Choice of Script Codes Inquiry

I’m just new here and I’ve began writing my first game. A noob question, if you may entertain…

What does the License of choice of Script codes stated about creating, distributing, and publishing an author’s game?

Does THIS page answer your questions?


I think this might be more in line of what you are looking for.


And to round things off, have a read here, specifically the following FAQs:

Q) Do I have to pay you a fee for the code?
A) As long as you don’t make any money off the code, you don’t have to pay us anything.

Q) Can I host a game on my own website?
A) Yes!

Q) What if there’s a “Donate” button on the webpage with the game?
A) That falls under the phrase “making money”.

Q) How can I publish my game on my own and make money? Can I release directly on the iOS App Store, for example?
A) Once your game is written, we will sign a commercial license with you. See the contract for details, but the gist is that you’ll be free to sell and distribute a game made with ChoiceScript anywhere you like in exchange for 25% of your gross proceeds.

Edit: and if you’re wondering about the pros and cons of taking the Hosted Games contract vs. self-publishing and giving 25% of the gross to COG, there’s a conversation here where a number of authors share their perspectives.

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Thanksss everyone for the responses!!.. gotc’ them all

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