Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!

Wait, Magic Sword…

What, where, and How!

The Tagmatarch (leader of the enemy army in the last final) has a theurge-forged sword that is supernaturally sharp.

To get it with an INT2 character, you must be in a romance with Breden, who will reveal a kryptast code in the final chapter if you are still in a romance. You must then be captured in the final chapter by the enemy army, and choose “I wish to make an accounting!”. You will then be escorted to the Tagmatarch, who you must kill with theurgy. Do not tell her your real name if you have used theurgy before, or she will kill you instantly. Do not attempt to free your rebels if you do not have Simonz.


So it’s impossible for me, to romance Breden is a fate worse than death. But thanks for the help.


Yep, Braden is a dirty traitor who I keep around in case I need to acquire Kryptast secrets via less than friendly means.