Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!

So that’s where we get to head with Wolfbait.

The aesthetic of glimpsing a city through a curtain of storms is an exciting one; I’m reminded of watching Castle in the Sky as a kid.


That excerpt defintly has gotten me to thinking and wondering what if someone actually managed to get to the source and stop the storms? That would help greatly I think for if the threat of the storm is over well the hegemony would have even more trouble on its hands from all the people it’s been oppressing.

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Well remembered, Loremeister general. :slight_smile:

That would be direclty beneficial for half the continent and indirectly beneficial for the rest, so a totally worthy quest. And it would highlight that the Storms aren’t the primary reason to keep a ring of Wards completely encircling the Hegemony.

I’m not going to pin myself down to any numbers just yet. Tens of thousands at a minimum.


So the nomads still practice a form of Xthonosis. Innnnteresting.


Seems nowhere will we escape the taint of Xthonos and his merry band of genocidal murderers. eh? :unamused:

Well they do say time is the fire in which we burn,eh? :sweat:

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Anyone have any tips for how to run a heavy combat/militarist run? Thinking of going full tactical genius general after reading some books with stories like that.

Just as a baseline

Keep your band on the smaller end, have a lot of weapons, as few kids in it as possible, and play to your strengths.

Capturing mules and selling them to buy weapons is a good go-to.


Agh dammit I forgot we have kids it’s been a while since I played this game.
Ah well time to give them back to families that won’t get them killed by being in the middle of a forest and revolution. Thanks!

You only have kids if you don’t get imprisoned and excape from said prison when a mysterious individual let’s you, your father, and Brendan out. So it’s possible to not have them but if memory serves even if you have them it’s still possible to do combat run but it’s harder I think.

Don’t you also get a lot fewer people to fight with in the first place if you go the prison path?

Yes, you begin with about 42. No kids.

Yes that sounds right on the number wise and you basically can recruit people to make up for it and survive the winter easier. The obvious drawback of course you will lose several people you would otherwise have.

This is, like, the epitome of an arrogant aristo playthrough 9 times out of 10:


I absolutely have to share this one with the forum thread as well, it’s too good


Ah so I have to do the big numbers game if I don’t want to drag the kids with us
Ah well attempt number 17 at cheating the stats let’s go ;~;

My Arrogant Aristocrat runs usually build their rebellions with the Yeomanry, and are merciless about beating up on Helots (for the powergamers: this is the one way to make a successful build without mulespam).

But given that there are many more Helots than Yeomen, I wonder if antagonizing the Helotry eventually (in later games) puts a hard upper limit on how big you can get…or perhaps winning over the Shayardene nobility and mercantile classes, coupled with many nationalist Yeomen, is enough to supplant the current order. It’s a different “choice of rebels” to be sure.


Possibly one of the best COG games I’ve ever played. I especially love the fact that you aren’t forced to micromanage if you don’t want to. Would recommend it for everyone, even if you aren’t too hot on fantasy games.


I hope this isn’t too grisly - it’s just meant to be silly.


Whelp cheating wont work and I suck at micromanaging
Yall know if its still possible to get a decent warband game if I dont micromanage?

Yeah. If you let your deputy do the brunt work you’ll be fine. There’s a few really good guides, though, that can help out with the micromanaging and give you great results.