Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!

Well the Laconniers only seem to tolerate nobles or at least free born people in leadership positions, so that might be an issue if you’re playing a helot even a Shayardene nationalist one with any personal ambitions.
Aren’t there also Cabel’s bunch who can also be pretty nationalistic? Although they might be more a sub-nationality within the current province, like Scottish nationalism in the UK?
In any case their brand of nationalism seems to be more focused on the anglo inspired parts of Shayard and lionises the old smallholder farmers, not the overwhelmingly southern high nobility and the old monarchy.
While my mc personally hopes to win their support through other things than nationalism, such as a compromise on land and agricultural reforms to bring them into his coalition I see no reason why a more nationalistic mc cannot appeal to and use their alternative nationalism as a rallying point of their own and against the Laconniers and the current provincial nobility too.

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Fire as such can cross a Ward; its consuming telos is too broad to be shut out as a “weapon.” You could chuck a flaming tree across a Ward.

On the other hand, a hollowed-out metal sphere containing naphtha (or other wrought incendiary devices) would be a weapon and would burst against the Ward rather than getting through.

Absolutely – and your engagement with them can determine whether they withdraw into a narrow Westriding-plus-Rim yeoman nationalism that feels betrayed by and alienated from the coastal elite, or hold to a broader Shayardene identity.


Can you get both Cabelites and one of main nobles faction such as Laconniers or Leaguers on your side?

Let’s see. It certainly won’t be easy, but I don’t want to say it’s impossible. Maybe just very costly.

Yeomen are easy to bribe, as my characters have discovered.

Of course, getting the support of the yeomanry in general may or may not be enough to get the Cabelite yeomen on the team (especially if, like my Alya Seriatou, you’re more neo-Karagond than Shayardene).


We prefer the term.

East Roman.

-ERE Gang.


With the leaguers that could work if they can be made to accept that their precious koinon will contain a few more new states. However I can see how that would be difficult to sell Horion on since he wants Shayard to lead the Koinon and in his vision Shayard probably needs to be the strongest new state by some margin.
They might readilly accept splitting the other provinces in a few more new states, but less so for Shayard itself.

Now for my mc on the other hand if we do need to compromise and go for federalism the various sub-nationalities, including Cabel’s anglo-esque one may come in very useful as they and many of the other sub-nationalities could, if necessary, be promised their own states under the new federal government.

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This might be a reach but my best ideas mostly are, I think Vigil is likely to be where Abhumans mourn the existence of the Xaos Lands and storms.

Or as they might call them the lost souls tearing the lands apart in anger, pain, confusion, created by the Hegemony’s ruthless blood extraction methods.

It’s only been like what 1 or 2 generations since the Xaos Lands came to be for them? Doesn’t seem out of question they would see it as the spirits Hera slaughtered seeking… spirt… stuff…

Weren’t Xaos Lands created by one of Hegemony enemies of old by accident?

@sowe if memory serves it’s been a long while since my last playthrough hmmm defintly need to play again lol…but anyway if my memory serves me well right now it was created by the hegemony when they built the barriers among other things and the storms were trapped in a way… Though could have had enemies had a hand as well. Yep defintly need to do some more playthroughs lol a great game this one is.

The Xaos lands were made when one of the people Hera invaded attempted a massive blood-ritual to try to destroy her and the Karagond forces. But, it went horribly wrong and backfired in some horrific and mysterious way.

The land became barren and created massive theurgic storms that change and alter all it touches. The Wards were not put in place until Hera’s assassination when the Second Thautmarch ordered a halt to the expansion of the Hegemony and were intended merely as a stop gap method until she can consolidate her rule over the Hegemony that her mother built.

It didn’t work out that way, because much like Rome and many other Empires, the Karagonds conquered as much as they could and slowly rotted from the inside.

Combine that with a few ruinously expensive wars against the Halasurq’s, a prominent revolt of one of the highest officers of the Hegemony, a few major revolts of the peasantry and yeomanry, and a decaying central administration that’s full of corrupt and brutal despots who are more concerned about their own well-being and just terrible shit all together that you have the Hegemony your MC was born into.


Has the been confirmed? My understanding was that was just where the smart money was. Never mind I found the relevant post in the WIP thread as a response to a question I asked no less. Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread - #2477 by Havenstone :man_facepalming:

Either way it doesn’t feel unreasonable, to me at least and from what we know, for Abhumans to view Xaos Storms as some kind of spirits religiously at least.


Please don’t say this.

I can and have been wrong a like from @Havenstone can mean more than me being right. He can just like the content and not the accuracy.

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I have a tallent for accidentaly insulting people, that was meant as a compliment

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Not sure what was at issue with whether I like or don’t like something, but in this case I was just a few days slow dishing out the “likes” because I was hiking in the Alps with my sons, out of internet range. And in general I tend to like people’s speculations on the gameworld, whether or not they’re accurate. :slight_smile:

I would like to make clear that this:

is the story as it is told today by those who remember Braurach at all. It may not be the whole story.


I assume that any time the word “Goety” is used by someone other than the PC, the truth behind events has probably been politically corrected.


Here’s a relevant dialogue excerpt from Game 2 Ch 1:

“There have always been nomads here. The Brauracha never had many cities, or so the story goes. They liked to move about from place to place.”

“The who?” You think you remember that name from one of the books you read, but you can’t recall any detail.

“The folk who lived here before the Storms came or the Wards went up. Back in Shayard, the histories say that Braurach brought the Storms by worshiping Xaos. But don’t say that to any nomad tribe today. You might be talking to someone whose great-great-great grandparent was Brauracha, and the demon-worship stories tend to raise their hackles.”

“What do they say caused the Storms, then?”

“They say it’s Xaos trying to destroy them for their virtues, rather than punishing their sins.” Torane shakes her head skeptically. “But even the Brauracha tales admit that the Storms all start in their most sacred place, the temple in the heart of their old kingdom. The place that the legends call Vigil.”

“There’s a single source for the Storms?”

“Anyone can tell you that they all roll up from the far south. The nomads claim that if you tracked them back to the source, you’d be at Vigil. Not that you could get there–it’s always in a Storm.” Torane shrugs. “I don’t know aught else about it, but aye, I reckon they come from the same place. Some little gate of Taratur on earth.”


My MC’s take is probably that they tried to do a massive ritual to destroy Hera and her Theurges and it backfired horribly. Not that it was black magic and the like, but it was just a massively scaled up magical attack that didn’t work as planned.


How many people (or “people”) actually live in the Xaos-Lands? Obviously there aren’t any census-takers, but is there a rough estimate?