“Choice of the Deathless” Interactive Necromantic Legal Thriller Now Available on Steam

We’re proud to announce that Choice of the Deathless is now available on Steam. It’s a necromantic legal thriller by Max Gladstone, two-time Campbell Award-nominated author of “Full Fathom Five,” “Three Parts Dead,” and “Two Serpents Rise.”

Battle demons and undead attorneys, and win souls to pay back your student loans! At the elite demonic-law firm of Varkath Nebuchadnezzar Stone, you’ll depose a fallen god, find romance, and maybe even make partner, if you don’t lose your own soul first.

It’s available for 33% off during launch week; the sale ends Friday, September 5th.

We need your support to continue delivering our games on Steam. Long term, our goal is to release our entire catalog of interactive novels on Steam. Valve has allowed us to ship a few more games, based on the performance of the Heroes Rise trilogy, but we’ll need to continue to deliver outstanding results to prove that interactive fiction can be successful on their platform.

We’re asking all of our fans to buy Choice of the Deathless on Steam today, even if you already own the game on other platforms, to show support for Choice of Games and interactive fiction on Steam.

We’re also asking you to spread the word as far as you can. Post about it on Facebook, on Twitter, on Reddit, or wherever you can find people who enjoy Steam games.

Together, we can bring a new genre of games to Steam, and making it possible for a new generation of interactive-fiction authors to make a living.


I went ahead and bought it on Steam and shared it on Facebook with my own profile, my author page, and the HG page.

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It’s good, of course, but i think that game, you are choisen, is wrong. Deathless too confusing on start and really good and epic only in the end.

I think much better choice is “Mecha Ace”, “Choice of the Vampire”, “Choice of the Ninja”, “Choice of Kung Fu” or “Slammed”. Hosted Games “Tin Star”, “Unnatural”, “Zombie Exodus” and “Life of the Mobster” is a good pick too. I see that for “Deathless”, “Necromancer” and “NOLA” is better to be “in third wave” of steam releases, because they just don’t fit for “first approach” and can give you quite many negative reviews, that will lower selling of “next wave”.

Sorry if my english not good enough.

Well, Deathless was really well received and a best seller.


But most of players played another CoG games before it, so, they don’t drop on start. I’m not saying it’s bad, just requires getting used to genre. And on Steam many gamers just purchase a new concept and judge it.

I can’t help but agree that Choice of the Deathless was the wrong choice. It’s not one I would buy on steam. There are several other CoGs I would prefer over that one.

I’m curious as to the conditional. Has Steam literally said, “you can try one and we’ll see…” Are there actual sales targets? How personalized is the entrance screening? Just for the CoG company? Or all Interactive Fiction?

They haven’t given us specific targets.

Mecha Ace will very likely be our next game on Steam, but we’re going to give Deathless some breathing room before we put up another game.

I think Deathless is a fantastic choice to launch onto Steam. It’s one of the best games, it’s extremely well written, and the author already has a following. I hope it sells well.


Just out of curiosity, is the current plan to get the hosted games on Steam as well or just the main product line (which I assume will be first at least)?

Bought it! I am also probably going to get it on the iPad, but Apple inflates all the prices in Australia, so this was a good time for it to be on Steam! Hope it does well, the concept has always stood out to me.

I’ve heard people compare this to Phoenix Wright, so I was already planning to get it sometime. Guess that time is now! :slight_smile:

I totally understand why CoG chose Deathless as the next Steam release. I’m not about the sales numbers, but I’d guess that Deathless is the next-best seller after the HR trilogy?

Plus isn’t the market for Steam teenage boys? I could see why a demoncentric game might be appealing to many in that demographic.

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If it is, huge robots with Mecha Ace will also probably please a lot of them! Anyway, i only play CoG on android, but since i’m becoming an interactive-fiction-addicted i bought the game on steam. Moar gameees XD

My initial thoughts are to say it’s nothing like Phoenix Wright but I suppose that isn’t the case. They’re both law firms, and in both you go off and investigate things and deal with people and there’s a supernatural element. There’s more choice though and I don’t think we got any court room scenes. I liked both games.

Why is it that people think that teenage boys are the market for anything game-orientated that doesn’t have pink packaging? I’d be surprised if “we must choose the game that appeals to teenage boys!” even crossed anyone’s minds in choice of what game to put on Steam.

Of course I’m sure to be corrected on that.

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Well the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, so it’s obvious that shipping Deathless was a very wise choice.

The part I love most about them putting Choice of Deathless forward is that it allows people to see the possibilities that only text based games are capable of. It would be difficult in any other medium aside from the one used by us and visual novels to create a fun and interesting game with a plot like the one found in Choice of Deathless.

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Where do I send typos I’ve found in the game?

Also, I’d very much like to see the choice of romance series, choice of vampire series and the fleet up on steam.


Ah, but of course. We’re all entitled to one stupid question I hope…or ten. =P Thank you.