Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!

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As an aside, I will post an edited list of my own Challenge Achievements below, since there has been some more interest in the game as of late, with some hints and commentary.

Run with the Hares and Hunt with the Hounds : Obtain both your family sword and Mikal de Rose’s assistance.

(Sometimes, intentions matter more than consequences.)

Come and Take a Ride With Me: Finish the game with 7 lieutenants in your rebellion (as demonstrated on the Notable Members screen).

(Not too hard if you get Bleys and keep Zvad.)

Down But Not Out: Finish the game with less than 10 rebels (including children).

(You have to deliberately try to fail to get this ending. It’s much easier if you had a winter mutiny, but can be done without it.)

Don’t Know What I Want, But I Know How to Get It: Finish the game with over 70 Anarchy

(Not too hard, but cannot be done if you are optimizing your Winter.)

I Have Seen a Security Hologram… : Give the order to kill the deserters’ children, and have it obeyed.

(Can you think of a way to keep morale low while keeping people fed?)

Defeat the Running Dogs of Capitalism : Anger the merchants so much that they offer two chests of gold for your head.

(I did this a long time ago and cannot replicate the run! You have to go well out of your way to piss off the Merchants.)

You are in Command Now, Admiral Piett: Find out Alira’s surname by having her listed as a Notable Rebel.

(Think about what the speaker of this quote did, try to replicate it, and end the game on your own terms.)


Hold up how do you get your family sword

You need to plunder noble estates in Rim Square after stopping harrowing. Of course you need to be aristo.
Then you loot some aristo houses and your own family home.

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Exactly, and plundering the aristos unsurprisingly makes them like you less. But the challenge states you have to do an Uprising Start and overcome this, and overcome forgoing the +20 Noble Faction boost that can only be obtained in Jailbreak Starts, to get the Nobles to help you!

How can it be done? Perhaps in this scene, intentions matter more than consequences…

Select “The nobles and merchants are your own flesh and blood” while playing a build with zero Charisma (or where you didn’t build any Helot cred.) Making that statement alone boosts Noble and Merchant cred a bit. Because your Charisma is so bad, you’ll fail to stop the plundering, so you’ll get your sword. But the minor relations malus is no big deal, and easily recoverable with smart play.


How do you get zvad to stay, and how do you get Mikal Rose assistance

If Zvad is leaving, it’s usually either if Breden’s your deputy and you’ve acquired Sybla’s training, or you’ve successfully convinced the band to Stand and Fight. The only way to convince him to stay is as the Angels’ Eclect, and that you’re being sincere about being the Angels’ Eclect, will make him stay. But I don’t remember if you also had to be a CHA 2 (or at least CHA 1), and if he’ll leave no matter what as long as you chose the battle route. You’re better off just letting him go on good terms at this point.

As for Mikal de Rose’s assistance, you’ll need a high enough reputation with the Nobility. This is only possible as an aristo MC, due to a helot MC’s massive deduction penalty with the nobility’s starting reputation, and even if you did all the options that can boost noble reputation, it won’t nearly be enough to get to that point. And it makes sense lore-wise too; Mikal de Rose wouldn’t go out of their way to help an ex-Keriatou helot rather than a disowned Keriatou cousin.


Right. Helot options are more circumscribed; they can obtain merchant assistance, but the aristos will want nothing to do with you. And be warned: an aristo player who played nice with the nobles will face an enemy army about half the size that a helot player that brutalized the de Merre faces. Aristos can be a good friend or a terrible enemy.

That said, when I play helot, I like to go ham and raid people viciously…and with a properly run Winter, you will still beat Archon with all lieutenants alive (and an extra Bleys).

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So on the Discord, we were working on ways to do the following:

  1. Uprising Start
  2. Lost Not A One Achievement
  3. Nonviolent Resistance Achievement

Ledd did it the legit way, albeit it was a RNG-dependent run.

I am a Slytherin at heart and found a loophole in the code: if you’re an Arrogant Noble, then you cannot control your Helots even if you’re 2CHA. So even if you tell them to disarm and run to the woods, they’ll murder people and loot the town. But because you did not give an order to commit violence, it does not count as Violence for achievement purposes. But it does mean you start with 11 mules and the extra loot, which makes a Pacifist Winter much easier.

Bug or working as designed?

(Ledd taught me how to do it legit and I eventually accomplished it.)

There was another possible error found: Aletheia says you brought down 3 Plekoi even if you only took down 1.


What happens when you go too ham in the Winter.

While befriending Helots, I pissed off everyone else…and am now facing 1517 enemies. I have 330 rebels myself, and will obviously run away rather than face the foe.

Anarchy is 84.



Working as designed, in that case. I’ll check on the 3 plektoi.


