Choice of the Pirate by Alana Abbott - COMING SOON

If you haven’t seen the trailer for Choice of the Pirate, out May 20th, it’s probably because I only just put it up :wink:


Did Dan don a full pirate costume to get into the role??

And has CoG internally labelled 2016 as the “adventures at sea” year or is it just coincidence?


Dan had to duel me to do the voiceover. I gotta work on my swordswomanship. :skull_crossbones:

It just works out that way sometimes . . .


Well, 2015 had a lot of games with the army as some sort of figure so…

Love the voiceover so much.

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A whole trailer about pirates but not a single “yarr!”? I am disappoint. :stuck_out_tongue:

In a more serious note, the trailer looks good and I am looking forward to the game. I adore Choice of Kung Fu so I have high hopes for this game.


I’m looking forward for this :smiley:

Can’t wait!! I’ll definitely look forward to seeing it. :smile:

Here’s hoping “pirate” also includes “dashing, Spanish rogue!” I rather like the Zorro/man in black pirate theme.

“Buckle your swash!” … That’s not even… I mean… No, there’s really only one way to react to that line. :stuck_out_tongue:

Although hearing a pirate voice talk about the complexities of modern sexual identity was certainly a new experience.


“NON BIN-ER-Y (yaaaaar!)”

Impressive trailer. It’s really nice to see CoG getting the chance to make trailers for their games.

Where can I ask questions about the game I played multiple times can’t get what I want lol

I noticed that, a little before the seamonster fight to some time after, not having a moniker, I was being referred to (at least three times) as ‘Captain none’. Oopsies?

I’d say here: