Choice of Vampire achievement

Hello fellow CoG gamers,
I have a question, how tf do u get in “Choice of the Vampire” Governor´s Favor and Compass and Ruler?
Atm I have 26h in the game and idk how to get these 2 I just want to move on to the next CoG but not before I got 100% here xD I read alot of threads but It seems no1 answerd that question T_T

Governors Favor
I got this by impressing Governor Overstreet! Options that raise your rapport are:

  • If you get the option, invest in tech and bring the newest inventions to New Orleans.
  • When Governor Overstreet visits, make sure you have a status >1 and say you think you should be elected Senator.
  • Have a creation of 3 and impress her with your piano skills.
  • After you leave New Orleans and choose which skill to put a point into and before you get to Vicksburg is when the achievement should pop up :slight_smile:

Compass and Ruler

  • Choose Sainte Chapelle as your maker, and pick so that’s he’s indifferent to religion.
  • Have an intelligence of 3 and a perception of 1 or above.
  • Pick to spend time with your maker, and then ask about the Freemasons.
  • When you leave New Orleans, Saint-Chapelle should give you the option to join the Freemasons. Choose to join and you should get the achievement!

Have fun :smiley:


I finally got it! D: Thank you so much T_T!

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