Choices: And Their Souls Were Eaten (fantasy steampunk)

Hi there!
I played through the story “And their souls were eaten” for the second time.

I avoided eating Adam’s soul, I didn’t start the battle with Nox willingly and went home as soon as I could. I wasn’t following any playtroughs, I did this because I wanted.
I got the otter option, so it’s possible!

I loved the book, and it’s my favourite CYOA.
Thank you for creating this fantastic universe!


I just realized how useless Teacher (Main character) seems in And The Sun Went Out in China.

Without Moti is Teacher just sort of… useless?

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@Super_0708 truth is… without moti, we are all useless :pensive:


just like half of the world is without their cellphones or internet.


Press enter “to look like this”

And here

this fixed the spoiler tag for me afterwords…
your post


Thank you so much

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Yes POG I got ending where Moti talks to you in your dreams and Sharon+Etienne alive
Can’t post pictures here because embed rule so I will post text

(Stuff talking about how Sharon and I and Etienne and everyone else that is still alive after the massive battle is happy and stuff)

Now to the part that made me smile like a madman

Moti: “Can you hear me?”

Moti: “Don’t be afraid. It’s me—your Moti.”

MC: “You died,” I said, choking on the words. “I killed you myself.”

Moti: “I just moved to another plane, that’s all.
My body is gone, but I haven’t changed.
I still love you. I still watch over you.”

MC: “I’m asleep, aren’t I?”

Moti: “Of course!”

(I don’t want to copy down too much text, I think you get the point. Moti says they will meet MC again soon, and says to enjoy your Christmas celebration and MC wakes up.)

And then I was awake, with the sun in my eyes.

“You had the dream again, didn’t you?” said Sharon, squeezing my hand.

“No,” I said, unable to stop smiling. I took Moti’s broken body from the bottom of my drawer and looked at the frozen screen. “This was something new.”

(For some reason now I’m imagining MC on a very very VERY hard case and everyone looks to MC for guidance as they usually do and MC just says “One sec” and goes to bed)


The “Choices That Matter” stories are all on Steam and Switch now.

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no, not really because moti wasn’t a cellphone. (yes I’m protective of them)


Just making the comparison of how useless we as people in the modern age become the moment we loose internet and cellphones…well some of us at least fall apart others still are capable.
Moti is like that in the sense that without them we become considerably less


Ah no wonder why the title sounds so familiar.
I used to loved this game untill I changed my phone and unfortunately, lose all the progress. It was so heartwrenching and I was so afraid making mistakes lol. I did make a bunch of mistakes and it hurts my heart to see everything going downhill xD I might start play this again soon.

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yea the fear of making a mistake defiantly grows the further in you get.

hi, I was wondering if you had any stats/info about the endings for ATHWL? Any explanations would be much appreciated as well! I assume I got a “good” ending by being rescued in the end, but I don’t know why it happened? When I rewinded the arc, the only different choice I made was entering an old structure and opening a random cabinet rather than ignoring it. I also don’t quite understand the looping/memories/repeated scenes or why anything is happening :frowning:

I’m really enjoying my second replay of ATHWL and all the new information I’m learning about the MC! I have a similar question to Aeria. I chose to work with the fathers at the end of Arc 8, and I was wondering if there was a way to not let them erase the MC’s memories again, as it seems that both complying and resisting leads to the same result. Perhaps I should have chosen to work with the sisterhood instead? I’d very much appreciate a list of the possible endings - thank you so much!

Hi A1R213.

Phill Berrie here, the writer of ATHWL. Felicity passed on your comment to me as I have not been on this forum for a long time because of various work and life pressures.

Thank you for your kind words about my story, but if you are looking for a good ending by making a deal with the fathers, then I am afraid you will be disappointed. They didn’t become a world-dominating organisation by being nice guys.

With regard to possible endings to the story: I won’t give those out but, from memory, there were 8 or 9 possible endings, though some of them were similar.

Keep reading.

Phill Berrie.

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We actually tracked “selfish” versus “self-less” choices, and that made a difference to Moti and to the ending. Because Moti learns from the PC.

EDIT: oops, wrong story. But still interesting info, I think :slight_smile: