Different type of CoG?


So all the choice of games I’ve played offer you a character to build as the choices come up. I had an idea to write something where it reads as more of a typical story and the choices are instead following a certain character’s complete thought process and actions. The player then has no influence on what happens and on the characters which I feel somewhat undermines the spirit of a lot of the games on the site but I was hoping to provide a potentially unique experience to the reader.


You’d need to be a really good writer for that. Because then honestly it’d be more of a story. So if you think you’ve got the skill to do it, go for it.


I think you should go for it!

Dare to be different!


I say, feel free to step outside the normal character creation rules. Wait a minute, there’s no rule about that, is there? Anyways, some of the best games on this sight were praised for stepping outside the norms, so go for it!


It’s a curious concept but could you call it a CoG when it lacks actually choices and would be a story alone not a game (you said the players won’t have any affect on the story) by all means go for it but I’m not sure they would host it.


Kinetic novels are definitely a thing! You don’t see them in Choicescript so much (because its style is heavily skewed towards stat building and choices impacting story), but you see them a lot more in platforms like Twine. One of my favorites, though it touches on mature adult themes, is Venus Meets Venus by kaleidofish. It’s an utterly devastating take on a love story gone wrong; the inability of the player to impact the story is purposeful, as you’re locked in the recollection of a memory you can’t redo.

How would you plan to use CoG’s scripting to work for your story? Would there only be one choice option available, or do you mean to say that no matter which choice you pick, the story continues in more or less the same fashion?


The idea I had was that at certain scenes in the plot you would get the option to follow one out of a list of characters. The plot doesn’t change but what you see is that character responding to what is happening.


Oh, that seems like it would read really interestingly! Go for it!


Sounds interesting, you should definitely give it a go.


That’s such a cool idea! I was sort of “ehh” about this before but now I’m interested. It’s like you’re taking away something good, sure, but then kindly replacing it with something new and hopefully just as fun! Good luck :smile: