Choice of the Assassin (feedback and ideas)

This forum is for questions, feedback and any mistakes or such. The other forum will be for my announcements. Anyway, let the ideas roll in.
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loive the idea

Ok, Steampunk?

@Daltonking Thanks. I hope you can give me tips.
@Zed What?


First Paragraph.


Doesn’t have to be a game changer just give it an acceptable reason for it to appear in the game, such as steam power was discovered much more earlier in the world by certain countries, etc.
Or Have Anachronistic Characters or Technology or objects, AKA Time-displaced People, tech or objects.

Or You could have Clockpunk

Your time period is suitable for it (1500s were a part of the Renaissance.)
So if you do use a -punk theme, use Clockpunk, as it’s most set for your era.

I think Ill add some anarchy to the story. Maybe a riot to kill the king or somethings like that.


And Anarchism is different from Anachronism

The article didnt exactly say what clockpunk was. Can you explain?

It’s similar to Steampunk in that It portrays Advanced tech based on premodern designs, but the tech used is based on springs and clockwork, instead of steam power. It’s usable because it is usually set in the renaissance, which the 1500s Is a part of.

I am trying to keep this as realistic as possible. So come up with something realistic. Then well talk about applicating it into my story.

I may have missed it, but do you have a location set for CoA?

Its somewhere in this forum. Tomorrow Im putting up the website for it.

Clockwork and springs were around in the renaissance, if they weren’t, there wouldn’t be any hidden blades that you didn’t have to amputate a finger to get.

So ha

Okay. I like the idea of a game where I can play as an Assassin (I still own a copy of all the AC games, if that tells you anything…). But with that same sentence comes my one warning, which is I hope your game does not feel exactly like Assassin’s Creed. I think that you have a lot of great ideas, I especially like the idea of anarchy. I’m curious, do you think in a situation like that, it would be the player inspiring anarchy? Or at least an option for it?

Regardless, before I let myself get too off topic, I would love to see a world that the player can mold and influence. I think you really have something here, as an assassin who has many paths lying before them. I am really interested to see how that would go. You could have multiple ways to go after your target…what is the result of if you succeed? Better yet, what happens when you fail? Anyway…I really like the idea of your game. I think you are going to do great with it, and I certainly look forward to playing it.

@Thank you for the ideas. I think the character will have multiple paths to take in his life.