Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!

I remember there was also a theory that if you first let them go that they weren’t actually killed, but that Horion and Linos just started a rumor they’d been killed to throw off their enemies since everyone’s attentions would be directed to the wicked band of rebels in the woods who, as the rumors claim, dared to kill Leilatou, making it easier for Horion and Linos to get to safety.
Also possibly test mc and see if they could survive :thinking:

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Do I hold them forcefully and THEN get them to join up or do you mean the first meeting. If the latter, I’m not sure what I did wrong there.

I certainly hope that’s the case.

That actually could sound as very possible scenario if not the fact that we can very easily kill them themselves. I fear that in this theory they are plainly too “important” to be just killed in game 1, but we know that they can die in multiple ways.

My first playthrough ended with my rebels fleeing the forest successfully, but I didn’t get the Missionary achievement. I’m mostly worried that Breden didn’t make it because I’m not sure if she escaped or if she was with the prisoners. Any advice?

Who is your guys favorite romance?

There’s not a lot of options in Book 1. Breden’s the only love interest for non-bisexual characters and I’m not a Breden fan.


What is everyone’s opinion on Breden?

  • They’re wonderful!
  • I like them well enough
  • Meh
  • Can I bring Breden back to life, so I can kill them again?

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Now I can’t find the post where @jasonstevanhill many moons ago told me I would learn to love multireplace, because it would make it way easier to vary text based on a Boolean variable. But I just wanted to note that he was totally right.


To the friend who sent this with the single word “Breden,” I see no resonances with Choice of Rebels at all… they’re parodying YA novels, not me… :slight_smile:


I can’t get over the “Big Scary Annual Death Ceremony” :joy: Doesn’t have quite the same ring as “harrowing” though!

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Hunger Games became trendy, everyone started copying it, and now you’re doing something completely unrelated and everyone still thinks you’re just another Suzanne Collins wannabe. :slight_smile:


In my first draft of Rebels, the Big Scary Annual Death Assembly was called the Reaping. Then I read Hunger Games and realized it had to change…


Oh, that’s really funny. But I think that the presence of, ah, older folk in the rebellion (Zvad, Bethune, Korszata, etc.) firmly steers your story away from most YA dystopias, where a generational conflict between the young revolutionaries and the old, decadent government is usually a must.


I actually think that the traitor is Young Earnn. My evidence for this is:

  1. He scouts the De’Merre residence. When you go on the raid it is suggested that the alastors were waiting for your raiding party.
  2. When Hector attacks your mule caravans Young Earnn is present when you plan an attack against Hector.
  3. When the Archons army are marching upon you Young Earnn is the one who scouts them out. If you decide to wipe them out in all out war one of your rebels suggests that the phalangites know some of your rebels by name. Young Earnn could have given them this information when he was apparently scouting them out.
  4. Young Earnn is one of the guys who prepared the pottage along with some helot named Gaved who is previously unmentioned and Breden, who I believe is a scapegoat at this point.

This is all the evidence I have so far to suggest the traitor is Young Earnn. But I will be keeping an eye on him on future play throughs. At this point I am certain of the innocence of Radmar and Breden.


I noticed something on my play through when I wanted to side with Radmar and go to war. Breden objected and had a lot of influence. I tried to overrule her and Radmar got into a violent conflict with her. Elery fought against Radmar to protect Breden and from what I understand Radmar and Elery killed each other. But then later there was some dialogue from Radmar.

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I for one like that change. Granted the agricultural and religious connection probably miss more people than it lands with.

But I mean do you really want Breden to be named Breden Big Scary Annual Death Assembler? The Kryptast should feel that on their nose don’t you think?

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:slight_smile: Breden’s surname was set after the change. Reaper wouldn’t have been a helot name in the alternate universe I’d started writing pre-Katniss.

As always I have no comment on the ID of the traitor(s).


You have no idea how long I spent trying to kill Hector through various playthroughs lol

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Sorry! :slight_smile: Boy’s got stuff to do in later games…