Choices: And Their Souls Were Eaten (fantasy steampunk)


To restart an arc:

From “Settings -> Save / Load”
Some devices might have a bug of overzealous auto-syncing of cloud saves, so they might have to temporarily turn “Auto Cloud Sync” off


Thank you! I finished the story and really loved it a lot. It, overall reminded me of a steam punk, twisted Little Red Riding Hood.


Hey! I just have a question about the 1st game: And the Sun Went Out.

When the PC went to Russia the first time I played there, Sharon died. So I thought, maybe if I do go to space, she’ll survive? When I went to space, Etienne died. So I want to know: Are the deaths of one of the R.Os inevitable in Russia? Because in China, they both survived.

I was just curious. Both the 1st and 2nd games in Choices That Matter were enjoyable by the way and the 3rd game is nicely written. Very good job!


Those deaths are not inevitable. But the final strand that I wrote (ie the one in your last sentence) is, on average, a bit friendlier than the other.


Awesome! I’d love to get my hands on those maps but I’m guessing it’s not available to us pheasants :joy::joy:
The story is amazing, couldn’t believe how good “and their souls were eaten” was. I recommended it to a friend of mine and his story is completely different! Would love to play it over and over but I don’t know how? There’s no way to reset a story it seems :frowning:️:frowning:️


The maps are tricky to share sorry.

On Google Play you can buy a story pass to play games over and over. I think both apple and google play let you rewind an arc though.


Hi, i am a great fan of Choices and of course i bought a story pass for all the three stories immediately after reading a bit into And the Sun went out.

Now i am currently reading “And their Souls were eaten” and there’s just something i have an issue with.

After choosing to avoid the Soul School in London and instead going to France immediately, then going to the Netherlands, then going to London with the pirates, why does Lady King-Noel act like she employed me and if i would know her servant (the Shape-Shifter guy) even though i have never met her before?
I feel like there is no difference in the text as if i would had chosen to go to London. Please tell me it’s just a bug, otherwise it’s kind of shattering the immersion i had. After all i tried my best to avoid going to Soul School.


oh crap I just realised I never finished my reply to you!

The bug here is in the writer. :frowning:

I dream of a massive edit one day, and that’s definitely something that I’d try to fix then—but it’s such a large-scale issue I’m not sure where I’d begin. Definitely an error on my part.


Oh. MY. GOODNESS. And The Sun Went Out is one of the greatest things I’ve ever played. But dammit if Arc 11-2 is causing me the worst case of analysis paralysis I’ve ever known, and that is an impressive feat! I can’t wait to come back in two to seven days, make three hastily judged decisions, and ruin my story with the joy of new experience. :smile:

Wonderful work.


Haha, thanks Jimothy. In some ways, the most crucial decisions have already been made.

Mwa ha ha!


Well - I guess I should find out whether that’s relieving or depressing. I’ll be back :grimacing:

EDIT: Huh. So far it’s relieving. I did not expect a successful assault with a napkin holder, so that’s something.


I’m replaying And Their Souls Were Eaten for the first time, and some things went wildly differently. It’s hardcore impressive how much and how intricately you were able to write. Still, I have some questions.

In this playthrough, I decided to completely avoid the Soul School and see what else I could do. I went to the Netherlands and bargained with some pirates. Which was fun. Later on, I went back to Hallowvale. Several times, like when Lady King Noel shows the gold, it is referenced that I was lowered to flames at the Soul School to activate metal. Is that just an error or part of a new tragic back story? Like, did me before the story arc end up at the Soul School? Or is it just a confusion while writing that everyone in that arc is assumed to have done that?

Next, I have a question about going back to Hallowvale to begin with. I’ve went both times I’ve played because I’m paranoid something will happen to the babies and Mary. If I decide to do something else and just send Lady King Noel’s people to help, will they all still be saved? And is there anyway to save Mr. Valiant? I tried fighting differently with different positions, but he keeps being soulless?

Lastly, how many times can I reasonably play where it still sounds like a new story? Sorry for all the questions! These stories are really good and I just want to keep reading. Thank you!


There are usually about three main branches (eg Hallowvale, London, or home in Arc 1; later Spain, Netherlands or Austria) with four main branches at the climax (Victoria, cholera, Fairy Fay, and France).

I’ll PM you about the rest :slight_smile:


Just finished the entire game! I really, really enjoyed it! Very detailed and entertaining! I ended up caring about all the characters (and then felt bad when they died…)!

Also, just wondering, is there a way to save Lady King Noel? Also, I managed to fail to save France, but I am not sure how…


Is this playable on PC?


I’ll PM you.

Sadly, it’s not playable on PC. Only iOS and Google Play. There are plans underway to put it on Steam, but not anytime soon.


I too would like to know the answers to both those questions in fact cant figured out how you got to that ending .i also


would like to know what was the point of Nox wanting to be release from her form to my body since she wants to return to her bear form anyway :roll_eyes:


I think with Nox it was a case of the grass being greener on the other side mixed with not knowing what the results of her actions would be. She was hoping to get her own body back, and when that didn’t work she wanted at least her bear body back.

PM me for any specific questions :slight_smile: I will answer.


This happen to me too
people i never met knew me later or i was never burned …it probably a mistake


I’m afraid there is a mention of burning that is definitely an error :frowning:

If you see it again, please screenshot it and send it to my real-life email

The total word count is 400,000 words :slight_smile: