Choices: And Their Souls Were Eaten (fantasy steampunk)


I love all of the three interactive novels on choices that matter but I loved and the sun went out.

I need a sequel :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::tired_face::weary:
My trick was watching ads while watching tv I do that with lots of games and get rich I got about 600 choices and played and I have 172 left ( I watched more ads though):yum:
I like these better than most CoG or HG games because of the sheer length and it keeps me interested.
Go Sharon, Go!!


Hey, weird question, but if you had to sort the main characters in both Sun and Souls into a Myers-Briggs personality type, what would they be?

If you’re not familiar with that term, then that’s alright too. ^^


Ooh, what an interesting question. I’m an INFJ and a lot of my friends are INFPs or INTPs.

Hmm. Well the most developed characters are the romantic interests.

I would say Etienne is ISFP.

Sharon is ESFJ.

Mary is INFJ.

Kamenwati is INFP.

But that’s a very rough characterisation!


I really loved this game played it day and night to see every choice even skipped work .I feel like there nothing left to do .I never finish the first story but i loved the other two .I heard there a sequel to the Nox story which i would loved to play if anyone knows about …?


Blockquote:thinking: i notice there a small mistake in the story i never went to soul school but later i had a option to write to my friends


What’s that I hear? Someone wants more??

I’m sure you already know there are other stories (one finished, one ongoing) in the “Choices That Matter” app.

I’ve recently labelled alllll my steampunk fantasy stories & games my “Steam and Sorcery” series (including, within that, the novel trilogy known as “The Antipodean Queen” trilogy, starting with “Heart of Brass”). It’s all listed in a semi-coherent order at

The third novel is getting edited right now (Charles Dickens appears briefly), and “Emmeline’s Empire” will be delivered to the first customers from mid-June onwards.


Sorry about that soul school error. Do you remember where you were/what you were doing at the time? I might be able to track it down and fix it.


Just wanted to pop back into this thread to say that I’m (theoretically!) finished all my steampunk fantasy universe tales, and selling the whole lot as a Steampunk & Sorcery set for $100AU (including three novels, Google Play codes to “And their souls were eaten” AND “attack of the clockwork army”, and an immersive short story at the end that includes jewellery, art, and a song.

It’s all at


Is there any guide for the game? So I can know how the other paths play out.


There’s no official guide but there are usually three paths happening simultaneously (eg Austria, Spain, The Netherlands), with four paths for the climax (Nox tells the PC what they are, and recommends the most likely to succeed).


In ‘And the sun went out’ could you tell who all can be saved at the end apart from the RO s? I went to Moscow. The RO s,Delores,Astronauts,the kids,Santine,Wong and Chase were alive in the end.Can we save Crank? He got shot by an unknown woman whom I think is Everdale (I did not meet her in my playthrough).And what happens to the driver Eugene?And Maki ,the woman in the rubble?


The Moscow strand was written by the brilliant (and deadly) Alyce Potter. Shall I forward your question to her?


That would be wonderful.Thank you so much.