Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!



Also will you be in charge of Grand Shayard or will you be an infiltrator? And in Chapter 3, when Yed is getting treated, Terret remarks about his arm “as if the Thaumatarch’s own chirurgeon had severed it.” What is a chirurgeon?


Definitely not. Not until Game 4.

It’s the old way of spelling surgeon.


I hope there’s lots of middle- and upper-class people to put to the sword and torch in the next book! :crossed_swords::fire::alarm_clock:


Okay, and thanks for making such a brilliant game. If you want new testers if and when Stormwright goes into it’s alpha and beta phases, I’ll do it.


@Havenstone if the book 2 is couple of years how much of that time are we exploring Xaos-lands? Weeks? Months? …a year?

It’s gonna be fun to see the rebels most likely looking leadership more from the one we left in control (especially more charismatic people like Breden…) and mc struggling to take back position as the leader :thinking: although given how much adored we can by our band maybe they can also be all cheers and tears?


I am not sure whether you are familiar with RimWorld, but I am making a Choice of Rebels themed mod for it, mostly revolving around Theurgy, aetherial blood, and Harrowing, do I have permission from you to release it? You and XOR would be credited for it. If not, that is fine, it is your game. Link to RimWorld.


Thanks for asking, Iasoun! We discussed a bit more over PM, and I wanted to share the key takeaway here:

I’m happy for XoR fans to make and freely share fan-works in various media on a non-commercial basis. (I don’t believe in my ability to prevent it, even if I had any interest in restricting it…and I don’t, I consider it fair use).

I don’t want to approve any commercial spin-off products right now…both because I’d have to work through the implications for my rights to the IP of the XoR-verse, and because I’d want to have a role in quality control. Right now I don’t have time for either, as all my creative time is going into writing Game 2.

Since you want to make a free RimWorld mod that gives people the chance to play rebels in the Shayardene winter, knock yourself out! I might even pick up RimWorld so I can try it when you’re done. :slight_smile:


Will we meet Zvad again if we stand, fight and win?


If he’s still alive: yes.


Also, I find it strange that a band composed mostly of Wiends, due to the MC’s decision to not stop the Harrowing, would pick the Gryphon and Great-Eel as their symbol.
Is this just to avoid coding headaches or is there a story meaning to this?
Will we meet Breden again if we chased her off, after Rim Square?
Will the blademaster of House Keriatou ever join or fight our rebellion?
Is there anything similar to squires in Shayard? Obviously there could not be actual squires due to the lack of knights, but is there a rough equivalent, for nobles employed in the Phalangites, or could any noble have one? That is, assuming they exist.
When do you think the MC will be able to employ a servant?
Apologies if these have already been asked.


Also, how many phials of aetherial blood would you get out of Harrowing one person? And how well trained is your average Phalangite, using your trait system? This is asked so I can get an idea of this for the mod.


How do you envision repurposing the agricultural Theurges? My main MC is an arrogant noble, but at the start of his rebellion he envisioned an end to Harrowing all the same. But after listening to Horion’s tale of the Xaos-Lands he began to think that it is necessary, and after he sees the famines which will no doubt happen when the Hegemony begins to run out of aetherial blood, Harrowing will almost certainly be continued in his post-revolutionary state.
Your MC will probably think differently about that, and I wonder how he will keep his populace fed and safe from Xaos-Storms, and any rival states who still practice Harrowing, and thus will probably have Theurges that are trained for war.
Will your MC have a dedicated military similar to the Phalangites, or will he rely on a levy en masse, or some other form of defense?


They are no choosing Flags You are the one choosing it. And If your band is known for being pro hardcore Shayard It is logical for them that choice. After all they are in the Shayard and fight in it. First shayard and later thwir territory has sense for them. At least it has in my playthrough as I play No stop harrowing pure nacionalist Pro laconier play with The gryphon as flag


I let my band pick the flag.


Yes but the band pick in based your goals of your actions throughout the game so it’s your actions what determines what flg they choose. A pro shayard laconniers of course get the gryphon


Even among the bandits, the Wiends aren’t a majority. They’re just a much bigger minority (proportionally) if you’ve not stopped the Harrowing.


I don’t think so.

And I’m afraid there’s no equivalent to squires.

Probably from next game or game 3.

As for the other questions, I’m afraid I can’t give a set answer, and recommend you make up whatever seems to give the best balance to your mod…


Do Phalangites and Alastors undergo any formal training?


Please please havie let me kill Breden… Burning hwr in a stake for Traitor…


Breden is not the traitor … we shouldn’t kill innocent friend who adore us :slight_smile:

@Havenstone… if Breden is truly the traitor, could you please give us an option to forgive him/her ? :slight_smile: i mean it is still MC choice to be forgiveful right ? :-):grin:


I give zero shits if is Traitor or not I WANT HER DEAD GONE