Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!

How old are you? When Havenstone says “when the rest of the games, plural are finished” with an average development time of 7 years till now then that becomes you might get it (in DLC) in about 28 to 30 years. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
That said I’d pay for a Ganelon relationship expansion (even if it is still fated to end tragically) too. :wink:


My 50 year old self will surely enjoy Zvad romance


Aww…come on you underestimate yourself Havie I think the competition will be back on over the next couple of years with the next part of XoR. :wink:


Rebels is still a far more complex game. A long development time (7 years was it?) was unfortunately to be expected for a game that held the records for both length and complexity in the publisher’s catalog.


This song ALWAYS reminds me of this story. The


True enough the most I dare hope for is the remote chance of an Xmas surprise this year. :persevere:



Sounds like the sequel might be a long way away then…

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This is just a random thought I got for no reason, but… THEORETICALLY could it be possible to give Yebben the ability so see… with your Goety?

You’d need to be a very good eye doctor first, to understand the function you’re trying to restore. But yes, it’s thinkable. Blindness has been cured by Theurgy; though at least one famous high-level Theurge stayed blind, presumably by choice.


So how are things going in the Himalayas?

Pretty well. Just went trekking with the Havenpebbles, who are getting capable of more ambitious hikes. I figure we’ll take them on this one sometime next year.


@Havenstone, How large of a role will the supporting cast of book one (Edwer, Yebben, Ciels etc.) have in book two? Will any characters be upgraded to a larger role like Breden, Zvad, Elery, Radmar, Simon/Suzanne, and Kalt have?

Ciels can definitely have a bigger role. Yebben is I think going to be more of a Book 3 character. Anyone who can be left as your band leader, though, can have some significant role to play in Book 2.


Good to know. So the major new characters in book 2 are going to be the abhumans we meet in the Xaos lands and the aristo’s we have to deal with in the capital then? Any chance we can meet Cabel and/or some of his rebels too in book 2?

New Stormwright characters with lots of interaction with you and a potentially major impact on the game beyond their chapter are currently planned to include:

G2 Ch1

  • Cerlota, Erretsin Theurge
  • Erjan, Halassurq diplomat and spy
  • Mkyar, Abhuman Guardian
  • Jevahir, Nereish hunter, assassin, and spy

G2 Ch2

  • Tamran, innkeeper, mystic and pacifist
    (This will also be the chapter with the most interaction with your Game 1 bandit friends back in the Rim, besides the one(s) who may be accompanying you in Chs 1, 3, and 4.)

G2 Ch3

  • Abelard, young aristo leader in the Laconnier faction (he did appear in G1, but probably not to the majority of players)
  • Teren, young aristo leader in the Leaguer faction
  • Laj-Jas, Abhuman merchant prince
  • Dilek, Erjan’s sister and astrologue

and probably as I write more of Chs 3-4, I’ll find that some of the drudge, merchant, and priest characters grow into a wider role than I currently have in mind.

Book 3 for them. :slight_smile: Depending on whether you choose to go to Aekos via Wiendrj or the Westriding.


So have you actually already written most of chapters 1-2, or am I making the wrong inference here?

He said before Netflix or one of the other streaming service players offers to make XoR into their next big fantasy thing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Alas no. :slight_smile: When I’ve finished Ch 1, you’ll see a new thread for alpha testing it. I’ve written lots of exciting-to-me parts of Ch 1, but I need to go back now and write through start-to-finish, building the spine that makes them properly playable.

I have been spending a lot of time mapping Ch 2 and the dynamics of the town of Irduin and and its characters, and have started writing some of the vignettes as the muse strikes. As for Chs 3-4, some of its threads are well-developed, others more tentative, and very little of them is written yet.

In January, I am probably going to give notice at my job–two and a half years’ notice. :slight_smile: Back in 2014-15 it took them well over a year of failed recruitments for the director role before they got to me, so the Board asked me to give them two years’ notice if at all possible. My wife and I have already agreed that we would stay at least through Dec 2021, and I think we’ll now extend our stay through the end of the school term in June 2022.

But after that we want to shift our focus to supporting my wife’s career rather than mine. This should give me significantly more time to write during the boys’ school days…and a lot more oomph for writing when I no longer have a massively demanding and energy-consuming day job. (Which I love, otherwise we’d not have made it to four years, which I’ve just been reminded we will as of tomorrow. But I’m getting ever more ready to switch from Dream Job 1 as director of big faith-based charity in Nepal to Dream Job 2 as writer and stay-at-home dad.)

I’d like to think that with the steps I’ve made to reduce my workload, I’ll be able to wrap up Stormwright before summer 2022. But if not, that’s looking like the point when I’ll definitely be able to kick the writing into high gear.

I look at what HBO has done to George Martin’s productivity and hope Netflix doesn’t come knocking until I’m at least 70% done with Game 5. :slight_smile:


Pacifist?! Will wonders never cease…


It’s one of the choices of rebels. :slight_smile:


I hope they won’t make another Jon Snow as the protagonist of XoR, i can’t stand to think Jon Snow is leading the rebels and kill his own lover before himself being exile to the Xaos Land.