Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!


I’m guessing Leader status has something to do with that. :frowning: Sorry!

The alchemists use “sublimation” to describe the escape of aether because before discovering it as a component of human tissues, they had only previously encountered it in meteoric form…so it’s generally thought of as a solid. (In contrast to how the “quintessence” was envisioned in our world, I know.)

Abhumans are (mostly!) human, and have plenty of aether in their blood and tissues. Plekt-ized animals, on the other hand, do not. Once you’ve sunk Theurgy into creating a Plektos, you’re not getting it back.

The Unquiet Dead will not be covered in the infodump I’m writing now, or indeed any infodumps before Game 4. So I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a while before figuring out how they work.

Diplomacy prevents my answering.


Oh no, I don’t know if I can resist the temptation of spoilers.


So it is strictly backroom pushback for now, otherwise you’d presumably be keen to drum up publicity in a public forum like this one.

Maybe with the new limits on big threads @RETowers or somebody from the company should look into extending those privileges to normal members and regulars, maybe? It would sure be a big help with the big series like this one and Cata’s Infinity saga.

Come over to the dark side, we get all kinds of interesting lore tidbits! :smiling_imp:


@Havenstone Does this mean that we could go mining for meteorites to power wisardry?

Some threads grow quickly enough that they will repeatedly go through multiple batches of 10000 posts so being able to quote from earlier batches would be helpful.

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Oh absolutely. Langley training coming in handy.

It’s been done, about as extensively as is possible. Remember that Glossary entry that you described as fascinating upthread?.. :slight_smile:


@Havenstone Has anyone tried mining underwater or if needed draining the water from areas just for mining purposes?

I’m guessing that there is a probably a pragmatic branch of Hegemony Theurges that will then push for Harrowing children when things get desperate.

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Blah, blah all is okay and that Mara doesn’t care really. Except to propaganda vs Hegemony. Still the question could Mara destroy absolutely all blood culture and harrowings? And not have automatically a game over


@Norilinde: Underwater, yes, about as far as is remotely practical (i.e. not in the deep sea, which will have to await a future tech epoch).

And absolutely, when things get desperate, lots of things will become thinkable to the elites. But how much will be doable, when it flies straight in the face of rules and values you’ve spent 300 years instilling?

The Karagond caste system made itself socially tolerable by setting clear lines about who does and doesn’t merit Harrowing, and for what reasons. If the folks at the top start breaking those rules when they need resources that the rules previously put off-limits, it immediately puts the whole system at risk. It’s the kind of self-destructive decision that regimes often only make when things are falling apart anyway.

I won’t lie: it’ll be really hard. Aetherial blood is the main source of power (economic, military, political) in the world. Other factions both within your rebellion and outside of it will want to keep making the most of blood harvesting. You’d need to defeat them decisively to create a space within which you could lead a blood-free (or only organic-blood, if you don’t mind people being wizards by cutting their own hands) existence without being invaded by people still using industrial-scale Harrowing.

It will be a possible ending. But it would probably take a successful run either as a Genghis-level general or a charismatic Eclect/religion-founder. A high-CHA character can achieve a lot with a cult of personality alone, without meddling with religion… but I don’t think purging the world of Harrowing is an achievable goal operating on Charisma alone, without rolling out a new set of religious institutions.


I will meddle with religion but not being declared by Linos alone… It seems pathetic. Maybe I should made the fire water mumbo jumbo i did once that was really funny… I am afraid that not accept Linos means broken that part forever or something.


No – someone with your Charisma can do it without Linos’s help. And there will be chances again in Game 2, though obviously the sooner you start a religion, the wider it has a chance to spread…


it is i want a Pope coronation like a new Messiah? and random dude in forest alone won’t do


@Havenstone How soluble is aether in seawater? If aether can dissolve in seawater, then even at much lower concentrations than in blood it might still be worthwhile to try to extract aether from seawater since there would be so much seawater available.


The concentration of aether in seawater is negligible–too low to perceive in Theurgic trance, which is the threshold for meaningful industrial processes in the gameworld.


I might want to win the revolution, and magic ceirtainly could bring us to that goal without wasting so much innocent life. But knowing how it works now, i’m not so sure. Perhaps I could use the Blood/Organs of slain or captured prisoners. But even that’s really morbid. Perhaps use it solely for the revolution, and after stop the practice.

Maybe I should just go around it the hard way and try to secure a win without magic. Is gunpowder a thing in this universe? That could come in handy later.



Maybe the undead just eat people’s brains, like undead do. Since the brain is apparently where all the power is stored. I think it’s established the unquiet dead have a vested interest in nabbing the living. Right?


I have been going for an Elect MC. He generally believes in the religion but is not sure if he really is the Elect (probably early on doing it more for politics) but as he gets more successful, I think he will come to believe it as he starts beating the odds :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, I may not have had the how of the process down but I did get the theological why. That’s good enough for me. I can’t wait to scream Theurgic freedom for all people’s and promise a new order where all seek to become as the Angels intended us. Blood fueled power mad gods (emphasis on the “little g”). Praise Xthonos!


Thank you for sharing this lore. Very interesting to read and consider the implications in the game world. My initial reactions and questions are:

How long after death does the aether subliminate once a person dies? Could you harrow someone after a natural death and obtain any meaningful amount of aether?

In light of this information the poor governance of the Hegemony makes a lot of sense. The Hegemony is actually the most direct form of kleptocracy. Essentially a colonial empire of our world it’s just that the resource they are harvesting with abandon is aether. The leadership of the Hegemony doesn’t care about good governance or even the prestige of the nation they care about about being personally powerful and able to perform therugy. Everything else in this society is designed to enable that goal.

To that end I wonder, how much do the line theruges of the Hegemony know about making aetherial blood and the mechanics of therugy? Is this a secret held by the most elite, or is it widely known?

Regarding the non-organic sources of therugy are they finite? What happens to aether once it is used to perform therugy?

The temptation to barrage you with questions is huge, but I’ll leave it there for now.


I am torn about wanting to know. I personally love the lore however, I am afraid that damage the quality of role-playing as is based upon doing what a character will do even if you know the consequences.

Still I found all the Hegemony system interesting however I really think is undoubtedly inability to sustain everything long run. As they need more and more blood to just keeping going They will end reaching a break point sooner than later.


I love these massive snippets of spoilery information. :slight_smile:

And yeah, I don’t think there is any way that my characters will be able to convince themselves to give up on Theurgy and Harrowing entirely. Too much power there, and our enemies are hardly going to give up on it either.

Is it currently known (in this thread) why the Hegemony is running out of “blood”? Lots of rebellions, or is the war ramping up, or do the magic walls require more than usual, or is the Hegemony wasting everything on creating blood-fuelled nuclear bombs? :stuck_out_tongue: