V, with K: 2%
defeated soulless, killed V, with M: 2%
defeated soulless, K killed V: 1%
defeated soulless, K killed V, with M: 2%

lost france, killed V: 0%
lost france, K killed V: 0%
lost france, saved V: 15%

lost london, killed V: 0%
lost london, K killed V: 0%
lost london, saved V: 0%

lost france and london, killed V: 0%
lost france and london, K killed V: 0%
lost france and london, saved V: 0% (edited)

it appears everyone saves london, always!

almost 50% seem to get total victory, and is with Mary

about 3x the players preferred Mary over Kamenwati[/spoiler]


If possible can you write all the endings in “And The Sun Went Out”? I have just finished it today and honestly it’s outstanding. The story is amazing, the way that you connect to the characters and get bonded to them is beautiful. I have tried many games like this one on the playstore and either you need to pay for them or you need to wait for a long time or pay for a pass, whereas in Choices that matter you just watch ads until you have enough tickets for your need. Honestly the best game that I have ever played, and best “book” that I have ever read hahaha.
Spoiler alert: the blurred text goes in depth about one of the endings, do not unblur if you haven’t finished the game.

I finished the “And the sun went out” with an ending which 7% of people completed,
it was where I saved the Earth and I now work with Wong to make sure that Moti’s story is never forgotten. Also, I’m with Etienne.


The endings for “And the sun went out” are (with percentages):



Died in a space station with the Russians: 4%

Barely surviving in the tunnels under Brooklyn: 2%

Perished in a space shuttle with the Chinese: 2%

Surviving in Coober Pedy’s underground town: 1%


Single: 15%

With Etienne: 7%

With Sharon: 30%


Single: 11%

With Etienne: 22%

With Sharon: 6%


Also is it possible to end the game without sacrificing Moti? or actually catching Sentiago (the killer of Soles)? I’m really starting to wonder which choices make a big impact on the story and change the direction that everything plays out…

Moti must be sacrificed in order to save the world. Santiago is (if I remember correctly) always killed by a mob in Italy—in part because it was important to us that the main character never becomes an assassin.

Had to update the app it said there was a new chapter in it, I was real happy. Then I realized this was the chapter I had just read 2 days prior…sadness
Really like these stories makes me feel for the safety and feelings of the characters.

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FYI for those who are also Aussies: KG Tan and I will both be at Melbourne Supanova this year. I’ve bought half a table called “Aussie Spec Fic” with another Odyssey Books author, and KG will be there a lot of the time too (although not Saturday afternoon).

If you’re Aussie and like the idea of meeting me in person, you can always PM me. I think I’m going to roughly one conference per month, mostly in Canberra (where I live), Sydney, and Goulburn. One day I’ll get to IronFest. . . one day.


Hello. I recently started reading the stories and I love them a lot, but I didn’t fully understand one set of options as I was reading them because I did not pay attention. I was reading “And Their Souls Were Eaten” and chose, what I find to be, a detrimental option. Is it possible to change a choice or only restart that chapter?

Spoiler: I accidentally chose not to go to France to help after becoming principal of the Soul School. I chose to work with the poor, then to stop the Mayor, but I meant I wanted to help the poor of France. Can I change this?

You can restart the arc (although that choice is in Arc 9 and it plays out in arc 10, so it may be too late).

With a story pass, you can replay as many times as you like.

Spoiler: Stopping the mayor is usually an excellent choice (unless Nox advises you to do something else).

I was advised to go to France to stop the British invasion. I stopped right after I made the choice because I got paranoid. Can you tell me how to restart the arc?