Thanks! I got stuck at about 75-80 Anarchy and 1300-1400 rebels for a while. Then I made a paradigm shift to break 1500 by doing the following: start off with a large Breden recruitment run, then LATER scout and raid. You only need to hit Nobles twice or so to knock down the cred stats to minimal levels. Raid two temples, a garrison or two, and ofc Architelone. Also brutalize Yeomen, and I even went Cosmopolitan just to make Yeomen dislike me more by avoiding cred boosts in the nationalist path.

On a less…anarchic note, the Discord and I were coming up with character archetypes for XoR, similar to what Infiniverse does. We had fun, and think we came up with builds that are fun to roleplay and encompass a wide variety of XoR’s stories and experiences.

The Honorable Paladin
• 2COM/1INT Aristocrat
• Comp/Dev(E)/Cosm
• Uprising Start
• Low Anarchy
• Hated by Helots (but hopes to win them back)
• Supported by Nobles/Merchants
• Defeated the Archon

The Honorable Paladin treats people with compassion and an open hand, and envisions a peaceful order where upright nobles rule over contented subjects all across the former Hegemony. He is a nonpareil swordsman and strategist, but is held back by his poor charisma and the disdain the helotry have for him. (This is the “good boy” version of my Low Anarchy 2COM Noble runs).

The Savage Warrior
• 2COM/1CHA Helot
• Ruth/Skep/Home
• Uprising Start
• High Anarchy
• Hated by Nobles/Merchants
• Defeated the Archon

An indomitable helot rebel who sees his cause as a war against both the Karagonds and all the wealthier classes, not to mention the priesthood that buttresses them. While a skilled warrior who has been able to reach large chunks of the helotry, he is not very bright or farsighted, and may discover that there are limits to what pure rage can accomplish. (This is actually a quite strong build and can take down 1000+ armies with no lieutenants lost.)

The Clever Theurge
• 2INT/1CHA Aristocrat
• Comp/Skep/Cosm
• Jailbreak Start
• Low Anarchy
• Supported by Nobles/Merchants
• Escaped the Archon

Sort of the opposite to the above build, the Clever Theurge is…exactly what it says on the tin. This nobleman discovered theurgy from a friend’s book, and while not particularly brave (he didn’t stop the Harrowing), he is able to use his allies and his new tricks to evade the Hegemony, and face them later when his powers have grown. (Yes, you can get attribute bonuses for Comp/Skep/Cosm on a Jailbreak run, but you must go out of your way to boost Comp in Winter, as well as set up an Apella).

The Vicious Goete
• Ruth/Skep/Home
• Uprising Start
• High Anarchy
• Hated by Nobles/Priests/Merchants
• Escaped the Archon

For the Vicious Goete, magic’s primary benefit is not sharpening weapons or weighing down armor, but the ability to inspire the helotry and appall everybody else. Unlike the secretive Theurge above, this Goete used his powers since the Harrowing itself. (This build absolutely CANNOT defeat the Archon, so don’t even try. If you do it but stay a secret Goete, it’s very difficult to win as a High Anarchy Helot-with Devout to boot. The run is far more brittle than the 2COM ones. But it’s possible to win and keep all your lieutenants alive. I posted the runs and the strat in the Discord.)

The Radical Idealist
• 2CHA/1COM Aristocrat
• Ruth/Dev(V)/Home
• Uprising Start
• High Anarchy
• Supported by Helots/Nobles/Merchants
• Defeated the Archon

We now move to the 2CHA builds, each being a charismatic creator of their own religion. The nobleman is an idealist dreaming of a return to a glorious Shayard, back in the days where Nobles sat in their rightful places and there was no blood magic or Karagonds to speak of. This character has a deep personal hatred of the priesthood, and uses his radical ideas of the “Inner Voice” to circumvent the Karagonds and facilitate his goal of creating a Shayard both old and new at the same time.

The Pacifist Prophet
• 2CHA/1INT Helot
• Comp/Dev(V)/Cosm
• Uprising Start
• Low Anarchy
• Supported by Helots/Yeomen/Merchants
• Sent Rebels Back to the Camps

Pretty standard pacifist build. And we’re going to be genuine, kindhearted pacifists…not the faux-pacifists that kill off Alless by keeping rations for sick lower so they can get more recruiting runs in.


I will not be writing premades for failruns, because let’s be honest: which player wants to be called “Child Killer” and not have anybody to talk to because he lost 5 lieutenants in an ill-fated battle?


Hi people. I originally played this game 2 or 3 years ago. Now i am thinking of buying some CoG on steam, just wanted to know before i buy if there has been any significant story update since then.

Don’t want any spoilers please.

No story update, but if you haven’t bought this game already, you have to. It’s a magisterial work and the standard-bearer for the interactive fiction genre. It combines epic fantasy with robust gameplay and roleplaying.

I have put 200 hrs into this game and I STILL encounter new strategies. (Eg I finally figured out how to score flawless victories as a High Anarchy Helot Goete.)


Hey, discord server owner here! Going to attempt this challenge today, and I’ll post my results and ( hopefully victories ) on the server. People have already more or less spammed this thread with invite links to it, so if you want to join just scroll up a bit.