Choice of the Pirate Achievement Help

How do I get the “One Bullet” achievement? I know I need to get my crew to hate me but I can only get my crew relationship to 40%.

Hey can someone help me defeat the cursed object in the ghost ship, I always end up succumbing to the curse.

Which object? The ghost ship that’s free at the beginning when you choose a ship or the actual cursed object on the other ghost ship?

If you are talking about the haunted galleon you can choose at the beginning Choose: Let’s be reasonable about this.

If you are talking about the haunted pirate ship that you fight later on, the one with burning pitch cannons, You need a magic user to use their Camphor powers to destroy the Ampora. Physical attacks won’t work and you get cursed if you take any of the treasure on the ship.


I was talking about the ghost ship the mutiny and thanks for the tip

I would like to know how to get that achievement as well. I managed to get my crew relationship down to 14%, but it doesn’t seem to trigger anything other than an additional sentence where your crew might leave you if you order them to stay at ship in the final chapter and leaving your service in the epilogue if you helped or let the Crown destroy or take over San Alfonso.

Actually I was at the wrong part. I contacted the author for help with the achievement and you are correct, a crew relationship of < 40% is required along with Ruthless > 65% and Sailing < 50%.

To have a crew relationship of < 40%, you need to have a gimped playthrough and keep failing and having fame low whenever possible.

Fail to save Jim the cabin boy at end of Chapter 1.
Make an enemy of Blackguard by attempting to knock him out and letting him go at end of Chapter 2.
Fail to get Sea Queen, Bella Nina or Twilight Maiden and get only sloop at the end of Chapter 3.
Fail to fight and capture the galleon at Chapter 4. Turn over smaller ship to Crown or maroon captain.
Do not give crew any bonus or try to be a better captain, fail and take ship damage during first encounter with the Ghost Ship, keep The Crown relationship low by rejecting or stalling Joaquin’s offer, during second encounter with the Ghost Ship, board the ship alone and get zombified at Chapter 5.
Keep findings to yourself at end of Chapter 6.
Do not give crew any bonus at Chapter 7.


What are the Hidden Achievements.
And when you are getting the ships how much Parley do you need to convince Anne Reed or the Other chick to give you the ship or does it mean something else.

The hidden achievements are Mutineer, Lark Sings, Zombified, No Honor among Thieves and Double Agent.

To convince Anne Reed to sponsor your bid for the ships, you need a combination of Fame and Anne relationship, I think I managed to get Anne to sponsor me at fame and Anne relationship > 40%. You will be under the service of Anne - there will be a condition you can specify to leave her service in a later chapter. However, it doesn’t change the game storyline or ending in any way whether you are in Anne’s service or not. For Carolina I didn’t test that part much, but it seems she will loan you money and you have to repay her at the start of every subsequent chapter.