Choice of the Assassin (feedback and ideas)

I’m not sure if you misinterpreted anachronism as anarchism, correct me if I’m wrong.

I did misinterpreted it. My bad.

I thought so. If you don’t know the definition of Anachronism, here it is:
An anachronism, from the Greek ανά (ana: up, against, back, re-) and χρόνος (chronos: time), is a chronological inconsistency in some arrangement, especially a juxtaposition of person(s), events, objects, or customs from different periods of time. Often the item misplaced in time is an object, but it may be a verbal expression, a technology, a philosophical idea, a musical style, a material, a custom, or anything else associated with a particular period in time so that it is incorrect to place it outside its proper temporal domain.

Ignore this

But you don’t have to make it anachronistic, just use Clockpunk, it suits the era, as I said above.

Ok. How could I implement clockpunk into my work?

One sec must look at articles again.

Make the world so Dramatically revolutionized by DaVinci’s Mechanical inventions that it’s tech rivals our modern day tech while other aspects remain relatively true to the 15th century…Or I can just Pm you a list of Clockpunk Ideas that could work in the game, and you just pick ideas from the list.

Hmmmm…Ill have to think of that.

Which part, the first or the second?
I’ll probably pm you a list anyway


Very well I’ll pm you soon

Yeah, alternate reality where LDV worked mostly on inventing, and got a lot of funding, you should add the fractionation of Italy.

Good idea Person

Reply to the PMed list

I have an idea.
You have a ‘Co-Worker’ that plans out missions and creates weapons for you, he has a ‘Geeky’ personality, he sees tech. and weapons as a gift to the world, you don’t care as long as you get to slice something.
One day he invents the first “explosion”, what do you think?

Clockpunk has rendered that idea obsolete

Meh, okay, no explosions.

I was thinking an extremily smart companion of yours makes advanced tech by using simple tools. Brilliant idea, Zed.

Wait, was that your reply about the list?