Choice of Rebels: Uprising — Lead the revolt against a bloodthirsty empire!


I am just thinking… let say MC and Breden had married, and she/he had accompany MC to the Xhaos Land and helping MC in many mission…

If one day , Breden had been reveal as a High ranking Kryptas officer who has a split loyalty to you and the Hegemony , and Breden also states the love to MC is real, what will you do about Breden ? :slight_smile: Could you forgive and plead Breden return to you instead ? …



Death. Maybe it’s because I’m a bit biased against Breden on account of their general shadiness, but even ignoring that, if it’s revealed they’ve been a hegemonic traitor the whole time and are directly responsible the deaths of a number of good rebels, they won’t escape justice.



This is the beauty of interactive fiction, though; it seems apparent that a Breden-loving MC will be able to sail gloriously through the series with Breden at their side as a loyal and trusted compatriot.

There’ll be difficulties and twists, I’m sure, but it’s looking very much like Breden will fullfil many different roles depending upon the MC’s actions.



Meanwhile Breden in my game is a DEMON WITH MIND CONTROL powers tht has stolen all Mara got meanwhile she was away due Peasants can’t maintain focus more than few seconds so go open arms the demon and go making a golden bull in Breden name hailing the demon…
Have I say before How much better mules are? If i could let Mr Pumpkins in leadership he would maintain order and kick in the ass any crazy rebel trying join Breden…
could i joing hegemony to just wipe Breden from her demons powers?


Edit Now Mara 100% need theurge to destroy all Breden lackeys and all helots nearby that are full corrupted. :thinking: Now how slaughtering them being somehow pacifist is complex except I can convince mages to wipe them



@Havenstone Will we be able to point our Rebellion’s R&D towards certain fields of study? Military applications, agricultural applications, communications, medical applications…?

@Havenstone Other than noble house blademasters and armsmen, are freeborn servants in wide use? Freeborn servants might actually expect to be treated like human beings and it is so much easier to maintain the proper air of subservience from a servant when that servant can be hauled out and butchered at need.

@tee Not for you perhaps, but some of us enjoy them.

My MC would Harrow Breden personally. While my MC would never Harrow innocents if there were any viable alternative, traitors can still aid the Rebellion after death and poetic justice does appeal to my MC.

Trusted refers to how the MC views Breden, so yes Breden could be trusted by the MC. Trustworthy is a different matter. Loyal refers to Breden’s actions and there lies the problem. Breden’s actions will always remain suspect so no one can ever be sure of Breden’s loyalty.



Revenge is a tricky motive to manage! After Breden lies dead from the cold hand of vengeance, that may leave an unexpected hole in Mara’s heart.

Illidan falls to one knee, holding himself up on his fists, with the Warglaives of Azzinoth still clenched in them.

Maiev Shadowsong yells: It is finished. You are beaten.

Illidan Stormrage yells: You have won… Maiev. But the huntress… is nothing without the hunt. You… are nothing… without me.

Illidan collapses and dies.

Maiev Shadowsong yells: He’s right. I feel nothing… I am… nothing.

In future books Breden’s true origins and motives will be revealed, surely? I hope so!



Oh Mara still the objective of conquest Hector after the love they had once that or a cute noble and or theurge. Anything except a commoner Simon is a nun so he doesn’t count

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No, so far as I know, we’ll never know for sure.

@Havenstone Are all of the Hegemony cities (not counting Rim Square since it is not really even a city) on the map major enough to have Wards of their own? Are these the same kinds of wards that are used on the border? If so, then it seems like some rebellions could scrap the city wards since those would not be useful at keeping Xaos Storms away. Just out of curiosity, what is the Hegemony’s rhetoric justifying the city Wards?



Thanks for sourcing the quotes there. I’m not sure I fully agree, though; at the very least, we’ll get an explanation for how Breden knew a Kryptast code, surely? Leaving that unexplained for the duration of the series would be pretty weird.

The “You’ll have to see…” quote is made in the context of whether or not the Angels exist, by the way, not whether Breden is a sneaky devil or not.

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@muffy I try. I added one quote to demonstrate that the first quote is indeed relevant to the quotes that follow.

Yes, but it is what was referenced by “I suppose the same is true for the Traitor?”



Perfect, thanks for explaining that, it went right over my head.

For now I’m choosing to believe that Havenstone is playing silly buggers with us, and we’ll ultimately discover Breden’s raison d’être. Or at least delve deeper into xhis (is that the right way to use that pronoun?) origins and motives.

I’m particularly looking forward to delving from both sides; both as a close companion and friend, and as a staunch enemy and nemesis. Both perspectives should give great opportunities to discover interesting information about Breden’s past, but in very different ways.



I hope so. However me as player wants know Breden story. My character gives a shit is totally against Breden in a zealous way and nothing will change it. So I hope a choice to say… I GIVE A SHIT YOUR EXCUSES DIE DIE DIE DEMON SPAWN!!! @Havenstone I love you but you are too cerebral. Too moderate. And Many revolutionary leaders are just passionate zealots in a vendetta against a nemesis real or imaginary. So a person like Mara gives a shit reality about Breden as the propaganda story suits better



My MC didn’t marry xhim, but death by Slow-Harrowing. The MC I’ve got that did marry her would still kill xhim, but he’d make it quick.

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Well… Breden could still be truthful and loyal to us , but perhaps not so generous against others ? :slight_smile:

Much like if we marry milady da Winter in the musketers universe , she really love her husband (Atos) … but her other action could be questionable… :slight_smile:

I think tbe biggest challenge for my 2nd MC who romance Suzane but also keep Breden close, without the bonding of marriage , keeping Breden close is very intriguing for both me and Suzane :slight_smile:



@Havenstone Whenever someone with their face Theurgically altered needs to cross a Ward, do they drop the Ward for a couple seconds so they can cross, or do they have another way?

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I see that biotech is generally far more advanced than equivalent hardtech, due to Theurgic manipulation. Of course, the current Hegemony is using it to develop Plektoi instead of dwarf wheat. We must fix this.

Quite frankly, in the long run developing high-yield, soil-fixing crops (I assume that the ability of legumes to repair the telos of soil is well known, and such a telos could be transferred to the roots of other crops) will be far more efficient than “we need an instant harvest!” blood expenditures.



This is brilliant. I wonder is you can make a crop that actually passes those traits on? I suspect there may be a problem in that telos of a plant can be altered (even long-term) but not the DNA. The traits won’t be heritable. That doesn’t mean it is useless though. Fruit bearing crops would benefit, potentially also timber and other “renewables” like spices and dyes.

Same could be true for livestock eggs, milk, and wool for example.



Mullow’s traits are heritable - if they were restricted to fruits rather than seeds, mullow wouldn’t be something helots would be able to get their hands on. Therefore, a new food crop’s traits should be heritable.



Hmm, it’s possible, but it is also possible they selectively bred the plant ancestor of mullow rather than theurgically modifying it. Why do they need theurgy to create their plektoi if they could just breed them?

Dissecting the below quote may be salient. Seems they understand the genetics. Perhaps they can use theurgy to facilitate cross-breeding?



Hello, don’t think I’ve ever posted here, so this being my first, pardon any insensible comments or questions.

First of all, do zweihänders exist, and if so, are they in common use?

Similar to theurge-forged swords, does this craft extend to weapons other than blades?

And lastly, can it be applied to armor?

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