Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!



@Havenstone: Are all potential “leave this guy in charge while I’m across the Ward” characters potential lieutenants for the revolution come Book 2?


Why ?? Breden is a nice and good girl… she will be my diplomat or spy master in my new kingdom :slight_smile:
I mean i will nominate her to Suzane since Suzane will be my mandated future Queen :wink:


You can kill Breden already.

She has to be in your band at the final battle, though.


If she’s not a traitor, she’s a terrible cook. And that’s even worse!


I agree, Breden seems to be dragging your revolt down with her constant sedition against you.


I was thinking more of a formal, public execution for treachery and heresy against the True Eclect, rather than the quick death she is given in Chapter 4.


I think it’s entirely possible by the time you return from Xaos-lands Breden has managed quite skillfully navigate their way to the band of rebels if you chased them off in the beginning.
So when you return and start saying “Breden is traitor” the bandits might be bit doubtful if Breden has been nothing but useful for the band while you’ve been gone. Course things might go different if you have high CHA…


My character is a Theurge and Eclect, and if the band puts him aside in favour of some helot upstart, they will be reminded why I am in charge after I incinerate Breden, and his three most stalwart supporters. No one is irreplaceable, least of all helots.


…not sure how the former helots and yeomen are gonna take that or how it will change their minds of you, but you do you :sweat_smile:

I can’t play as arrogant noble who looks down on helots, but I think there’s gonna be a limit at some point how much the former helots and yeomen are gonna endure arrogant noble as their leader…at that point not sure if even high-CHA can help since every word can be seen as a attempt to manipulate them :thinking:


They will put up with me, because I am the only Theurge in the rebellion. Of course the rebellion’s focus will shift to nobles, merchants, and the yeomanry later on, so the helotry will probably rebel against me once they realise that I’m not going to make their lives better in any way. The yeomanry won’t care about my incineration of a few upstarts once I restore some of their rights.


I mean nobody in my rebellion knows breden as i didn’t stop the harrowing they only know their leader and eclect hates her despised her and accused her of bile stuff. In my playthrough she has no friends in my rebellion. And My character made pretty clear she is a spy and a heretical creature So breden in my group she can’t enter in a million of years.


What will you do with the helotry after the revolution? My Theurge MC is just going to force them back into servitude.


I wil give them the freedom and make them vassals as most feudalism in Europe. No slavery and no harrowing and a constitution in rhe medieval sense so they will have the rights given to free people and right to marry or not or have kids or not.


How will you hold back Xaos-Storms, Halassur, the famines you will get from not Theurgically bolstering the crop yields without Harrowing, do you have another way of procuring aetherial blood?


I won’t I will let the empire die by famine. I will close shayard and the rest will die. Or being taken Shayard could between the cultivated land and what i picked from empire survive enough . And about xaos storms I am convincing they will end going when Theurge will be totally purged as appear same time than theurge


But Shayard’s populace has had Theurgical harvests for decades, and most of the people would die if those end.


Absolutely. Especially Phalangites–for as long as they’re in the army.

As for Breden, yes, you’ll continue to have options to kill xhim, believe xhim, disbelieve but forgive xhim…just like in Game 1. The stakes of treachery, of course, will keep getting higher.

Yes…though not all of them will be equally effective in keeping their lieutenant role if e.g. a disgruntled Breden or a firebrand Kalt who never joined you in Game 1 show up and make a bid for leadership of the band.

Make the most of that while it lasts. :slight_smile:


You’re right, it won’t last long, but if I put all of my trait points into INT I might be one of, if not the most powerful theurges, which might force them into following me, with the promise of reward and reform, and the threat of the magical equivalent of a WMD. Also would Korzata (almost certainly spelled wrong) be able to drill some Phalangite discipline into the rebels whilst I am in the Xaos-Lands if I leave him in charge?


But most of those theurge harvest were exported to the rest of empire. I eont export I will let all to shayard far less population also The helots would not breed like crazy as they don’t need to so less population


As Mara has already mentioned, Shayard is the breadbasket of the hegemony and will very likely be able to feed itself even without harrowing and theurgic agricultural cultivation as long as a Shayardene nationalist MC is willing to let rest of the hegemony starve. I’m hoping @Havenstone gives us another option, but if forced to choose between continued mass-murdering of helots and shutting Shayard’s doors and allowing the rest of the hegemony to starve, like Mara, I’d go with the latter every time.